happy decorating

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Guys!  I'm not the first to do this... but it was my first time doing this.  I grabbed the greens from the discard pile at Home Depot.  Along with the discarded trunks.  And, voila!  Instant, inexpensive (free!) center piece.  That is happy decorating!

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  1. I never ever thought of this - you're right, it is perfect!

  2. This is so funny, my daughter went tree shopping at Home Depot in Auburn and called me from there telling me that there was a cart full of greens cut off Christmas trees at the store and these really cute tree trunks. I am giving Holiday Wreath Making classes this week, here at our Windmill Farm in Gridley and she thought I could go to Home Depot and use the branches and have people put the date on that tree trunk and attach it to their wreaths. My local store didn't have any but what great ideas you both have to re-cycle the same things.

  3. Great idea & very beautiful!