makeshift darning needle

 It was a glorious day in my Cabana.  The sun was high in the cloudless blue sky.  The sea was calm as I listened to the waves crashing gently against the shore.  The breeze was warm against my skin. I was spending the day alone, on the beach in Cancun, as my husband was in meetings all day. My first sock was almost finished and I was already dreaming about casting on for the second sock.   If I cast on today, I thought, I can probably finish by the end of the week.  This day could not be anymore perfect, I thought.  One last row, and I am ready to close the toe with the kitchener stitch.  I reach into my travel notion bag and hunt around for my darning needle.  Panic sets in.  What?  Where in the world is my darning needle?  I quickly dump everything out only to fully realize... there is no darning needle.  My dreams of finishing this pair of socks is shattered.
Wait, I think.  Come on, Leslie.  You can think of something to thread through these stitches to use as a darning needle.  Hmmmm.  No bobbie pin like I have used in the past.  No paperclips either.   I have my stitch markers but they are too wide.  I wonder if my Cabana neighbors have anything.  Would that be inappropriate (or weird) to bother the couples around me.  Hmmmmm.  
Well.  I do have washi tape.  And my double point needles.  If I tape the yarn to the needle, then I will be able to thread it through like a darning needle.
Voila!  Makeshift darning needle.
The day is once again perfect.
(Note to self ::  always carry washi tape.)

five o'clock somewhere

Well, hello there! And hello October.   I realllly love October. Everything pumpkin, everything orange.
As soon as the calendar turned to October, I wanted to ditch these socks.  I started them at the end of July when the sun was high and the day was long.  These Five O'Clock Somewhere socks were my summer socks or my 3rd quarter socks.  I was trying to knit a pair of socks each season.  Did I mention that?  That I divided up my year into quarters or seasons?!  (Ya.  More on that later.) Anyhow, I needed to finish these so that I could start my 4th quarter socks.

This yarn and pattern were part of a Knitcrate that I received over the summer.  You know what a fan I am of this yarn subscription.  And, this crate made me cast on for these socks almost immediately.  It was a fun repeat pattern that kept things interesting.  It did require me to keep track of every row so I usually had to be focused to work on them.  I'm super excited to tuck them into Libby's halloween care package.  :)

Yarn:  Knitcrate
Pattern:  Five O'clock Somewhere socks.

september knitcrate

The first mail I opened when I arrived home from Italy was my Knitcrate boxes.  I mean, come on.  When you see that blue box... your heart just skips a beat!
It also seams like fall has suddenly arrived.  So, these colors were a welcome addition to my knitting bags!
Knitcrate membership crate:
Yarn:  Vidalana Dream  75% Merino, 15% silk, 10% cashmere.  (100% dreamy)  There are three possible color ways.  Lavender night, Pimento and I was so happy to receive Tapenade.
Pattern:  The knit pattern is Westward by Anne Podlesak.  A beautiful shawl worked from one short corner to the opposite edge, and is designed to be worn on the bias.
The crochet pattern is Las Mananitas De Blanca by Cecelia Losanda.
The sock artisan crate.
I honestly wish I was a faster sock knitter.  I would have an entire drawer full of hand knit socks.
Yarn:  75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon  450 beautiful yards of fingering weight.
Pattern:  Falling Petals.  A simple but lovely pattern that still gives the yarn the ability to show its beauty.
Extra:  A petal wheel highlighter set!  This fun little extra made this highlighting lover super happy!

If you haven't tried a Knitcrate and are interested in making mail days exciting, you can get 20% off your first crate by entering code FKW20 at checkout!

on the road again

{Bolzano, Italy.  Waiting for the train.}
I have so much to share about our trip to Italy.  It truly was amazing.
However, I am packing again to celebrate mothers.
From one side of the United States to the other.
A party for a life well lived for Steve's sweet mother in California.
And, a birthday celebration for my sweet mother in Florida.
Back soon.  xx

my main(e) squeeze

Okay.  So this is the blanket that grew from Pittsburgh to Boulder.  I worked on it the entire road trip so that it could join Libby for her next adventures.  Her junior year of college and beyond.  
The finished project is a dream.  A nice heavy blanket.  Durable and pretty much indestructible.  Libby can throw it in the washing machine.  The instructions said to lay flat to dry, but I told her to throw it in the dryer.  I just can't imagine laying this flat to dry as it is heavy when dry.  I can't imagine how heavy it is when wet!
The yarn is super soft consisting of 80% acrylic and 20% alpaca.  Unfortunately, the yarn sheds like CRAZY!  We seriously had fiber flying around the car the entire trip.  It became pretty comical.  The one day I decided to wear black leggings was a big mistake.  Needless to say, I was covered in fiber.
The blanket also becomes very heavy.  So, while having it on your bed is a great thing, knitting on it can turn into a workout!
My main squeeze with her maine squeeze.  

The best thing is that Libby loves it, and I think she will always tie it to the summer we drove her to college.  I promise Libby was wearing clothes. 😌  I just love this photo.  It reminds me of when she was just a baby and I had her wrapped in a blanket.

Project:  Maine squeeze
Yarn:  Buttercream Lux Aplaca Solid, 14 balls or any bulky yarn.
Needle:  US 13

oh new york

I LOVE New York City. I mean, really love it. Everything about it. The food. Awe, come on. So many choices and so creative! The wine. Yep. Delicious. The shopping. I love it even though I'm not a shopper. (But the window displays are still my favorite.) The people. Yep. I love them. They walk around with such purpose, I'm in awe of their lives and what they are doing with their day.  But the thing I get most excited about is seeing the Purl Soho sign when I round the corner onto Broome Street.
I headed in with nothing in particular in mind to purchase.  I've only been to Purl Soho one other time, and I made that mistake then, too.  I wish I would have had a plan but I thought something would just jump out at me.  The problem was, LOTS of things jumped out at me.
I squished lots of yarn in my hands. Talked to the happy sales clerks.  People watched the other shoppers.  I wanted to ask everyone what THEY were buying and making.  In the end I purchased two skeins of Woolfolk Far.  (Delicious.)
I would like to swim in the yarn and fabric.  
Wouldn't that be lovely?