spring crate

I've been remiss in mentioning my wonderful blue boxes of KnitCrate that brighten my day once a month!  Oh, how I love that day!

The March Crate's had me swooning over the colors.
Their theme this month was Metropolis. 
 A city rises between the desert and turquoise seas; the faded chalk colors of stucco create channels for busy passerby.  

The standard crate carried the classic Knitologie Worsted,  A 100% Superwash Merino made in Peru exclusively for KnitCrate.  Four different colors that together form a gentle gradient.  Each individual skein is 112 yds totaling 448 yards one the four skeins in the crate.  
I can't wait to make something out of this!   
The sock crate featured cozy La Brebis Warmer.  70% Superwash Merino, 20% Sure Alpaca and 10% Nylon.  400% yards of this fingering weight goodness in my perfect shade.  I truly would love to finally knit Steve a pair of socks and this just might be the skien!  

As always you can get 20% off your first KnitCrate by entering FKW20 at checkout.  

Happy Mail Day!  

daily pullover .2

You know you have a good pattern when you knit it twice. And want to knit it again!
This is my second Daily Pullover and I truly can't love the ease and simplicity of it any more.  
I have become more and more mindful of what my wardrobe needs and what I need to knit in order to fill that void.  I want to wear my sweaters over and over and enjoy all aspects of them.  The process and the project.   That's not to say I will throw something colorful in the mix every now and then but for now I am craving Classic pieces.  Pieces that will wear easily.  
I will be making Libby one in Kettle Black because she loves mine so much.  And then I'm sure I will have another one in my future.  I truly would love a stack of Daily Pullovers!

Yarn:  Linen Quill in Fresh Nutmeg
Needles:  US 3
Size:  2
Modifications:  I added length to the body making my body 12" before the short rows.  I also knit a twisted rib instead of the standard rib.  On the hem and sleeves I did the Italian Bind Off and on the neckline I did a Standard Bind Off, binding off tightly in order to bring up the V.  I truly don't think I would go to the trouble of doing either the twisted rib or the Italian bind off again.  (IF you do a twisted rib with an Italian bind off you have to untwist the stitches before you begin the bind off.  That part was not fun.  There is a way to accomplish it without untwisting, but that was not fun either!) 

a glorious morning

We had two kids home for Easter this year.  Not a full table, but I'll take it.  

Coffee, Latte's, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Glorious Morning Muffins, Spinach and Ricotta Crepes, Glazed Carrots, Deviled Eggs and a Spring Mix Salad with Watermelon Radishes and a Lemon Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.    It was a lovely brunch.  
I've been making the Glorious Morning Muffins since my kids were little.  A true favorite.

Glorious Morning Muffins:

2 cups flour
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups grated carrots 
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut
1 apple, peeled, cored and grated
3 large eggs
 1 cup avocado oil
2 tsp vanilla

*Preheat oven to 350˚ Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.  Set aside.  Beat eggs with oil until just combined.  Add vanilla.  Add dry ingredients until just combined and then add carrots, coconut and apple.  Spoon batter into muffin cups, filling them to the top.  Makes 12 muffins.  Bake for 35 minutes.   Cool on wire rack.  Eat and have a glorious morning!  

daily pullover no. 2

Have I told you lately that all I want to do is knit? It's true. ALL I WANT TO DO IS KNIT!

And I am extremely grateful that I can.  Knitting truly is physical and mental therapy.  Unbelievably  grateful to have it in my life!

Why second Daily Pullover is almost finished.  Soon I will cast on another one in Kettle Black (again) because  Libby requested one in black.  

Remember to keep track of your decreases with the little bulb shaped stitch markers.  They truly make life even more fun!

my project book

I'm a paper and pencil kinda girl. Always have been. Always will be.  (I really miss back to school notebook shopping with my kids!)
The first week after my wrist surgery may have been the roughest.  I missed my mom.  I missed my knitting.  And I missed the connection that knitting has to my mom.  I was all around just sad.  

I decided to get on line and find all sorts of inspiration for when I was able to knit again.  I scoured fashion websites and stores.  Looking for sweater inspiration everywhere.  And then I decided I needed to get on Ravelry and look for similar fashions that caught my attention.  Knowing that before I added anything to my Ravelry queue, I needed to start purging some patterns that I knew I would never make.  Boy did that feel good! (I have a habit of just adding things I like to my queue without actually using it for how it is intended.)
Then, I started taking screenshots, adding 4 to a page and printing them.  I then cut them using my handy dandy paper cutter and glued them into an old journal that was sitting in a pile of empty journals.

I started filling the pages with colorful photos and all of the project details.
Name, yarn weight, yarn suggestion, needle size, yardage and size. 

I have empty pages to fill as I see a pattern I would consider knitting.  
Tada.  All of my inspiration in one place.  When I need a new project, I know just where to look.  

So many projects, so little time.

Happy weekend friends!  

hello friend

 Well, hello friend!  It's been a while.  

What an interesting first quarter it has been.  Not only for the world but for myself personally.

If you follow me on Instagram or watch my YouTube channel you will know that I broke my wrist while skiing at the end of January.  10 days later, on February 4th I had surgery.  Everything went well, however, because of the way my wrist was broken,  I was not allowed to use my fingers for the next 5 weeks.  No typing, no knitting.  

So, knitting did not happen and this space became a little dusty. 
I am over the moon happy that I am able to knit again.  It was a little slow going but things are almost back to normal in my knitting world.  Full movement will take some time, but I am thrilled that I can knit. 
As I dreamt of knitting, I dreamt of what my wardrobe needed.  
A vest?  Definitely.
So, I made a simple vest!  Every time I picked up this project I greeted it by saying "hello friend".  It was as if I was being acquainted with an old friend.  And it felt soothing and wonderful. 

Pattern: Hello Friend Vest  (My own... I am going to try to write up the pattern.)
Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Dapple.  This light as a feather yarn is the perfect blend of wool and cotton for this type of garment.
Needle:  US 7