happy eclipse day

My search for eclipse glasses came a little too late, and there were no glasses to be found.  I ended up trying the homemade box thing.  Well, I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed at that little shape in my box.  The crescents formed from the leaves though were quite impressive.  (The leaves act like pinholes and cast the shadow on the earth.) I teared all up that this phenomena was even happening.  Being alive in this universe to witness the greatest show above earth?!  Wow.  I then headed inside to watch the rest on TV.  :)
Me.  Professional Eclipse Viewer.  

I just can't believe that two of my children have headed back to their schools.  Where did the summer go?!  I snapped some photos the night before they left at our back to school dinner.  I wish I had done that before every school year.  
Charlie, Senior at The Ohio State University
Libby, Sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Andrew, Senior in High School.

flower crowns

Well, I had every intention to take photos of me wearing the Byron Bay Cardigan.  However, I had surgery on my foot on Wednesday and can't put weight on it for at least a week.  Knitting is taking place.  Lots and lots of knitting.  Just no modeling.
Instead I'm going to share our summer of '17 favorite craft.  😊
I've always been the mom that loves to craft.  Summer vacations usually entailed something for the kids to make. Whether it was glueing shells on small votives, or painting rocks, or tying sticks or anything involving leather strands, or making bracelets or... you name it.  I wanted to make it.
This year, Libby had a friend in Tahoe. (My boys couldn't go... Charlie working an internship.  Andrew playing a lot of golf.)
Two nineteen year old girls?  Right up my alley.  Flower crowns it is!
I headed to the local florist.  Told her what I wanted to make and she helped me choose small, delicate flowers for the wreath.  A little florist tape to attach the flowers.
And, Voila!  We had ourselves our favorite snapchat filter!

definitely not meatballs

So, I was in the kitchen over the weekend, and I wanted to make something resembling the Joy balls from the Conscious Cleanse book.  No baking.  Just mixing.   Unfortunately, I didn't have all of the ingredients in the kitchen.  I decided to get a little creative and start adding things to my food processor. They were such a success, I decided to make them again and jot down the ingredients
Not meatballs are the perfect heathy snack to go along with my knitting.
I finished the Byron Bay Cardigan and love it!  Photos soon.

woodstock tank

This little Tina Tape, Wool and the Gang, Woodstock Tank, is one of the quickest little knits.
Since my children have been growing, it has become more and more difficult to find patterns they want to wear.  (Especially the boys.)  Those with teenage children may know what I mean. 
However, this little tank was one that Libby said "YES!" to immediately.  Amen.
The Tina Tape yarn was something surprisingly different to work with.  It's a little like a thin ribbon and feels great in your hands. So smooth and summery.   
 Garter stitch.  Minimal finishing.  Thank you, Summer!
Makes for a happy knitter.
And, an even happier girl.

Pattern:  Woodstock Tank by Wool And The Gang

closing july

 We just returned from a fun vacation in Lake Tahoe.
Pier sits.  Lake jumps.  Jeep rides.  Wanderlust.  Live music.  Delicious food + wine. Wild flower picking.  Flower crown making.  Chambers punches.  Boat rides.
Hollow Dress (Available until 8/5)
The last boat ride resulted in this.  I stepped into the boat and rolled onto my foot breaking both my foot and my ankle.  Oy.  I know my knitting peeps will rejoice with me in all the extra knitting time I will have.  There definitely are perks that come along with an injury.  A gift in every experience.

july knitcrate

I don't know what it is about this blue box, but it makes me so happy when I see it arrive. It's like a Tiffany box for knitters!
July's Knitcrate box did not disappoint, and it's perfect for the season.  Intense colors for the heat of summer!
The yarn ::  2 skeins of Artisans Yarn in BooBerry.  60% SuperWash Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Nylon.  It feels wonderful.
The pattern ::  A shawl.  One pattern for beginners and one for Intermediate/Advanced.  I prefer daisy, the pattern for beginners.
The Extras :: A pair of safe knitting shears.  Perfect for traveling!

I need to get my fingers moving so the daisy shawl and move up my queue quickly! I love that I always have a project waiting.  (My mantra ::  One project at a time.  One project at a time.  One project at a time.)

Remember to use code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Knitcrate.

Happy Weekend Friends!

one at a time

What kind of knitter are you?  One at a time?  Two at a time?  As many as you like at a time?
For years I have been a one project at a time kind of girl.  I start a project.  Work completely on that project until it is finished.  Then, start another project.
The most I veer off that path is when I have one big project, and maybe a pair of TOAST on the needles, for the road.
This?  This photo?  Not how I typically work.
And, it's pretty much making me a little crazy.
Honestly, I have been feeling a little scattered lately and I am now concluding that it is my knitting! :)
But seriously.  I really think it is.
So, I have vowed to work on only one project at a time.
The woodstock tank.  (Almost finished.)
The Byron Bay Cardigan.
The 100x simple cowl.
The windswept shawl.
Two at a time 3x1 rib socks.

Ahhhh.  I'm already feeling more focused and organized.