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Happy Valentines Day, Friends!

Just wanted to let you know that I was doing a little Valentine Celebration and offering 25% off all Chalk Lots orders.  Enter code justlove at checkout to receive the discount.

Hope ALL your days are full of love.

pink memories

Finally, I finished Pink Memories.  I had an issue with the yarn and while waiting for a replacement, lost my steam.  Was glad to pick it up again and finish the sleeves. 
This sweater is sold as either the individual pattern or as a kit.  I ended up buying the kit, but had a few different dye lots of yarn.  (You can buy it with two different shades of pink.) She was wonderful to work with and ended up sending more yarn suggesting I alternate yarns to make the yarns blend a little better.  Can you see it?! 
I adore the little pocket.  You can see the bit of striping better in this photo.  It doesn't really bother me.
While the front is a garter stitch, the back is stockinette.  A purl row up the sleeve gives it a look of a "seam".  Not sure that is completely necessary.  But, might be a nice added bit of interest.

Patten:  Pink Memories
Yarn:  Came as a kit.
Needles:  US 4 and US 5
Mods:  Didn't really make any.  Not sure why, but my neck is a bit "tighter" than I would like.  I may end up re-doing the neck.  Just not right now. 😁
We are headed to the Grand Canyon.  I am so excited!


Always a fun thing to make.  For yourself or someone else.  I made these for a gift and used the wrong tag.  She absolutely, positively,  can machine wash and dry these!  Cause I made them out of this.
I cast on for a pair of  Toast today.  Of all the pairs I have made, I seriously don't have a single pair left for myself.

making memories

My mom and sisters and I spent last week together in St. Petersburg Florida.  We really loved it there.  Right on the water with great restaurants and cute shops.  Well, I'm not exactly sure about the shops as we didn't do any shopping, but it DID have great restaurants, museums and a beautiful marina. To tell you the truth, we could be anywhere just as long as we spend time together.

How cute is that t-shirt I am wearing?!  Thank you Elizabeth!  I absolutely love it.  I found them here if anyone is interested.

Knitting happened.  Pink Memories was finished.  Back soon with pics.

fudgy brownie batter truffles

I'm always trying to sneak in foods that lean towards the healthier side.  It really isn't that hard with the regular meals, however, when it comes to the sweets, I seem to struggle a bit.  So, when I saw these pop up over on Julie's site, I knew I had to make them.
Grain free, vegan chocolatey goodness, I tell you!  The texture is a tiny bit different, but I promise those kids will never know they contain chick peas.  They truly are delicious.
We didn't have any chocolate nut butter, so I used almond butter and added some cocoa powder.  The truffles sprinkled with shredded coconut are my favorite.  I double the recipe and popped some in the freezer for those afternoons I spend with my yarn.

Happy Saturday!

pink memories progress

So, I have been making a little progress on my Pink Memories sweater, and am determined to finish it within the next week or so.  It's been hanging around here for too long!
I finished the first sleeve a while ago.  And then the dreaded happened.  SSS.  Second Sleeve Syndrome.  
I believe a big part this is due with the needles I am using.  I didn't feel like using double pointed needles.  And I didn't have a needle long enough to knit in the magic loop method.  So, I am using two separate circular needles.  And one always seems to be in the way.  Oy.
I've been sort of obsessed with these little treats.  I can't wait to share them with you... but we are expecting some people in about an hour for a little gathering we are having for Steve's daughter who is getting married in 23 days!  Oh boy.  That's a pretty long run on sentence.
I'll be back tomorrow.

100x simple

First off, I did not make those yarn cakes.  But, I seriously can't wait until my swift arrives so that I can.  I keep tracking (stalking) the package!
Second.  I am in LOVE with this yarn.  Seriously in love.
One morning while knitting with some friends, my friend Linda, pulled out her 100x simple cowl.  A few of us instantly fell in love and were immediately on the phone ordering yarn.  This is some of the most incredible yarn! Light and lofty and no two skeins are alike.  So, each of our cowls will be different.  When ordering, we explained to the woman on the phone the colors we liked.  She text us photos of some skeins.  We each put 4 choices together.  We ordered.  She shipped.  Before we knew it, we all had 100x simple cowls on the needles!
I decided to keep this project stashed in this bag and keep it in the car.  (Mostly... It may come out for movies.)  It requires absolutely no thought and can be worked on while waiting for Andrew to be picked up.  Or traffic to move.  Or the light to turn green.

Happy weekend, Friends!