feeling crazy

Our weather is showing signs of summer.  SO fun!  
I certainly don't mind knitting with wool in the summer.  The feeling on my legs is perfectly fine with me.  However, a cotton is pretty cool, too.  And, in denim?  Oh yea.  
This week, I started the Crazy Feeling Sweater.  I made the Pop Life Cardigan last year and absolutely love it.  With the Pop Life I used dirty denim but decided to make this one out of the raw denim.  On size 10.5 needles it's a dream.  All kits include needles, but this time decided to use my own circulars.  
(There are four in there.  I think they just have to get used to the crazy camera.)
And because I went all crazy, I rented chickens!  Not really crazy.  Brilliant in my eyes.  We get the whole chicken experience with eggs as a bonus.  And... they come and pick the sweet girls up in the fall.  Unless of course we decide to adopt them.  That option is available.  I think this concept is absolutely wonderful.

windswept beetles

This bag.  My new everything bag. Small knick-knacks.  Sunscreen for in the summer.  Makeup for traveling.  Kids treasures.  Electronic cords.  Knitting essentials.  SO many uses.  
But lately it has been my Windswept Shawl bag.
Windswept fits perfectly in this cute little bag.  Amazing, but true.
And it makes me ridiculously happy whenever I see it.  (It's available in 5 shades!)

Btw:  Those are beetles.  Good Luck beetles.  Symbols of strength and luck.  Perfect for my small, interesting projects.  😊

a gift

I went to a baby shower and almost all of the gifts given were little boy baby items with skulls.  Who knew there was quite a selection out there.  I gave her a little black and white striped sleeper but decided to knit her something when the baby was born.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this pattern while perusing Ravelry.   I decided to opt out of the striped sleeves and the hood.  Easy enough.  Instead of picking up the stitches for the hood, I picked up the same amount of stitches and knit for 6 rows.

Pattern:  Baby Goth Knits Hooded Jacket
Yarn:  Uptown Worsted
Needles:  US 5 & 6

Happy Weekend friends!

april knitcrate

Okay.  I could not be more in love with these colors from April's KNITCRATE.  It truly takes everything I can to not cast on for this project.
The yarn is Vocabulary Yarn in Hawaiin Ice and Cara Cara Orange. 100% Superwash Merino Wool.   Soft lavender, pale aqua, cool mint and beachy blues combined with neon orchid and fiery orange.  Neon-sherbet at it's finest!
Two hat patterns, one for beginners and one for intermediate and advanced.
And a lovely sheep milk soap from Maple Hll Farm.

These mail days make my month!

Remember to use code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Crate!

post break

Spring break... one of my favorite times of the year.  I tried the natural dying process of my eggs.  I didn't really love the effect until afterwards.  Turned out to be just want I wanted.  A bowl of natural dyed eggs.  😊
We traveled to Florida, yet again, for the break.  I'm down to just one child to take.  WHAAAAA!
Those years went way too fast.
Three knitting projects made it in the suitcase.  You know, you always need the right project for the right time.  And, the 100x simple cowl is one project that works perfectly at the beach.  Light.  Airy.  Mindless.  Absolutely perfect.  

barbie lou

Hey Friends!

Barbie Lou is finally written up.  I  apologize for those who were waiting and for it taking me so long.  I had a lovely knitter test it, and I think it's all correct.  Thank you, Sarah!  (Sarah was really fast, it was I who was slow!)

This is the pattern my sweet mom wrote. (We call my mom Barbie Lou.)  All of my children, my sisters children and friends children have worn a Barbie Lou.  This has always been our go to baby sweater.  Great for both sweet baby boys and baby girls.  It is written in two sizes, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

The pattern for Barbie Lou is available here.

Happy Friday!

skulls and crossbones

Ha ha!  I'm giggling how the straight needles (I never use straight... but all of my size 6 circulars are holding projects.) look like crossbones.  Well, sort of.  Get it?  Skulls and crossbones!

This is actually a baby sweater for a friend who recently had a baby and is all about skulls.  The pattern is darling.  But, be warned.  There are no guage or measurement details written in the pattern.  So, I'm flying solo.  I'll be sure to give my measurements when I am finished.  I've swapped out the striped sleeves for solid black.  And, I am leaning towards not adding a hood.

sunday adventure series.2

As my husband and I were headed out the door yesterday, I realized that it was the second Sunday in a row that I was going somewhere, in my city, for the first time. That made me feel pretty giddy. :) We decided to try to do something new and different on Sundays. Act like a tourist in our own city or if we are traveling, try something new on our travels.  I particularly love it, not only for the new experience, but because I can always, always, pack my knitting.
I've lived in Pittsburgh for quite a while.  I grew up here, moving to Kentucky when I was 13 and returning after my second child, Libby was born.  Not once had I been to Troy Hill.  And, it literally is about 15 minutes from where we live.  
 We shared a delicious tuna salad sandwich at Pear and Pickle and then headed to St. Anthony's Chapel where the second largest collection of Christian relics is held.  Second only to the Vatican!  WHAT?!  People from all over the world travel to visit St. Anthony's.  And, there it is, only 15 minutes from us.
 A brewery for an ice cold, Sunday, afternoon beer.
Ending the day with a little sunshine on our faces, yarn in my hands and leftovers for dinner.