winter ice cream sandwiches

The chocolate wafer cookies barely met their friend Somoas.  
Delicious by themselves.  
But paired with Somoas ice cream?  Tasted like a little bit of summer on a cold January day.

The yarn in the header is wool-ease.  My sisters and I bought a truck load while in Florida last month.   (Well, mom treated.  She knows the importance of soul soothing.)  Truly, toasty is the only thing that I have been working on.  Combining colors, creating wide stripes.  It's been fun.  I have a couple more combinations I'd like to knit and then I'm on to a sweater.  It's calling my name.

this week

Mexican wedding cookies seemed like the perfect cookie for our Mexican themed Birthday dinner.  The birthday boy requested fish tacos served with stuffed peppers.  SO good.  
This recipe came from a grocery store in Florida years ago.  My sisters and mom and I love them with coffee and yarn for breakfast.   It's been a long time since I have started my day that way.  It sure felt good.
I've been on a toasty kick lately.  This yarn seems to be perfect for this project.  Washable, dry-able, with little investment? I'm in!

a celebration

We flew to Florida last weekend to celebrate my Dad.  
Cause, that's what he wanted.  
 It felt so weird to be throwing a party for him and not have him be there.  
But that's what he wanted.
And you know, he was there.
And he was smiling.
We celebrated a life that was well lived and well loved.
He had us smiling, too.

cookies, cookies, cookies.

I've gotten away from baking.  I've thought about the reasons why and so many things where factored into that decision.  Back in '07 (I know!) I started a "cookie of the week".  I did it for years.  The kids loved it.  And quite honestly, I really miss it.  It doesn't take that much time to bake a batch of cookies a week.  And quite honestly, are they really that bad for you?  They're homemade for goodness sake.  So, without pressure on myself to get a batch in the oven, I'm going to try my hardest to get back to baking.  
I'll find old favorites and hopefully incorporate a bunch of new recipes into the mix.
I made these once and we have talked about them ever since.  So, they were first on the list.
Lemon Sugar Cookies.
The perfect little companion to knitting.


Happy New Year sweet friends!
I wish you all health, love and happiness.
And a stockpile of yarn, of course.

Cheers to 2015!