the story of the ice cream sandwich.

 This is what happens.

After you send your sixteen year old a text requesting his cookie choice.  
I've made ice cream sandwiches before.  But not for a while.
And when I looked back to find the recipe we love,  the link had been removed.  (ack!)
So, I found a new recipe.  Made the cookie.
Piled delicious ice cream on half of the delicious cookie.  
Placed the other half on top of the ice cream.
Popped them back in the freezer to harden.
And made a big delicious mess when I cut them.
Then I froze each delicious mess in its own paper sandwich bag for a warmer day.

The kids rated them a 10.  I would like to find one with a softer cookie, like the last recipe.  This is the one we will try next.

Happy weekend! xx

**UPDATE!  A very awesome Abelian (Dot) found the old link!  Thank you, Abelien!**

elen progress

It's one of those chilly spring days where drinking hot tea and knitting all day sounds like a dream.
I've been working on Elen in hopes of finishing at the end of this month.  However, I'm 100% positive that won't be happening.   Short rows were worked in order to achieve that scooped bottom.  (That's the back pictured above.)  I reworked it a couple of times because I wasn't paying attention to the mesh pattern.  I think it's smooth sailing now.

And, oh!  I have a new project in the wings.  The yarn arrived today.  Can't wait to cast on.


Does this look like you just want to take a big bite of this?  I know!  That's what happened when I saw The Pioneer Woman make a batch of these spreads on her Snapchat.  
I immediately went to the kitchen and starting baking.  I can't believe I didn't see this recipe back in 2009 when she first published it.
They are SO good.  And SO easy.  Andrew and Libby went nuts over them!

Happy Weekend, friends!

P.S.  I used butter.  Not margarine.  :)

happy feet

These are most definitely the happiest socks I have ever made.  They truly make me smile.  
It took me about 10 tries to get the cast on just right so that the stripes added up.  But finally... It worked.
Oh, did I mention it took me a couple of months to get this yarn because of how quickly they sell out.   They update on Thursdays and sell out pretty quickly, so if you're looking to make a pair, set your alarm!  (That's what I finally did.)

Pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks omitting the stitch pattern with a Slip Stitch Heel
Yarn:  Trailing Clouds - Mind the Gap
Needles: Size US 2
Made for:  Libby's happy feet

our white robes

My sweet mother took my sisters and me on a quick, little getaway this week.   It was lovely.  
Too bad we packed clothes, as we lived in our robes.  
In between our pampering, I knit, and finished the trailing clouds, mind the gap,  socks.  Yippee!
 The staff at the Resort was wonderful with little touches to make our trip extra special.
 Since my sister, Shelly, and mom live in Florida, they were able to bring our beverages so we really never needed to get dressed! :)  Happy hour served... in robes.
Thank you, sweet mom.  We will hold our special moments together close to our hearts.  Forever and Always.


Remember when I mentioned the mouse in my car?  Well, I'm so grateful that little fellow came for a visit.  You see, this project was stored in my car all winter.  For those times waiting.  But since I didn't want that mouse to make a nest out of my knitting, I rescued this project into the house.  I only had about 10 inches left to knit... so I did.  
 I could not be more pleased with results.  It was designed after the cashmere wraps that are sold where I work on Fridays and Saturdays.  Man, do I love those wraps.  I decided I could make one, but it would have to have the same sort of drape as cashmere.  This yummy yarn is pretty close.
I added a double crochet border along the edge to prevent curling.  If you are a crocheter, you rock.  As this was not as much fun as the knitting.  
While making it, I told Libby it was for her.  I've now told her maybe we should share.
It reminds me of the yoga shawl I made last summer.  However, I can honestly say it has much more drape.  It's a simple, easy pattern that requires minimal thought.

Pattern:  Twig
Yarn: 4 skeins Fyberspates scruptious DK/Worsted
Needles:  US size 8
Crochet hook: size G
Gauge: 18 st = 4"

Have a great weekend, friends!

baked oatmeal bars

So, I'm trying hard to continue our beloved cookie of the week as we approach the last couple months of school. (Say it isn't so!)
 So, last week, we went to a cooking class and made Thai food.  It was so much fun.  BYOB and you cook and get to eat your creations.  I just love how we prepared all of the dishes beforehand, making the actual cooking part a breeze.
 I seriously don't know why I don't do this all of the time.  It makes it even more fun and even cleanup is a breeze!
Baked Oatmeal Bars.  Delicious alone.  But we are dreaming of them warm with ice cream on top.

i have a confession

I stink at crocheting.
No, seriously, I do.  And that's okay.  Except that it takes me so long to do it.  And, I get cramps in my hand.  And, I can't seem to get the tension correct.
But, I am halfway finished adding a crochet border to the wrap.  And, I have big plans to finish it by tomorrow.