beatrice mitts class

 Did you ever make your pair of Beatrice Mitts?  I truly adore mine and wear them A LOT!  

If you have ever wanted to cast on for a pair and haven't, nows the time!  I actually filmed a class for the Rebecca Page Summit which started yesterday.  The class is free for a day and will be live on January 27th.  If you would like to watch it anytime from anywhere you have the opportunity to buy the class for $59.99  Sign up here!

a kuffel is born + episode 34

The Kuffel came off my needles and I seriously wasn't sure if I was going to ever wear it.  

My floats were causing a lot of puckering and I thought it was far from being able to block out.  
Jeez am I grateful I didn't throw it into the garbage!  

 The stitches really did settle themselves and decided to lay down nicely.  I still want to use a steamer to sort of blend the stitches.  
You can see why I thought this would never be worn!  It was a puckered mess!
The reason for this is because I was using a 24" cable while knitting.  I thought I was being mindful enough when working each new color but turns out it was not enough.  
Blocking is EVERYTHING!  

Pattern:  Kuffel by Alexis Winslow
Yarn:  Hudson & West in Ash and Aspen
Size:  2
Needles:  US 5 & US 7
Mods:  I made this sweater long sleeve instead of 3/4.  I knit twisted rib instead of standard rib.  I made the neckline a little tighter by picking up the recommended amount of stitches and then on the first round of the rib, I decreased 10 stitches evenly spaced.   

If you want to hear me talk all about this and get the pattern for the two tone twist I pared it with, head over to my latest YouTube.



My first sweater of the year is currently blocking.  

Can't wait to try this one on and see the final fit.  I hope I can block out some of the bumps and bulges caused by my lack of spreading out the stitches on my 24" needle.  

*Note to self... switch to a longer needle when working color work.  

happy 2023

 Just wanted to pop on and wish you all a very happy new year!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday full of good food, lots of love and yarn stranded through the moments!

Heres to a new year full of great health and all of the things that make you happy!  And I know yarn and knitting are high on your list.  

Cheers friends!  

i finally made a ranunculus

Happy December! Can you believe it! Just like that it's another December! Today I put away the fall decor and this evening we are going to bring out some of the Christmas decorations. I'm always a little sad to put away fall but I am excited to see the house decorated for Christmas!

 I finished my Ranunuclus a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier.  I've wanted a white sweater for some time and don't know why it took me so long to make one.  
Well, actually, I do know why... the same reason so many other knitters shy away from white.  First, your hands need to be clean when knitting with white.  And second you need to be careful when wearing white.

Well, I'm taking a different approach.  I'm going to wear it.  And wear it often.  I'm going to drink coffee and wine and eat all sorts of food while wearing it.  I'm going to treat it well but not baby it.  And if something shall fall onto it and stain those precious stitches I will promptly ship it to my friend Gina from SkeinCocaine and ask her to dye it and remake it into something beautiful.  

Pattern: Ranunculus
Yarn:  3 skeins Vidalana Ascendance in Limestone 
Needle Size: US 9 (By mistake!  The pattern calls for US 10)
Size: Small
Mods:  I didn't make any modifications but wish I did!  I would have picked up more stitches in the underarm!  Next time!  

bandana cowl

The Bandana Cowl has been around for a while but I guess it took a KAL for me to become aware of it! I am so happy I finally did!

I can see a bunch of these in my future.  It was exactly what I needed to feel some instant gratification and check a few gifts off of my list.  
It's a free pattern over on Ravelry and I followed the pattern exactly also using used recommended yarn.  It's soft and cozy with zero itch factor for my skin.  I wouldn't say I am extremely sensitive when it comes to wool around my neck but I certainly am somewhat sensitive.  And this 100% Extra Fine Merino doesn't bother me at all.
While I was knitting, I was ordering more yarn.  That is a true mark of good wool!
I also asked my husband if he would like one.  He mentioned that he would love a cashmere one.  Ha!  Who wouldn't.  But of course, I aim to please, so I ordered the Jade Saphire for his gift.  (You will need 2 skeins, and make sure you order the 8 ply!)

The Plenty yarn leaves you with absolutely tails of yarn left.  That's it.  I LOVE when I don't have any yarn left!  

Purl Soho is hosting a KAL that started in October and runs to the end of this month, November 30.  Hop on over to check out the prizes (Amazing!) and enter to win!

Pattern:  Bandana Cowl
Yarn: Plenty, 139 yards in Reed Grey and Night Blue
Needles:  US 10
Size:  One size

the peach truck

Summer has slipped away and although these memories are a bit distant they still bear mentioning.  
For the past two summers, this was a highlight.  It's a simple pleasure and I am very grateful to have had this experience.  
I think everyone has at least one fruit they associate with summer.  
For me, it's strawberries warmed by the sun, ice cold watermelon cut in cubes and peaches that drip down your hand while you are eating them.  
Has The Peach Truck come to your area? If you ever see it, I am here to tell you they are some of the most amazing peaches I have ever eaten.  You can preorder and then pick up from the giant orange truck dishing out 25lb box's of peaches to be exact.  I plan on making it a reoccurring summer activity.  They are just that good.  And it just screams summer!

Delivering since 2012 but I didn't catch wind of this until last year!  
There were a lot of recipes running through my mind and ideas of things I wanted to do with this batch of peaches.  This recipe was definitely on top of the list.  And it did NOT disappoint!  

In the end, I didn't use many peaches in this recipe but this cheesecake is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  
I highly recommend watching her gorgeous video for all of her tips.  I just love the mindfulness she puts into making.  If you want to give your taste buds a lot of joy get to the kitchen NOW!  And maybe throw a little pumpkin seasoning into the batter.  That is what I will be doing.