fressko giveaway

Have you seen the really cool flasks from Fressko?  A double walled glass container for either infusing fruit into your drinks or brewing tea.  It will hold coffee, too!  I love the bamboo lid and quite honestly the entire look of it.  AND that it will be a wonderful companion to my knitting!
I've been using it to make natural flavored water.  Strawberry, blueberry, mint, basil, lemon, lime and cucumber.  Cucumber is my absolute favorite!  Throw a little mint in it and it is so refreshing! 
I haven't tried it for tea but can guarantee it will be my best friend in the winter with the amount of tea I drink.  It can be used for a piping hot coffee, too! This is the Rise 300 ml size.  I have the Lift on my wish list as it is 500 ml.  
Well, the nice peeps over at Fressko have given me a Rise for one of my readers!
Leave a comment before Tuesday,  July 26, 5pm EST and I'll have the random generator choose a number.

Happy weekend to you!

movin on

So, I'm thinking I haven't even mention where Libby will be headed in the fall.  The University of Colorado.  It's so hard for me to believe that when I started writing this blog, Libby was 8 years old and in second grade.  To all the young young mamas out there... the days are long but the years are fast.  Try really hard to settle in and enjoy every minute.  Even when there are dirty dishes and piles of laundry.  It truly can all wait.
Libby's core group of friends are going to be spread out all over the United States.  I'm so excited for their next Chapter.

Oh!  Of course those are our beloved Chalk Lots.  :)

a few things

A few things around here are making me ridiculously happy.  
My new "a friend to knit with" notepad!  It's just downright fun.  
My CSA box that I picked up on Tuesday.  I'm trying not to make a grocery run this week.  Eating fish and vegetables.  Fingers crossed.
And the flowers in my garden.  Although they have been thirsty lately as it is hot!

I'm going to try to ignore the fact that Libby will be headed to college in about a month.  Trying desperately to slow down time.  Getting ready to snuggle in and watch Jaws 2 with Libby.  Girls night here as Steve is at a function, Charlie is driving a U-haul to a camp in Michigan (where he is working as a program director) and Andrew is still playing golf.


Hi Friends!
I can't believe it is the middle of July!  Can you?  Wow.
And I have been home from Alaska for almost a week and this is my first time here.  I just felt a little overwhelmed and behind the 8 ball so needed to play catch up.  

I wanted to share a few photos from AMAZING Alaska.  
It was my first time there and I am smitten.
We spent the first three nights in Sitka.  We fished for two days (well, my three kids and I only made it one day... the waters were ROUGH) and caught King Salmon and Halibut.  SO excited that our freezer is now full of super fresh, healthy fish.  
Then we flew North to Gustavus to stay at Glacier National Lodge.  Incredible views from the plane.
Gustavus is my favorite new small town.  Super friendly, super cute.  We spent the Fourth of July watching their parade.  Those people know how to do it!  Then there was a reading of the Declaration of Independence with many locals taking a turn reading.  It was so wonderful to see the closeness and realness in this community.  I loved that my children were able to experience it all.
We took a day boat to Marjerie Glacier, seeing not only that incredible sight, but bears, moose, bald eagles, whales, sea lions and sea otters.  It was a spectacular day.  
I spent little time knitting and working on Pink Memories.  Most of my knitting was done during airplane hours.  There was little down time.  
The view of the Fairweather Mountains from Glacier Bay Lodge our last morning.  Can't you just smell the crispness!

I'll see you next week!  Happy weekend!

here we go

Hey Friends!
We've packed the bags and most of the kids, and are headed to Alaska!  Airplane knitting here I come!
I'm going to try to post pics, daily, on Instagram if I can find WiFi. (Except for the painful 24 hours I told the kids they couldn't have their phones!)  I'm also going to take a Chalk Lots List along for the adventure, too, if you would like to follow along here.
See you soon!

they scream summer

I returned last night from taking Andrew to a golf tournament in Hershey, Pa.  You know, home of Milton S. Hershey.  That incredible founder of the one and only Hershey Chocolate.  And, I don't care what Andrew says, the chocolate is most definitely fresher than that of which you buy in the store.  And we proved it by eating 2 bags of Hershey kisses in two days.  I kid you not.  
 So, last night when I returned, I had a need to make something light and refreshing.  So, I pureed the strawberries that were in the refrigerator, added about a tablespoon of honey and poured it into half of the mold.  Then popped the mold into the freezer.
After about an hour, I took a can of coconut milk, added another tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of vanilla.  And poured that into the mold.  
Absolutely the best.  And definitely feels so good in a chocolate laden stomach.
Popsicle recipes are popping up all over the internet.  I can't wait to try something a little more creative.
The portion bags really make the BEST wrappers for your popsicles.  And, can be reused over and over.  Just wash and dry.  Bonus.  Make sure you push your sticks down far enough into the mold so that you can zip the bags closed for longer storage.