I just came in from a really cold walk with Trouble.
I see signs of spring. I hear signs of spring. I'm just looking forward to feeling signs of spring.
We still have snow in our forecasts.
While we're waiting, I'll just continue to buy flowers and Libby and I will draw signs of spring on our place mats.
If you purchased the place mats, I would love to see what you are drawing. Please email me photos and I'll share here. They are still available for purchase here
Have a great one!

toast, toast and more toast

Have you made some yet?
Back in December, I had a back injury which required a lot of resting of my back. I decided to keep casting on for toast. All knit out of Portland Tweed.
I ended up with about 7 pairs. I have 4 left. So, here's what I am thinking. I'm going to put 3 pairs (2 made out of 5004 tidal foam and 1 made out of 5003 gull grey) in the shop on Monday at around 12p.m. EST.
The fourth pair, the dark grey pair, ended up being a little shorter. I guess there was a bit of a yardage problem in that ball.
They still fit fine. And do the job of keeping you a little warmer.

I'd love to give this pair to the 13th commenter.
{Hmmm. Wondering if that will work.}
Have a fabulous weekend!


It was 60˚ today. Open the windows and let in the light! Phew. We needed a day like today.

The random generator first drew #67 which landed on my wonderful friend, Michelle. I laughed so hard. Michelle doesn't knit. Well, I take that back, she has learned to knit and worked on something we used to call her "kitty" scarf because it was really long and thin. Michelle enters these contests and then calls me wondering if she will win. She has a great eye and loves the fibers. She reads all of your comments and loves to talk about knitting and all of you. Michelle really loves this community just as much as I do. I feel very lucky to be part of all of it. Thank you.

Michelle felt so good that she won... but told me to have the random generator choose another number. So it did: #170- 3 M's and 1 N. Please e-mail me with your address and I will pass the information onto Andrea. You'll be spinning in no time!

you try first

Have you ever tried to spin? Well, I haven't. The whole thing intrigues and intimidates me all at the same time. Andrea's beautiful shop carries spinning kits, complete with very detailed directions and some really wonderful colors of wool roving. I do have a kit, just still a little intimidated to make some hand spun yarn. Studying these videos until I work up the nerve.
Would you like to give it a try? Well, Andrea would love to give away a kit to one of my readers. How nice!
I've been a little lax about showing our cookie of the week. Mostly because I keep repeating the same ones. However, last week and this week I made these. Crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle.
I doubled the cookie recipe and wrapped them for the week. One less thing to think about in the morning when you are packing lunches. Heck, if it were me, I'd just take the cookie and a water in my bag.
SO big they are hard to dunk, but that never stopped anyone.

Okay. Leave a comment by Thursday the 17th 12 pm EST if you would like to try your hand at spinning. (Just happened to see the hand on the shirt.)
Also, If you are looking for a pattern for something to knit, Olga is donating 85% of the sale of her patterns to help Japan, for the next couple of weeks.
Oh, and Sarah at Knot Another Hat is having her March Madness Sale.

skinny swayed

I had one ball of Berroco Suede in this green floating around so decided to try the swayed pattern using one ball instead of the two balls I first used. I think it works. It is a little less bulky, a little quicker to knit and a little less expensive. (I saw this yarn on sale!)
The pattern is now over in the side bar if interested.
Have a great day!

the two

So sorry. I meant to get here all day.
The two winners of Knitopedia are:
#398 Carolyn (I want that book!) and #189 Dawn. Please e-mail me (over in the side-bar) and I will make sure they land in your hands.


knit•o•pe•dia (2011)
1. an alphabetical listing of every knitting term, technique, tool, designer, fiber or tradition one can imagine 2. a beautifully illustrated book that is a must-have for any knitting library
This book really contains absolutely everything one would need or want to know about knitting. With five years in the making, Vogue Knitting truly left nothing out.

And, you guessed it, Tara over at sixth & spring books would like to share this book with two of you. If interested, please leave a comment by Sunday, March 6th, 11pm EST and I will have the random generator choose a couple of names.