Remember this sweater?  I started it back in April.  Then ripped it out back in June.  (Remember our friends who like yarn, too?)  And, finally finished it at the beginning of August.
I made the body a few inches longer than the pattern calls for, as I didn't want it to be cropped.  The sleeves were shortened by 2 inches as the pattern calls for extra long.  It was fun working on the "mesh lace" pattern.  That kept it interesting.  
I love the high/low aspect of this sweater. Anything that covers my behind is always a welcome piece of clothing!

Pattern:  Elen
Yarn:  Sanibel, color #1320, horizon
Needles:  US 7
Size: medium

these days

So, I spent the last week getting two of my three settled into college.  Yes, college!  I still have to say it a few times.  I just can't believe it.

Charlie will be a Junior returning to The Ohio State University.  And, Libby is starting her first year at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

It was a tough week, but seeing them happy makes it so much easier.

Now, I get to put all my focus on Andrew.  :)


 Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails regarding out sweet Trouble.  Your kind words, thoughts and prayers are so appreciated.  There really is so much love and goodness in the world.  I am forever grateful.
(Can you believe this heart tomato!)

Also, I had quite a response to the pin stitch markers.  (Over 300 requests!)  My goal is to make sure everyone who has emailed me, gets a set.  It might take some time, but eventually, they will land in your mailbox.  ;)

Happy weekend, friends!

goodbye sweet girl

I can't believe how hard this post is to write.  I have wanted to come to this space, but just couldn't bring myself.

A week ago today, on August 1, our sweet Trouble died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Four days earlier I had her at the vet because of a weird cough.  The vet thought perhaps she was developing asthma or that maybe she had a tumor resting on her lung.
Then, last Sunday she didn't want to eat.  (Except for the few bites of alaskan king salmon Andrew fed her right before the photo was taken.)  She didn't sleep all night.  In the morning I called the vet for something to help her breathe.  At 9am, I was on the phone with Charlie (also had my mother on the other line) when Trouble brought herself downstairs.  Her breathing was labored.  I went to get Andrew out of bed to help me get her to the vet.  She died 30 seconds later.   Her sweet heart just stopped beating.

It truly is heartbreaking to lose a pet.  We are forever grateful to have been blessed by this sweet girl.  She brought so much joy into our lives and taught us so much.  This last year, since her return, we felt as if we were on extra, special, bonus time with her.  What a gift.

Please go hug your pets,  give them a treat and take lots and lots of photos.  You truly can never have enough.

stitch markers for my friends

 Oh, these little pins.
Well, they are seriously my new favorite stitch markers.
I work in a beautiful clothing store on Fridays and Saturdays.  And, when the new merchandise arrives, most clothing lines use these pins to attach their tag.  We remove the tag and these pins.
 I've seen stitch markers that look like this sold before and I thought, Hey,  I'm going to recycle these and use them for my stitch markers.  And then I thought,  Hey!  I have a bunch of friends who might want some, too!  So, I told the incredible girls I work with and they all started saving them for you, too!  I giggle when I hear one of them say,  "Put Leslie's knitting friend's pins in this cup."  Seriously, my heart skips a beat.
These stitch markers are perfect for on the go.  Attach them to a hair tie.  Or attach them to the inside of your bag or suitcase.  Or attach them in between the stitches on your knitting just in case you need a marker in transit.  Genius I think!  
I wear it on my wrist and take it with me most places.  And it still will work as a hair tie.  Bonus.

So, the pins have either a silver or a black finish.   I've bagged 10 pins together with one different finish in each bag so that you would have a beginning of round marker.  (9 black, 1 silver and visa versa.)  I have about 15 sets bagged.   If you would like a package of 10, please email me.  lesliemfriend at gmail dot com.
Just say, "Hey!  I want some!" or "YES", or "Yes, please"  or "Would love them" or "Awesome!" or "I need those stitch markers!" or "Mail me some!" or anything your sweet heart desires.  Just let me know that you would like some and include your address in the email.    I'll pop them into the mail and you will receive them in no time!  And, the supply doesn't look like it is going to end, so don't worry.  If you don't get them on this round, there will always be more!

Have a super awesome weekend, friends!

a little knit scene and the winner

 Have you seen the fall issue of knitscene magazine?
Well, you have "a friend to knit with" in this issue!  :)  AND it is full of some really great patterns.  Check it out if you happen to pass it.  I'm completely honored to have been featured.

The winner of the Rise Fressko flask is number #101 Teechpe.  Congrats!  Please email me with your address and I'll make sure you will be drinking a strong brew out of it in no time!

libby's bake shop

What do you do when your kids want to bake cookies (or they want you to bake them cookies!) and you haven't been to the grocery store AND you are out of sugar AND only have one stick of butter? (Say it isn't so!... That reminds me of one of my favorite memories.  One day, we had a bunch of kids over and one of the girls is digging in the refrigerator and announces, "Mrs. Friend has 9 sticks of butter!" Ha!  Loved that moment.)
You pull out the box of cupcake mix tucked deep in your pantry.
You put on your sous chef hat, organize the ingredients, and then put the kids in charge. 
Andrew put Libby in charge.   She was perfectly okay with that.  
 And then Libby went to work on the mixing and it reminded me of the times she had her cooking channel in middle school.  She would close the kitchen doors and start talking and baking away.  It was the cutest.  (Did I mention she is going to College in a few short weeks?  AGH!)
 Libby used to make sure no one came in the kitchen, getting upset when the boys would torment her.  
I highly recommend keeping an emergency box in your kitchen. (I purchased this box from Target.) They didn't look exactly like the photo on the box, Libby's were way cuter. ;)  And, they were delicious!