acorns or knit caps

This. Now THIS is what I call a dreamy day.

I used to spend a lot of time baking cookies and trying new recipes.  I don't bake as much as I used to.  However, when I do, I get super excited to pair it with my yarn.  It's all just so delicious.  

 And what could be better than Big Birdie by The Lamb & Kid paired with the most amazing fall cookie.  They are called Acorn cookies but all I see is little knit caps.  Still.  Oh, and I don't make them Gluten free.  I used unbleached white flour.  

WIP:  The Lyon Sweater by Petite Knit in Big Birdie by The Lamb & Kid in Oats color way.  

Rhinebeck 2023

Well, the sea of Antique Flora's was all that and more.  For some reason it is just SO wonderful to twin with other knitters!  Gina did the most amazing job dying the yarn so that all the sweaters looked wonderful together!  It was raining on and off that Saturday... But that didn't stop us!

{Gina, me, Sara, Stephanie, Laura}

I do wish mine fit a little like the others.  Ha.  I guess I should have made the 37" instead of the 34"!
Can you stand the cuteness of these sweeties?!!!
Felted.  I mean!!!

Okay.  SO many yarn experts, dyers, companies!  It truly makes your head spin in the most glorious way.  It is just an entire day of everything that makes my heart sing.  And I know I'm not alone!  
I love, love, love seeing samples and obtaining inspiration from them.  I really love that sweater up there and love being introduced to a new company.  Maybe this will be in my future.  
This was during the CAKEpoloosa event.   That's gorgeous Gina loving the rain wearing a no frills in her yarn. (Ha!)  And that is marvelous Margaret from Boboleros sporting her Saturday Shrug in her yarn.  

I'm wearing the Barbie Bubble Wrap designed by Margaret.  I'll be back to tell you all about that.  

Antique Flora

 I finished it for Rhinebeck!  And wore it along with 4 other friends who wore one also!  All in different color ways.  It was a Sea of Antique Flora's.  More on that soon.

Pattern:  Antique Flora by Wool & Pine Designs

Yarn:  SkeinCocaine (Kits coming soon)

Needle:  US 4 cuffs, US 7 (color work)  US 6 body

my rhinebeck sweater

The Rhinebeck sweater is important.  I learned this during my first trip to Rhinebeck when I failed to wear a knit.  WHAT?!!!  I've learned a lot since then!

9. 28. 23   Boulder, Colorado

This year, when I go, I will be wearing the Antique Flora by Wool & Pine.  The yarn is by Gina from SkeinCocaine and she will be wearing one also!  Along with a few others.  All in different colors with the body of the sweater in the same color.  I am super excited to see them all together.  
9. 29. 23    Grand Lake, Colorado 

We were in Colorado last week (more on that later) and I spent some quality time outside knitting.  
What a joy!  
10. 6. 23     Home

This weekend, I am determined to finish the second sleeve and get it on the blocking mat.  (I actually don't have a mat, just a towel and the floor.)

Happy Weekend!  

corran cardigan

This knit was finished back in June however, I just took photos of it last week! 

Why?  Well, there were several reasons.  First, I couldn't decide on the buttons.  And then, once I decided, I changed my mind and decided I didn't want buttons after all.  So, I sewed the buttonholes closed.  
Then, whenever I tried to wear it, it just wasn't right.  I couldn't find the right outfit.  This came mostly because although it is a mesh fabric, it still was a little too warm for a summer knit.  
And then the weather shifted.  And something magical happened.  The fabric became just right.  Just the right amount of warmth on those crisp days.  

 And now?  Now I think I might want buttons again.  Ha!  But since I have closed up the buttonholes, I may just sew some on for the days I want to wear it closed.  That way, when I want to wear it open I can just easily remove the buttons.  

Jeez.  I never knew I would have so many indecisive thoughts about my Corran Cardigan!  

Pattern:  Corran Cardigan by Creabea
Yarn:  Onling No. 1
Size:  2
Needle Size:  US 6/ US 8
Mods:  The pattern has several options.  You can make a V neck cardigan or a crew neck cardigan.  You can make a short sleeve cardigan or a long sleeve.  I made a v neck cardigan and added 4" to the short sleeve option to make the sleeves longer.  

everyday attitude

This sweater has truly been my end of summer love. I just love a super wearable wardrobe essential! This truly checked all of my boxes.
I had some stash yarn I had in mind right from the start.  Yarn I ordered from Purl Soho last year during one of their summer sales.  Unfortunately, the yarn was being discontinued and was a close out sale.  Ugh.  

I found this yarn to be lovely.  I used it for my Never Ending Story Sweater and it has worn so beautifully.  Not to mention it feels wonderful on my skin.  So, I was pretty bummed upon learning that it would be discontinued.    
The pattern had a few details that I absolutely adored.  That side seam up there is one of them.  Wow!  What a perfect way to bring together the side seam of striping!  Especially since this sweater is knit in garter.  I just love the texture with the lines...
And the chevron shoulder couldn't be more perfect!

Pattern:  Everyday Attitude by Susanne Sommer
Yarn:  Buttercup Cotton by Purl Soho (Discontinued)
Needle:  US 3
Size:  3 but measures a size 2
Mods: Well, since I was changing yarn I had to do a gauge and figure out what size would give me the measurements I wanted the finished object.  My stitch count was 26 st = 4".

Esmeralda Sweater

 Can you feel it?  The chilly mornings, the crispness in the air, the smell of the leaves?  It's coming.  And it is my favorite time of the year.  FALL!  I absolutely adore this time of year.  And the prospect of donning the hand knits once again.

Esmeralda came off of my needles back in June.  It's one of the yummiest sweaters I have ever knit.  Squishy yarn + a simple design is sure to be a sweater I will wear a lot and for a very long time.  Just a true classic.  I can't wait to wear this!  

Pattern:  Esmeralda 
Yarn: Onling No. 10 (silk mohair) held with Onling No. 20 (shetland wool)
Size: 2
Needles:  US 6/ US 8
Mods:  I made the body a little shorter.