packed full of memories

While at my parents over spring break, we came across this gem. (Sorry to break it to you sisters, but I brought it home). In our family, you see it, you want it, you better take it before your sisters beat you to it! :)
I know it doesn't look like much, however, this bag is packed full of memories. Literally. It is the bag my mother used to take to the beach every year and to the pool everyday during the summer. My mother used all of her old scraps and lined it with vinyl to protect it from water and sunscreen. I told my mother I wanted to replace the strap. Of course, she thinks it adds to the charm of the bag. She is correct. Mothers always know best.
Well, Libby had an idea. She wanted to use all of her old dresses that my mother made her, and have me make a bag for her. I resisted for a while, thinking it would be better to save them. However, Libby convinced me that it would be a great idea to give her old dresses a new life.

I just couldn't cut the bumble bee one.
Putting that rotary cutter to the dresses was really hard!
Organizing the squares was her job.
Yesterday, we picked out the lining. Up soon, a new bag for Libby already packed full of memories.


Sometimes in life you just have to take shortcuts. I walked into JoAnn fabrics with a single thing to buy. Elastic thread for Erin's Sunny Day dress tutorial. Well, I did a double take when I saw fabric already shirred.
They didn't have a ton of choices, but this fabric was perfect for my punkin! She wanted the raw frayed edge on the bottom, so the only thing I had to do was sew one side seam, and sew on some straps. Pink rick rack was her choice.
And for some strange reason, I got the same satisfaction from all of the other things that I have made from start to finish! I also did buy the elastic thread, because I will try to do the shirring myself, one day.
Now if there were only a shortcut to all the things I have to do today, then I would be all set!
Thank you so much for all the kind words about my summertime tunic! I am going to try very hard to wear it.


Summertime tunic. Such a quick, mindless, knit. Honestly, this could be made in a few days. I figured, about 14 hours of knitting. I did frog it once, only because of my gauge. I substituted yarn, and never did a gauge, because I never do. I used bias tape for the ribbon and stitched it together with the same color thread. The wooden beads were found in my daughters bead box. (added bonus)
Do I like it? Yes. Will I wear it? Probably not. I am going to try though.
The skinny: Summertime tunic, Interweave Knits, Summer 2007
Yarn: Debbie Bliss, Cathay, color 12005, 6 balls
Needles: Size 4 and size 6
Notes: Knit in the round. Very little finishing. Finished size 33 inches.
My summertime days are spent running in circles. Hoping for a little insomnia so I can catch up on everything you all are up to.
I can't believe it is Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

summer '07

Today was the last day of school. This is also the last day all three of my children will ever ride the same bus to the same school. wa wa wa! I know, time for me to get over it. Summer has begun!

I would love to say that things slow down about now, however, things just seem to accelerate!
Along with the sunscreen, towels, tennis rackets and golf balls, there is always knitting or needlepoint tucked into this bag.
The summertime tunic is complete. Will post pictures soon.
I am having a party friday night, so things will be a little quiet over here.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


It has been crazy busy around here with all of the end of year school functions. Last Thursday night Charlie had his recognition night for the end of his elementary years. Next year he will be headed to the middle school. How did this happen? Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was smelling his sweet breast fed breath? Didn't I just send him to pre-school? I know he just started kindergarten. How could he possibly be going to middle school? It is amazing how many tears your kids bring you. I am such a town cryner, and cry at every little milestone. And to tell you the truth all of his years at the elementary school are all one big blur. I just hate that. I also hate how stinkin' fast time is going.
I made a few tissue cozy's for a few of my friends who also cry as much as me. We needed them last Thursday night. The kids all sang a dinosaur songs that they sang when they were in kindergarten. Their voices all seem as sweet. Ahhhh! Tearing up again. I have to get a tissue.
I used the tutorial from tutti fruiti. And they do only take 5 minutes! This fabric is from fabric shack, summer in the city. They must be out of the paisley. I made a small change, and made two 6x4 rectangles and two 6x4 1/2 rectangles for the top pieces. I kind of like them to overlap a bit.
Our last cookie of the week is our favorite. Chocolate Chip cookies. I make some without chips, with nuts, some gooey, some crispy. We all like them a little different. This is the Nestle toll House Recipe that is on the bag with a couple exceptions:

2 3/4 cups of bread flour (that is 1/2 cup more than the recipe on the bag)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract ( 1 more than on the bag)
2 large eggs
chips and nuts....optional
bake 11-13 minutes at 350

girls weekend

This was our sixth annual trip to the TNNA show. We have friends that are designers for needlepoint canvas, and get to help with their booth. Most of our time is spent walking around, looking at fall fashions, feeling fabulous yarn. We cannot buy, but it is so fun to dream of future projects.

Highlights from our trip.

~Getting lost while on our drive to Columbus, Ohio, and seeing this sign on the side of the road.
~Visiting with the wonderful people at Swedish Yarn, and trying on Hanna Falkenberg designs. I hope to make the Plisse one day.
~Meeting Debbie Bliss. Listening to her chat happily with my mother ( about knitting and various other things) while my sisters and I tried on her fall collection. She is just as lovely as her yarn and patterns.
~Seeing my favorite person at Classic Elite, and trying on a sweater that I can't stop thinking about.
~Stepping into the Amy Butler booth and being totally inspired. Wanting to make gum drop pillows. Seeing her new line of bags called Sweet Life.
~Lorna's Laces, Offhand Designs, Nicky Epstein, cables, lace and hues of blue.
~Celebrating a sisters Birthday.
~Eating pizza at our favorite local pizza joint.
~Getting jammied up early with wine, cheese, crackers and our knitting.
~Using "not so much" every time we thought appropriate.
~Spending quality time with my mother and sisters. Laughing until we cried.
I quickly checked in on my bloglines and boy are they lit up! I have my favorite 7 year old home with a fever(how could he, with the count down on), but will be trying to get in my "reads". :)