Pop- Life Cardigan no. 2

I wear my Pop-Life Cardigan I made almost 5 years ago almost everyday in the summer!  I throw it on over my jammies in the morning and wear it over tank tops and dresses in the afternoon.  These last couple of years, the Pop-Life Cardigan has become the summer version of my Slouchy Cardigan which serves the same purpose in the winter.  

This summer, while Libby was home, she mentioned how much she loved it and would love if I could make her one.  I was IN!  
To me, it's that easy breezy sweater that just feels good.  Sort of like that favorite pair of blue jeans.  And it's all due to the yarn!
I made a few modifications for this Pop-Life and I plan on continuing these mods on the next couple I make.  Yes.  I have two more in the wings.  Maybe three.  That's how much I love this sweater.

Yarn:  Billie Jean  in Washed Out Denim
Needles:  US 8/US 11
Size:  Here's the thing.  When I purchased this pattern 5 years ago it was a One Size.  I noticed on Ravelry that there are now different sizes.  I have an email out to Wool and the Gang asking what this One Size is equivalent to in their new sizing.  I"ll keep you posted.

Modifications and Helpful Tips:
• Use bamboo needles.
• This size takes 5 balls of Billie Jean cotton.
• If the yarn is twisted too tightly, re roll it by hand into a ball.  This helps take out the twist and makes the yarn much softer! 
• Knit the fronts and the sleeves simultaneously.
• To achieve this length, knit 18 rows of rib and then knit 62 rows for the fronts before the neck increases.
• Knit the back in one piece by joining the fronts after you cast on the stitches for the neck.
• To achieve this length for back, knit 68 more rows (including the increase for neck rows) for a total of 130 rows and then knit the 18 rows of rib on back piece.
• Knit the sleeves simultaneously.
• Sleeves are NOT knit in reverse stockinette.
• Knit rib on sleeves for 18 rows.  Then knit 40 rows before binding off.  The increases end after 56 stitches omitting 2 of the increase for a total of 4 stitches.
• Front band is 200 stitches by picking up 1 stitch in every row.
• When binding off band, decrease by knitting 2 together along neck edge while binding off.  (Neck edge = where you cast on the 12 stitches along neck.
• Fold your sweater to match the front rib to the bottom rib and seam the ribs together at the sides. 
• Continue up side seam for a few inches. 
• Fold sleeve together and match the center stitch of sleeve to the center stitch of shoulder.  Start here seaming sleeve to body of sweater.


I just can't say enough about LOVE. It most certainly is what makes the world go around.  Love is everywhere.  You truly don't have to look very far.  

It's in my sister's visit.  The way she lights up a room.  It's in a Friday evening and the way we choose to celebrate life. 
It's in a fancy cocktail and how it matches a sweater.   It's in the joy in our voices.  
It's in the way I knit sweaters.  One after the other.  
It's in the air in September and the smell of basil.

It's in the Motive Mitts and the heart is a reminder to remember YOU are LOVE.  
Because we all need to be reminded at times.  

Please enjoy this pattern for free for rest of the month.  Because you really don't need to look very far when wearing these.  Just in the palm of your hand.  

Enter code lovetoyoufriend (love to you friend) at checkout to receive your pattern

hanne flakenberg ballerina

Well, I can't even believe that today is August 31.  How did August fly by so quickly?  This morning, I looked at my calendar in such disbelief.  Where did the days go?  

{Charlie left on the 1st, I got new contacts, I swam a lot, I knit with friends, I worked, I celebrated a 7 year anniversary, I had friends over for lunch, I baked cookies, I bought peaches from the peach truck, I peeled a lot of peaches, I helped pack, drive and move Andrew into his new college apartment, I spent a few days loving on my Mom, I celebrated a bride, and I worked A LOT on THIS Ballerina and finished it!}

I am not underestimating the amount of time spent on this sweater.  I spent many moments with this draped on my legs and boy was I happy.  
Each section is like it's own little project.  My goal for the beginning of the week.  For the weekend.  For the evening.  
This is a project that keeps things moving.  That never gets boring.  
It's a project that becomes a piece of clothing that will be worn many times.  
I truly can't say enough about how much I love these sweaters.  

Pattern:  Ballerina by Hanne Falkenberg  Kit no. 19 substituting the Apricot for a Pistachio.  
Size: S/M
Needles:  US 3
Start: 7.1.21
Finish: 8.18.21
Notes: This is my 4th Hanne Falkenberg and I am wondering if it will be my last. (My others are here and here.)  Wouldn't this be fabulous in a solid color, too?  (Hello, black.)
If you decide to make this, remember to read ahead within each section.  Don't confuse yourself by going beyond the section but ABSOLUTELY read ahead within each section.  Also, try not to get overwhelmed by looking too far ahead.  
There are always a few things you are doing in each section so I recommend writing it down and keeping good notes while progressing.  I also like to use the little stitch "pins" to keep count of increases and decreases.  If you make this, enjoy the process, because the finish object is definitely worth it!


I absolutely adore the month of August.  Although, it always rolls around a little too quickly.  This year was no exception.   

Ahhhhh, August.  It's the month we took our family vacation when I was a child.  It's the month my first child was born. (Oh wait, that's September, but I was very pregnant in August!😍.) It's the warmest month of the year.  It's the month I dream about wearing hand knit sweaters.  It's the month to wear sundresses.  It's the month to buy school supplies.  It's the month I want to knit all things.  It's the month the tomatoes and corn taste the best.  
Nothing better than sitting outside with my knitting in my hands eating freshly picked veggies and herbs complimentary of my husband.  I added onions, black olives, oil and vinegar complementary of Trader Joes.  

Going to try to savor these sweet days.  


Well, I finished this knit at the end of June and kept forgetting to talk about it.  Not sure why, as it has been on rotation in my wardrobe since then!  I've worn it with these black joggers, and I've worn it with both white and blue jeans.  Also, under a jean jacket.  

It truly has been a great layering piece.  
The yarn was a bit thin.  As my friend Linda put it, it was like working with dental floss.  I had a few places where the yarn had twigs or something stuck to it. (Ha.  Hence the name "twig".)  I noticed it after I knit it and tried to pull them out.  That did not go well.  I decided to leave it instead of ripping it out.  It doesn't bother me now.  

 Pattern:  Slope by Shibui Knits
Yarn:   4 skeins Shibui Twig in Caffeine 
Needle:  US 3
Size:  S
Start date:  6.3.21
Finish date:  6.27.21
Modifications:  Did not do the German Cast on.  I was a bit too impatient for that.  I also shortened my high low effect that the pattern called for.  To do so, I did my wrap and turns with 5 stitches left before the wrap instead of the 3 stitches the pattern calls for.   The pattern calls for a cropped version and a long version.  This is right in between both.  In doing so, I started my decreases at 1.5" then decreased every 12th round.  


It's my latest WIP and the jury is still out.
I usually know if I'm going to like something, but this feels a little different.  The yarn feels heavy and the fabric feels thick.  I'm wondering if the drape will be what I thought it would.  I like the color although I keep wondering what I will wear it with.  I have one pair of pants that might work.  
I'm going to forge ahead and see if I can get this finished and blocked and make it work.  If not, it will head to the frog pond.  
I really want a few summer handknits in my wardrobe.  I'm just not sure I chose the right yarn for this pattern.  And now I am dreaming about making this or this.  
So little time.  

episode 17

Hiya Friends!
I know I wrote all about the Simple Stripes sweater but if you want to hear me talk about it, I uploaded a video over on YouTube.  I talked about a few other things as well.  A few tips were also thrown in.  

My Worsted weight Linen Quill just arrived so I'm off to wind it and hopefully get started.

Happy July!