scarlet and gray

 I made these fingerless gloves so that I could look like a great fan of The Ohio State University.  Since my Charlie is a Buckeye,  I thought I needed a little school spirit, also!
(Thanks for the emails.  He is fine.  Praying for all of those involved.)
 You can change the colors to color you prefer.  Whether it be colors to show your school spirit, your team spirit or just your favorite colors.  (I want to make a grey and navy pair.  One of my favorite color combos. )
I'm offering the pattern for free for a while.  I'm thinking of charging a few dollars in the near future, so if you want it... print it now! :)

Pattern available here.  Enjoy!

Happy December!

our sunset thanksgiving

Since we were spending Thanksgiving out west we decided to take our Sunset Magazine with us and have a completely non-traditional Thanksgiving.  Sunset featured a FoolProof Feast we decided to try.  We made the list (on a Chalk Lots!), bought the ingredients and then drew names out of a hat as to which dish each person would make.  Getting the kids involved was so much fun!  Just watching them try to figure out how long their recipe would take and exactly how it would be made was comical.  And their personalities completely showed!  I had the joy of making the Pumpkin Ice Cream Gingersnap pie.  Yumm!
We started the day with Pumpkin Scones... they were A M A Z I N G.

thanksgiving 2016

Happy Saturday, friends!

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of love and included time spent with family and friends.
Lake Tahoe was incredible.  I feel completely blessed to have been there with these five.

We had a completely non-traditional Thanksgiving from traveling to preparing all new recipes for our Thanksgiving feast.  I can't wait to share.

scarlet and gray

I finished this pair of mitts, whose colors represent OSU, where my Charlie goes to school.  I think they would be great in any color combo, representing a school or not.
I'll share the pattern soon!
I've been trying to knit, but nursing an infection/allergy of my eyes, due to eyelash extensions.  Yes.  I tried them.  I LOVED them.  I had a reaction.  I had to have them removed.  They were so much fun until the reaction!
Headed to Lake Tahoe tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Something new and different.  I'm super excited!
Happy weekend, friends.


 I made a pair of Dashing Mitts 100 years ago.  They were one of my absolute favorites.  Squishy, twisted cables wrapped around my wrist.  Oh, I just love that!
While we were in Alaska, last summer, I met a darling girl who was living and working at Glacier National Lodge.  Over the next three days we quickly became besties.  I wanted to give her something when we left, as my token of appreciation for her lovely soul.  I gave her my old, dirty, dashing mitts.  (So sweet, right?! She seemed to be thrilled.  Honest!)
We then traveled to the quaint town of Sitka, where I stumbled upon a yarn shop.  I picked up the yummiest skeins of Madelinetosh.  You know the kind of yarn when you pick it up and you have the urge to eat it?  (Oh.  That doesn't happen to you?  Me neither.)  I decided this yarn would become a pair of Dashing.  A really delicious pair of dashing.
Pattern:  Dashing
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vingage, Firewood


Friends! Bottle those little people!
How did this happen?!
Seventeen balloons.
My BABY is seventeen!
Happy Birthday to my most favorite seventeen year old in the whole, wide, GLORIOUS world.