Yesterday was so spectacular.  One of those gorgeous days that give you hope that spring truly is right around the corner.  (Despite the impending snow we should be getting today. ) Yesterday I grabbed the basket where my Maine Squeeze sits and a tartan blanket. I headed outside and plopped the blanket on the freezing flagstone.  I let the chickens out of the coop and sat with them to protect them from the hawks that would love to have them as a snack.  They were in heaven.  So was I.  It felt so familiar.  Like I was sitting outside, knitting, watching my children play. It truly seems like yesterday that I was doing just that.
So, it's hard to believe that I drove my oldest baby back to college (OSU) on Sunday after his Spring Break.  I told him I couldn't believe that he only has about 6 weeks left until he will graduate.  He told me that he is more than aware.  That he has known to treasure every day of this year.  I reminded him that treasuring every day of every year will be the only way to think from now on.  Cheers to yesterday and more importantly to today.


Love Love Love this sweater.  The process.  The finished product.  All of it.  I love that I realized that German Short Rows are definitely the short row choice here.

And I'm not gonna lie.  I shrunk it a little (by accident) while blocking.  You see, I always block using the washing machine.  I put the machine on the hand wash cycle.  And then I put it on the spin cycle to get all of the water out of the fibers.   And I'm not sure what exactly was happening with my machine, but it spun it and spun it and spun it and in the process it shrunk it a bit.  It was a bit bigger and boxier before the blocking.  Now, not so much.  However, I like the fit.  I'll keep it like this for a while.  Maybe trying to block it out a little bigger in the future.

Pattern:  Humulus
Yarn:  Quince and Co Lark
Needles: US 5 and US 6
Size:  M1

oh march

Whoa.  March 10th.  I don't know where this past week went, let alone 10 days.
Hmmm.  Let me think:
I went to Boulder to visit Libby.  I stayed there for 4 glorious days.  It was mom's weekend, so I met some other Moms.  We hiked.  Drank coffee.  Talked for hours.  I knit.  She did homework.  We slept.  A lot.  We had delicious dinners. We held hands.  We walked dogs.  I cried when I left her.  I packaged orders.  I shipped orders.  I've excised for 30 minutes every day.  (I love this challenge.) I cleaned the pantry and the refrigerator.  I restocked the pantry and the refrigerator.  I cooked.  I cleaned.  I did laundry.  I knit. I overslept.  I under slept.  I booked airline tickets.  I booked bus tickets.  I fought our water bill.  I changed our auto insurance.  I knit.  I finished humulus.  I spoke to Andrew's teachers.  I talked on the phone.  A lot.  I hugged.  I kissed.  I loved.

Happy March and Happy weekend, friends!

my travel notion bag

I just realized that I needed to pack a travel notion bag that remains in my travel carry on bag.  If I travel by car, I usually have my knitting bag which stays equipped with all of the notions I need.  However, every time I travel on an airplane, I repack a bag with all of my notions.  And then, I unpack it when I arrive home.  What have I been thinking?  Why haven't I done this in the past? All of a sudden this became a ridiculous concept since I have duplicates of most (all!) of my notions.
So, I decided to pack my India Hicks pouch.  (I am an ambassador.) I just love these little bags.  (There are several colors.) And the best part?  It will double as my clutch for evening.
I'm headed to Boulder tomorrow to see Libby.  And it feels so good to know I will have all my knitting essentials with me.  When we head out at night, I will transfer all of the goods into the ziplock bag, load my pouch with my phone, glasses and a lipstick, and head out with my Flat Stanley.  Hello pop of color!

vogue knitting winner

{February 23, 2010}

I haven't taken out my camera in a week.  That's pretty unusual for me.  Hence the photo from this day back in 2010.  I love looking back to see what my camera captured.  My computer is seriously the best scrapbook I have.  I remember that knit.  I ended up giving it away because I decided I didn't like knitting with thread.  That's what is so wonderful about this amazing gift we have of knitting.  If you love it, make it. Enjoy the process.  If you don't, celebrate learning something more about yourself.  

The winner of my all time favorite resource book (I truly wish everyone could win this book!) is number 17, Celestial.  Celestial, please email me and I will make sure this book lands in your hands.  

Happy weekend, friends!

vogue knitting giveaway

Oh Boy.  THIS BOOK!  If there is one book to have in your knitting library, I suggest this one.  It's truly a gem of a book.  Absolutely everything a knitter needs to know is in here.  I mean everything!
It was first published in 1989, updated in 2002 and the past fifteen years have seen many advances in knitting which made it time for another update.  Sure, there is always the internet to look techniques up.  However, there is nothing like holding the information in your hand.  This book is easy to navigate with thorough indexing and footnote cross-referencing.
The updated Vogue Knitting contains:
•Expanded library of cast-ons, increases, decreases and bind-offs.
•In depth sections on brioche, enteric, double knitting and mosaic knitting.
•New design and construction chapters for accessories with dozens of options for hats, mittens, socks, gloves and more than 25 shawl shapes.
•Comprehensive chapters on lace and cables detailing all knitters need to know when increasing, decreasing, reading charts, working borders and much more.
•Revised and expanded information on tools, correcting errors, finishing, embellishing, and garment care to instill a masterly understanding of knitters at every stage.

My mother gave me the edition first published in 1989.  It has been my constant by my side.  I reference quite a few things out of this book.  From the most simple techniques to those used to design sweaters, helping me design the libby sweater back in 2009.  Truly a knitters bible.
{A true treasure.}

The sweet peeps over at Sterling would like to give one of my readers a copy.  If interested in winning a copy of the completely revised and updated Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting book,  please leave a comment here before Tuesday, February 20th 5pm EST.  I'll have the random number generator choose a name.  

Happy knitting, friends!

february knitcrate

I've mentioned it before, but the day the Knitcrate arrives in my mailbox is so exciting.  Opening my package is such a fun surprise!  
Petrichor.  This word is new to me.  I am bummed I didn't know it, as it's a word that describes one of life's greatest experience.  At least to me.  That scent that arrives after a rainfall.

"Petrichor is the smell after the rain, and this shipment calls to mind the soothing sounds of rainfall, glistening shine of wet pavement and enhanced green of trees.  The world comes alive in new ways after a storm, the lights shining and reflecting against newly slick surfaces."

February Knitcrate's contents:

The yarn:
2 Skeins of Knitologie Verdant or Raind Drops or Mist.  (This is Verdant.)  40% Merino, 30% silk, 30% alpaca.  ($24/ skein)  Truly yummy yarn.
The Pattern:
There are always two.  The knit pattern is the Raindrop Cowl By Noelle Davis.  The crochet pattern is Mariana Trench Scarf by Vincent W. Green.  ($10/$5 per pattern)

As always, there are bonus codes.  This months codes include discounts on Noelle Davis and Vincent Greens patterns.

A Retail Value of $63.00 all for $24.99.  Truly an amazing deal.   If interested in ordering, use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first knitcrate.  (Works on all crates.)