Well, we are all alike.  We LOVE our bags!  Love THAT!

The winner of the mike and marley bags is #199, Jules.  Please email with your address and they will ship one to you.

Guess what?  Those nice folks over at mike and marley would like to give my readers 20% off any bag.  Just enter afriendtoknitwith checkout!  They will make great gifts... stock up now.  Offer will be good through November.

As always,   thanks for playing.


cool totes

First of all, how can you just not love that name!
And, second of all, how can you not love something that doubles as a complete winter, corner of the room, yarn holder, cheer you anytime, happy tote, to a summer, fill with sunscreen, throw everything in bag... carry to a picnic, the beach, a yarn store, a trip or just leave in your car to be a complete catch all. 
I adore these bags!  They are strong, durable, affordable and, i'll say it again, HAPPY!
Well, guess what?  The fine folks over at mike and marley would like to give one of my readers a tote of their choice.  How cool is that?!?!?!
If interested, please leave a comment here between now and Saturday, October 27th, 5:00 pm EST and I will have the random number generator choose a number.

the two

The winners of the book giveaway are #44 Cams and #168 Zenitude.  Please email me your address and I will make sure a book lands in your hands.  As always, I wish everyone could get a book.

I have a really fun giveaway coming up tomorrow.
See you then!

there are two

I'm sure you have seen this book floating around blogland as I am late in talking about it.  I adore this book.  So many beautiful patterns.  You can scroll through them on this page.  And the photography?  Delicious!
Knit Red is filled with dozens of projects, garments and accessories, knit in gorgeous reds.  Obviously, you won't have to knit your project in red, however it is a good reminder to encourage yourself and others to make heart healthy choices.  There are facts and resources about heart disease, and powerful stories from survivors of this deadly disease.  An inspirational book.

I have one of each to give away.  If interested, leave a comment here before 5:00 pm EST, Sunday, October 21.  I'll have the random generator choose 2 names and will do my best to give you your first choice.

Happy weekend to you!

for here, to go

Hi there, Ocotober!
SO nice to see you!

I have a couple of things on the needles which I am super happy to be knitting.
My here project, meaning the one that is mostly staying at home, is "devotion".  (Love that.)
A short sleeve pullover to throw over t-shirts.  Mostly stockinette with a little cable detail at the top of the front and back.
It's out of the Classic Elite Yarns book, "The road not taken".  (Love that, too.)  There are some really great patterns in this book.  A little bit of color work, cables, sweaters, vests, mittens and a hat.  Love all of the natural colors they used. 
My "to go" project, which will just hang out in my car, are these adorable mitini mitts. 
Okay, the packaging is so darn clever.  I LOVE IT!  SO creative, vintage, old time pattern like.  Almost too cute to even break open to knit.  Almost.
They are out of Blue Sky's Royal Petite yarn and pattern collection which includes seven accessories.  All super easy to travel with.
And the yarn is super yummy to boot.  100% Royal Alpaca.    
Love a little project like this.  I thought the "kit" would make a great gift for knitty friends, too.  

Have a beautiful weekend!