february knitcrate

Can you believe that tomorrow is March 1st?!!! SO crazy!
So, before the calendar actually flips, lets look at February's Knitcrate!
The theme is Good Vibes Only, a wish for 2019 to be better for everyone in our community and beyond.  A time of reflection on ourselves and our attitudes, and a call for us to be supportive of each other.  I personally try to live my life this way, so I totally felt as if I shouted a big "Hell Yes!" when I read this theme.  To support each other in every aspect of life... it truly is that simple.
Membership Crate.
Yarn :: 2 skeins Halo DK.   236 beautiful yards of 50% Alpaca, 30% Wool, and 20% Nylon.  A surprise of either two color ways.  Iridescent, glowing green Malachite and luminous purple, Electric Abalone.
Pattern ::  As always, 2 patterns.  The knitting pattern featured knitting designer Kiri Fitzgerald's Belita scarf, a combination of lace and squishy stitches.  It looks like a super fun knit.  And the crochet pattern by Jennifer Hayes.  Belle Askew is a shawl with a triangular shape featuring surprising details even to the knitter!  
Sock Crate.
Yarn :: Snow Stylish.  Well, this is one colorway I truly flipped over.  And doesn't the yarn knit into something so gosh darn amazing?!!!  Pure happiness!
Pattern ::  Maeve Zana designed this awesome pattern named Striped Lightning.  Maeve utilized the pooling of this variegated colorway in a truly exceptional way, celebrating the color changes with high-relief twisted stitches.

As always, your first crate is 20% off by using code FKW20 at checkout.    

l o v e

Hi there friends!
Wow.  I feel like this space needs a bit of dusting off.  I think it's been an entire month since I have visited here.  I believe that is the longest I have ever gone without checking into this space.  (In 12 1/2 years!!!)

My sweet mother fell on January 27th and broke her hip.  At 83 years old, that is a tough surgery to recover from.  My sisters and I spent 2 1/2 weeks with her, making some tough decisions and getting the new chapter of life implemented.  It truly is heartbreaking but we are so grateful to have this beautiful time with her.  Dementia sucks.  Totally sucks.  But, we are certain our mom feels the love when we are with her.  And that is what is all that matters.

While we were all together, my sister Shelly and I made 60 of these darling hearts for a friend's birthday.  From start to finish you can make a heart in about 10 minutes.  We used scraps of Lion Brand wool ease yarn.  They were totally therapeutic and came at the perfect time.  A lovely memory we will always have.