I seriously don't know what has happened to May. I was thinking that it just flew by without much happening. I decided to look through my photos so that perhaps I could feel a little better.  And I did.
Life was lived.
Beautiful moments happened.
::  spent a weekend in kiawah :: rode bikes on the beach :: i knit ::  my parents came for a 10 day visit :: they brought their adorable dog lily :: we ate outside for the first time since last year  ::
 i made our favorite chocolate chip cookies, weekly :: we enjoyed a lovely mother's day ::
i survived Charlie's senior prom :: i worked.  a lot :: i knit :: the house was shown ::  i practiced yoga :: i made pancakes.  and ate five ::  i knit  ::  i cut libby's hair ::
 my car was taken to the doctor.  it still is not back ::  i won a yoga workshop with my handstand photo on instagram  :: i knit :: i contemplated eating a raw diet.  i tried it for three days  ::  i let andrew have more kids over than usual  ::  we went to see ingrid michaelson :: i laughed.  a lot ::  i ripped out my sweater  ::  i cast on, again :: 
we celebrated a friends birthday with wine, homemade ravioli and a delicious salad  ::  we decorated the house for memorial day  ::  we had fun contests  ::  i knit ::  we went to a memorial day parade to show love and support to all who serve and have served  ::
we gathered to remember those who served and celebrate our freedom  ::  we swung on an awesome tree swing  ::  i made vintage picnic food using my grandmothers recipe's  ::  fell in love with a wood watch ::  i went out on lovely dates with my guy ::  i knit :: we started counting down to summer break ::  i listened ::
 i picked the iris's from my garden as soon as they bloomed ::  i had a lovely visit from my friend Kristyn ::  i signed up for my CSA and can't wait till next week  :: i knit ::  i went to two wine tastings  ::  we planted basil  

May has been lovely.  Hope yours has been, too.

See you in June!

start again

 It took me 7 weeks to get to this point in this sweater.
And 24 minutes to get to this point.  
I knew it. The entire time I was knitting that it just felt too big. I decided to take it off the needles and try it on for size.  I was right.  Tooooooo big.
I stared at it for an entire day.  And then did what we all sometimes need to do.
I cast on again last night.

Happy Knitting!

it's time

Everything has a time.  Along the journey we have been traveling the time has come to put our house on the market.  That has kept us extremely busy.  Three big purges (huge, really) have happened with the help of my awesome mother and sisters.  It feels great.

We will say goodbye to our loving home with a ton of awesome memories.  Looking forward to our future with excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Happy feet.  Gotta have them.

The random number generator chose #21, Miso Crafty Knits.  Please email me with your address and I'll be sure happy feet will land in your mailbox.

Have a Happy weekend!