yoga shawl progress

I've been working on the yoga shawl, and have loved every minute.  The rhythm of endless stockinette has kept me very happy and given me busy hands in busy months.  So grateful.  But now, I am ready to finish.  I'll be starting on the second chevron pattern soon. (Hopefully tonight.) And I have given myself until the end of September to finish it.

So many knits have been catching my eye in the last few days.
I spotted this on Ravely.  (It's just a matter of days until I cast on.)
This beautiful cowl is calling my name.  And the pattern is 50% off until Friday.  (Buy now!)
And Knitterella is holding a 50% off her non-collection patterns through October!  (Use code KNITTERELLAPLUCK)

So many possibilities!

chalk lots giveaway

Hey friends!
Remember the chalkboard placemats?  Well, we finally named them (Chalk Lots!) and are doing a little giveaway over on Instagram.  So, if you are on Instagram, follow @chalklots and you will automatically be entered into the contest.  We are giving away 5 boxes, 4/box.  Head on over and tag a friend or family member, too.  They make a great gift and a really great addition to the new school year!
P.S.  You can always purchase them here and here.  :)

happy faces

I thought I would give you a quick Trouble update since some of you have been asking and it is National Dog Day!  (How long have these National Days been going on?  There seriously is a day for everything.)
Trouble has gained weight.  Not all that she lost but close.  And she just doesn't want to leave our sides.  Seriously a big love.  Oh, and she is always hungry.  I mean, always.  She came home eating plants in the yard, but that has stopped.  I guess that is what she survived on while away.

It also seemed to be "National Move Your Child Into College Day".  I just returned from getting Charlie settled in.  I have such a great time doing it.  Until I have to drive away.  :(

Trouble gave Charlie many kisses on his way out the door.  We are all SO grateful she is home.

welcome mocs

I have needed a few little baby gifts and these baby moc's caught my eye.  I found them completely irresistible.  I grabbed some sock yarn from my stash and a pair of size 2 needles and voila.  I had a pair of the cutest baby mocs ever.  I finished adding the fringe and then noticed something.  I had two different sizes.  So, now I'll cast on again and hope it will match one of them!

Pattern:  Welcome Mocs
Yarn:  sock yarn from my stash
Needles:  Size 2

Happy day, friends.

almond milk j o y

 Last February, I purchased the book At home in the Whole Food Kitchen.  Love it.  Would love to spend more time in the kitchen with some of the recipes.
But for now, the page that is dog eared is the almond milk recipe.  I was instantly drawn to it.  Probably because I haven't drank milk in 100 years.  No really.  I know... hard to believe, 100, but its true.
I don't like milk.  But homemade almond milk?  Sold.  And so is the 15 year old in the house. (Perfect.)
We've been making it at least once a week.  It takes about 10 minutes.  The clean up is probably the hardest (worst) part.  I've read about making almond flour with the almond pulp.  But so far, mine just heads down the disposal.
A cup of nuts, water, vanilla, a little bit of cinnamon and a pinch of salt is all that goes into this.
And it becomes a bottle (from Ikea) of pure deliciousness.
Homemade granola.  With homemade almond milk? Pure joy.

a new look

Hey friends!

Just wanted to stop by with a quick hello and let you know the good ol' blog is getting an update.  My awesome + amazing friend, Raz, has been busy behind the scenes sprucing up this space.  I think we are almost there.  There may be a few things within the next week that we (he) will have to tweak.  But basically, just wanted you to know you are here with your friend to knit with.

Happy day!

xx, leslie

those pallet tables

Remember my mention of the pallet tables a while back?  Well, I apologize for getting back to that so late. 
These are the small pallets that the men in the warehouse (where I assemble Chalk Lots) use for smaller shipments.  I love these because the boards are close together.  (Unlike these.)
I grabbed a couple of those, and Steve assembled legs purchased from Lowes.  
I then told Libby and Andrew to have a paint party.  I had no plan for painting and neither did they.  I told them to just slap it on.  (That was the fun part.)
They painted the blue first, and then the next day, slapped some white over that.  I told them it didn't matter if some of the original still showed through.  In fact, from reading this post, we wanted it to.  
I then stained it lightly with a grey stain.
And voila!  A new table for our side porch.  
 This is the one on the front porch.  A little bigger with a little skinnier slats, chunkier legs.
Only one coat of paint.  I still haven't decided if I am going to add the gray stain.  Sitting on that decision for a bit.

I'm off to pack for a road trip to New York.  We are leaving in a couple of hours.  Hello car knitting!

Happy day, friends!

h e l l o

Oh my goodness.
I certainly didn't mean to be gone for so long.  We took a fabulous trip out west.  And spent a couple of weeks filling our souls.  It was amazing.
The yoga shawl was the perfect project to take along.  Mindless stockinette over coffee, in the car, when alone or in conversations, over wine or at a campfire.  Really loving this project.

Happy weekend Friends!