f.o. : perfect pie shawl

Since my sister, whom is my #1 reader(maybe) is getting bored not having a new post to read, I thought I would post this tonight. I did finish knitting this at the beginning of December, however I don't think that I have looked at it since. My mom had to put on the crochet border because I have no idea how to crochet. I did however wear it today. It was the perfect weather for my perfect pie shawl. It is out of Weekend Knitting.

I can't say that I loved making this. I don't know, I guess I wanted it (and me) to look just like the girl in the picture. Hmmmm. Wrong color, maybe wrong gauge, and wrong girl. I used a yarn from my stash, that I thought had the right gauge, but it seems to look different.

The other thing is that I hate working with mohair. It totally sheds, and I really HATE that! I will definitely only be wearing this with jeans.
Well, my house is still in shambles from the Christmas tornado, and I am off to finish the sleeve on my slouchy cardigan. And that's a whole different story!

joy joy joy

Every year I make the children sweaters to wear for our Christmas Cards, except for last year, as you recall I had a big problem. This was this years sweater, however not this picture. The boys sweaters came out of the book The Ultimate Knitter's Guide and is the "Sailor" The sizing is huge. My boys were happy with them because they are like sweatshirts. For me, the jury is still out. I think I would have been happy to do one size down for both of them. Libby's sweater is out of EZ knitting in the round, seamless yoke sweater. Both sweaters were made in Classic Elite Renaissance. I love this yarn. The cards finally went in the mail yesterday. Note to self: Order 200 next year. I had to cut people I did not want to, and I hated that!

The Christmas Jammie's are a huge success. For them and me. I do love seeing my kids in their Jammie's all "cozied" up!

These too are another joyful thing. I needed to make 100 of these super quick, super good. Snap pretzels, Hershey kisses, bake at 170 for 4-6 minutes. When removed from the oven, add m&m. SO yum!

and the stockings were hung

Needle pointers BEWARE. These amazing stockings were stitched by my lovely sister, Michelle. She made each of my children one, and I can honestly say that they will take your breath away. She is so unbelievably talented. The detail is unbelievable...the time and effort astonishing. I can't even begin to explain what these mean to me and how I treasure them. I always say that if my house was on fire, I am grabbing the children first and these stockings second! Everything else could be replaced.

Each one is embroidered inside with her name and the year that they were given them.

Each one fits their personality perfectly. Andrews is everything sports right down to the hometown hat. And the golf clubs, how fitting. The tree is amazing with lots of beaded ornaments.

Libby's is everything beads. This one must have at least 1000 beads. The packages tied up in beautiful bows......OH!! Check out Santa's coat and that teddy bear!

Charlies might be my favorite although it would be so hard to choose. Charlie and snowmen, they just seem to go together. This snowman even has a knitted scarf, hat and gloves(yes, there is a knit stitch in needle point!)as does the penquin!

I can't tell you how many different stitches she used. I may have to post additional photos later because the intricate work is unbelievable.
I am so blessed to have a sister like this, and my children are so lucky! These stockings will be cherished FOREVER.

things making me happy today

There were a few things today that made me very happy......the first being the tooth fairy finally showed up last night for Libby. Wow, she lost her tooth last Monday, and that darn tooth fairy just wouldn't come! Must have got the wires crossed with Santa Claus. Martha had those tooth bears on her show years ago. All 3 children have one and will definitely be a special keepsake.

The second being waking up to this sweet picture in our bedroom that was drawn by Libby. She changes photos almost daily, and for some reason I just loved this with the tree and the package pillows (I made 12 years ago!)

I also found out that my Meathead Hat was chosen for the Larissa upcoming book. Wow, there were so many great ones I was truly ecstatic!
Also, spending the afternoon at the ballet with Libby and my mother in law watching the Nutcracker. It was Libby's first experience and a very special afternoon. I was also able to start on the hubby's Christmas stocking stuffer............will show pictures after Christmas as he LOVES to read this blog!

teachers gifts



Teacher gifts are always one of the hardest gifts for me to buy. I am never quite sure what to get them. I am pretty happy with this years choice. The two male teachers are getting fingerless gloves.....so easy.....can whip those up in about 1 night. 2 pairs with 1 skein of cascade 220 superwash.
For the female teachers, I "peared" a bath mitt with APPLE soap. I first saw the bath mitt on Sara+h's blog. Super easy, super quick. 1 skein of sugar'n and cream gets almost 3 mitts! Also super cheap! It was the apple soap that cost me! I found that at my favorite boutique in town, Rustic Roots.Off to check the inventory of my holiday shopping!

early morning shadows

As I was knitting early this morning I saw the silhouette of my knitting hands.....I quickly called for the photographer!
Will post pictures of the gifts later in the week.

i am a knitter!

Repeat after me, I am a knitter, I am a knitter.......... but sometimes I just feel the urge to SEW! I know I can do both, but I am just not that great at sewing. I can make the occational window treatment, Halloween costume, or jammies, but have me put in a sleeve? No Way... to scared of that! But every Christmas, I make the kids matching/coordinating Christmas pants. There is something about seeing them under the tree, all matchy, that makes me SEW happy! This year I also decided to make mommy and daddy (me and hubby) matching ones as well. I have always looked at the Hannah Anderson catalog and loved the matching Christmas families, and when I spotted this fabric at the fabric store, I knew I had to match too! I bought matching tops at Old Navy, but they didn't have the same ones in "grown up" sizes.
We will just have to do without, I mean, find something else. I am too excited to wake up on Christmas morning as one big matching goofy family!

birthday scarf

My hubby, Mr. friend, is celebrating a birthday today. I made this scarf last April right in front of his very eyes, and he never knew it! Yep, I guess because I always have knitting in my hands he never even asks what I am working on. Some may be annoyed, but I think it is pretty great....to be able to work on something for him, and he will still be surprised when he receives it!!! This yarn is some of the yummiest yarn that I have ever worked with. It took 3 balls of Charmed by Classic Elite. 85% Cashmere, 15% Mohair. It is also a Classic Elite pattern, and was really easy. Since I found the yarn to be so great, I knew that I had to make something for myself out of it. My project is taking 10 balls! That is fair, isn't it?? Sure hope this keeps the birthday boy warm all winter long.

my trusting sister

My sister lent me her needles, and in the bag she had this cute "property of" label! Although it may take me a while sometimes to pay back my small loans (I promise I forget), did she really think that I wouldn't return her needles????
However, I love this idea! You know when you lend your needles out to friends at knitting, and nobody can really remember whose needles they are?? If you carried around a few of these, it would be really great! You may just be on to something Shell! By the way, they are on the way back to your home!!! Thanks for the loan!:)