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sweet shawlettes

I bet you've heard the buzz around blogland as the blog tour of Sweet Shawlettes has been going on for a few weeks. It's Jean Moss's latest book which includes 25 irresistible patterns. Jean has included patterns for all levels and all interests. Lace, colorwork, texture and cables.
The book is broken down into four different categories... country, couture, folk and vintage. I like the little explanation and brief story at the beginning of each. A little peak into how the pieces came about.
I really love this two-piece shawl made out of gossamer kidsilk. The drape looks dreamy to me.

Ceilidh shawlette and Polperro Cape caught my eye immediately.
I really like the tweedy look of the ceilidh and rowan denim (used for polperro) is an all time favorite yarn of mine. (Love the buckle!)
Mantilla shawlette. Oh, do I love this. Knit in the round out of rowan kidsilk haze. Light enough to be worn several ways.

Taunton Press would like to give away a copy of sweet shawlettes to one of my readers. If interested, please leave a comment before Tuesday, January 24, 12 p.m. EST. I will have the random generator choose a name.

Enjoy your weekend!


I am knitting, I promise. However, this hat has put me in a bit of a funk. The yarn is yummy but wearing thin cause row 15 has been knit and reknit a few too many times. Oy. I finally got smart and put markers in between every 24 st pattern repeat. Hoping that will help out my brain.
Charlie reminded me that I used to make a lot more cookies.
Okay then.
Lemon Sugar cookies were made last week and this.
Big, chewy and full of flavor.
We highly recommend them.

Now back to my hat.


Cheers to all the lovely knitters, crafters and peeps out there that visit this space. (And, those that don't, too!) Thanks so much for the inspiration you give me... and for letting me feel like I inspire some of you!
Here's to a healthy and happy 2012!

{Below, a really great email from Char, someone that stopped by my little space. To me, this sums up knitting. The warmth, the ease and the feeling we all get when we create something. Even the simplest can be oh so rewarding. Thank you, Char.}

dated December 30, 2011 8:38:37 AM EST


Could it actually be that easy? After making mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts could Toast be just too, too simple?

I noticed that while walking trails in the fall, and strolls on the beach in the cooler blustery days that I usually tugged my shirt sleeves over my hands or stuffed in in my pockets. I wasn't ready to get out my winter gloves yet. I decided that this looked like a job for Toast. At home I scrounged through my knitting stash and found some of my favorite wooly heavier yarn. I love wooly yarn. I am definitely happy that wooly yarn likes me.

I whipped up my Toast and used it on my next outdoor walk. It was great! If my hands felt chilled the toast covered them. If I was getting too warm I pushed Toast up so my hands got more air. I found Toast to be much more practical for me. If I wore Toast while on errands, I didn't have to take them off. I just pushed them up again so that my hands were free.

This winter I think I will use Toast over my dress leather gloves.

Okay, one day I did manage to lose some Toast. One fell out of my coat pocket at a restaurant. ::sigh:: I simply went home and made more Toast. That didn't take long. I am a little giddy thinking of the day when all I have is mismatched Toast. The creative ideas are limitless for color!

I have found Toast is warmer than the fingerless mitts that I have had in the past. by pulling further down over my hand it covers my thumb better and holds in more heat. I am so glad you gave us Toast. I never would have tried it if I hadn't found it on your site. Thank you!

From a very toasty reader,

Okay... so let's get knitting.
How about having a supply of mismatched toast. Love that.