Greetings from sunny Florida, Vero Beach to be exact.
We are spending a couple of weeks here at my parents home. I plan on making it a computer free two weeks to try to soak up all I can of my family and the summer. Although, I already am looking forward to when I get home to catch up on what you all will have been up to! :) Until then, blog on.

Oh, (because some of you asked) both pairs of Libby's shoes from the prepster post are from Garnet Hill. The boots were a birthday gift from Aunt Mimi. (we like shoes instead of toys for birthday gifts)!

one for her, one for me

I recently purchased this Classic Elite Four Seasons (love it) for a project (haven't started) and had a few extra skeins. After receiving this book through a book signing at the TNNA show, I decided to cast on for this skirt and let it be my pool project. Mindless knitting in the round, perfect for the pool.

Of course, it will be for Libby. A yellow ruffle? Not sure how that will look, but that is what Libby wants.

This is one of my favorite tops purchase from Old Navy. It inspired me to look for a knit top similar to this. Unfortunately, I have had zero luck finding a pattern, so decided to play will my own needles, yarn and tape measure.

Ha! I promise it will not stay in the form of a bra/bathing suit top! I plan on doing some sort of lace on the bottom. This is definitely not my color. But, since I am just playing around, I decided to use something from my stash. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish what I have in mind.

See how old this is? I think it is from the early 90's!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

great mail day

Yesterday, was that indeed! A great mail day. Anytime you see a package at your doorstep with this pink sticker, it is So Much Fun!
Sabrina had a little contest, and we all won! How sweet was that? Sabrina is a fabulous knitter, and owns a boutique named So Much Fun. She recently moved to Seattle. So, if you live in the area, you should look her up.

In the box I found highly fragrant products by Pangea Organics. They are wonderful! Thank you SO much Sabrina!!!
Charlie and I played a little contest over at Fluffy Flowers, and won that too! (Felicia make the most adorable little creatures). Felicia asked that you just leave a comment about your favorite part of the books and she would draw a winner. Since Charlie is a HUGE Harry fan, I thought it would be great fun for him to leave the comments.
It really made his (our) day to see the package from Felicia in our mail.
For Charlie, it is the process of opening a package. He is the child that takes his time while opening Christmas gifts. I usually want to scream "just tear it open"!
He couldn't contain his excitement towards the end.
And I just couldn't wait to get my hands on that cute little hand knit sweater!

Look at all this loot! Of course, the chocolate frogs were the first to go, although he did share one with Andrew. The rest he said is his, all his. Even the Harry sweater. Darn!

Thanks a million Felicia! You really made our day!


One of Libby's friends organized a summer book club. Such a great idea. Early in the summer they met at the book store to pick out the book, together. Rules by Cynthia Lord, a Newbery Honor book, was their choice. The girls love it. We gave them eight chapters to read, and they hated having to wait until their meeting to continue reading.
Yesterday, we hosted the first book club in our sun room. I have never been in a book club. I personally can't find the time to read books. Blogs, yes. I love reading those! But give me a book, and I just want to take a nap. In the evening I would rather knit. Heck anytime I would rather knit. However, I did purchase the The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian, with the recommendation of an employee, and I am bound and determined to finish this book. (as soon as I start it) Anyone ever read this? Is it worth taking time away from my knitting?

My Libby is such a list maker. Summary, check. Favorite chapter, check. Ice-cream, check. Lemonade, check. Cookies, check. I guess these are all of the essentials for a successful book club meeting.
Next time Libby thought maybe we should also teach the other two girls how to knit! Hmmm....Now we are talking! :)


I ordered this yarn from Scout back in February. It was a custom order for Libby who wanted socks in pink, green and yellow. Her favorite colors.
So, the cold feet, are now covered. Finally.
I don't know why, but I had the hardest time working on these. Maybe it was the 2x2.
Libby adores them, and already has in mind how she will wear them.
They will certainly be a welcome addition to her fall wardrobe.
Here is the skinny:
Pattern: On-your -toe socks from summer 2007 Interweave Knits:
Yarn: one skein Prepster, scouts swag
Needles: size 3 double pointed
Notes: First time working from the toe up. It took me two hours to figure out how to do the
middle east wrap method!

shop locally

Rainy summer days mean days to remember.
It is really great when the rain forces creative play at our house. The kids set up shops throughout the house, each with their own individual theme.

Andrew had a sporting goods store. He collected anything from balls to racquet's to bobble heads. Priced everything on his own. I guess it never hurts to dream big. Charlie raided the kitchen for candy for his candy shop. He also priced things pretty high. Dum dums for $1. He also was asking $1 for Hershey kisses. I'll tell you, it was a very expensive candy shop.
sign, courtesy of libby

Libby spent hours getting ready for the opening of her variety store. Making everything by hand, all her own creation. That's my girl!

They sat in their stores, reading books, waiting for customers, a.k.a. mommy! Occasionally they would close their own store to shop in another.
It was so wonderful, no fighting, a quiet house.....ahhhh!
Oh, and the best part? We all had our share of "friendly" money!
Have a wonderful friday the 13th. It is my moms lucky day! (so she says)
She had me on a friday the 13th, after all.

get away

We headed to Nemacolin Woodlands for a little getaway. Located on about 3,000 acres in Farmington, Pennsylvania. There are a million things to do. Honestly, something for everyone. To name a few ::climbing wall::ropes course::target paintball::archery::bike rental::off-road driving academy::miniature golf::shopping::spa::pools::auto toy store::animal encounter::sled dog kennels::wild world animal shows::black bear habitat::wildlife habitat::buffalo habitat::zebra habitat::canoe museum::sail and peddle boats::equestrian trail rides::pony rides::combat paintball::mystic rock golf course::falling rock golf course::tennis::art::skiing::tubing
I don't know why we don't ride bikes as a family when we are at home, but for some reason, we never seem to fit it in. It was awesome.
There are bronze statues everywhere. My personal favorite was this bathing beauty.
I tried to get her to work on my sock, but she fell bored with the second sock also.
I will finish these socks, I will, I will.

let's talk

Let's talk about the seaside sweater, shall we? First of all, I love this sweater. It is from Twinkle's Big City Knits. The yarn is twinkle handknits cruise, and it is lovely to work with. 70% silk, 30% cotton. The sweater is knit in the round to the armhole, holding four strands together throughout. Very fast, pretty easy. I find it a little difficult using size 17 needles. I feel like I am all thumbs. I made a few adjustments. Longer sleeves are usually a must for me. I also knew I needed to increase from below the bust line to the shoulder, so I knit an extra inch.
I really love the scalloped bottom. This is accomplished with yarn overs.
However, when you see the whole picture on me, it just doesn't work. See, still too short in the sleeves, and it cuts me right through the center of the bust. I think the whole sweater just looks too small, even through the arms.
I contemplated ripping it out. Ahhh...I would rather start all over then frog this. And, since I have two sisters making the exact same sweater (imagine that) I decided to just give it to my sister, Lisa. She is the oldest, but has the smallest body. Michelle and I have the exact same body size, so she will have to make her own. (sorry shell) Lisa doesn't seem to find much time to knit, so I don't think she will mind not having to make this, and will be so happy to wear it.
Now I just have to tell my sister to mail me her yarn. I think I will tell her to take her time. :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

a girl and her bag

Libby's "packed full of memories" bag is complete, and we couldn't be happier. She could hardly wait to pack it with things to take to the pool. I sewed 12 4x4 pieces together. And made 6 of these rows. Made a bottom that was two rows of four squares. Ironed pellon on to the back of each to make it a little sturdy.
I was going to use vinyl for the inside (because that is what my mother used) but could not find any to match. The woman at Joann's told me about a product that you iron over your fabric. It looks great and was easy to use. However, it is a little crunchy. Do you know what I mean by crunchy? Thin? I just hope it will hold up over time, but I wouldn't be surprised if it started to crack and peel.
I sewed the strap by machine only to where the lining started, and then did the rest by hand.

It really is a special bag. Each little print has a memory to it, that I will be reminded of every time I look at the bag. I do regret one thing. Not using the bumble bee dress. Honestly. I would have really loved to have had that fabric in this bag, and not tucked away in a box.

The first thing Libby said was " I love it! I cant' wait to take it to college!". She is 9 years old. Already packing for college! I just hope that one day (way after college) she finds it packed in a box and thinks of it as a treasure. I think she will, she already does.

time alone

Bob took the boys to play nine holes. Libby went for a sleep over. Time alone in my house, YIPPEE! However, it took me an hour and a half to complete 1 row. Decrease 28 stitches evenly across while using smaller needles and changing to K1, P1. Sounds simple enough. Then why my fine friends did it take me all of that precious time! AHHH! I ended up charting it, and then charting it again, and again, and again. Yes, 4 times.
Anyhow, this is what is currently on my needles. The seaside sweater from Twinkle's Big City Knits. Thought I had better show it before I finish it. It really is a fast knit.
Happy Sunday!