june knitcrate

I think I have mentioned before, but I have never been disappointed with a Knitcrate. You remember what it is, right? A yarn subscription service where a surprise box of yarn arrives in your mailbox! You can choose a monthly option or not. It's all up to you.
This months theme is Ice Scream!  Yes.  I sort of let out a little yelp when I opened this box.

The fresh neons and icy brights of this month's shipments have you screaming for more.  Celebrate the season with these popping, primary tones with a twist.  These electric hues remind us of afternoons spent poolside, energetic beach towns, and the sizzling heat of summer days.  

The yarn is just soooooo yummy.  And although I am not a huge shawl maker, I thought the knit pattern that came with this months crate had me all... whoa.  That fringe!  I love fringe.
The Membership Crate:
Yarn: 2 skeins of Vidalana.  80% Superwash Merino, 10% Nylon and 10% Cashmere.  That cashmere gives it that super deliciousness.   (There are four different colors.  I just happened to receive Chewy.)

The patterns.  As always, there is both knit pattern and a crochet pattern.

Knit pattern:  Minty Fresh by Taiga Hilliard.  A traditional triangular shawl amped up with a leaf lace motif and fringe.  I love it.

Crochet pattern:  Lemoncello by Kalurah Hudson.  A lightweight poncho that can be worn a multiple of ways.  I really like this, too.  If I was a crocheter I would consider making this.  But knitting is my one true love.

As always, a $63.00 value for $24.99.

If interested in ordering, use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first knitcrate!  (Code works on all crates.)

three generations


Before our summer schedules become too crazy, we took a quick trip to Florida to visit my sweet mother.
I miss my mom every day.

and then this happened


Yep.  It happened.  Time rolled on like the speed of lightning and my baby graduated from High School.   I started this blog when Andrew went to kindergarten.  It's so hard to believe that just like that, he has now graduated.

I truly encourage anyone who wants to document snippets of everyday life to start a blog.  Although this is and has been mostly a knitting blog, having moments of my everyday life sprinkled into my blog is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself.  I love, love, LOVE looking back on the years and seeing what we were up to during different years.  I usually always pick a year from my archives and look at a particular month.  Always, ALWAYS with a smile.

Andrew will be headed to school in less than two months.  A new chapter will then begin.  I've been having many talks with myself.  Telling myself to embrace this new chapter.  I think it's now beginning to soak in.  I know it will be filled with college visits and care packages and travel. And of course, knitting.

It's gonna be a great new chapter.  Just like the last.

catch up

I think June usually kicks my butt every year. That wonderful, crazy transition from a scheduled life to a completely different sort of day. Having all three kids home (YAY!) just makes more of everything. More food, more cooking, more laundry, more waiting, more scheduling, more traveling, more conversations, more errands, just more, more, MORE!
I headed to Beaver Creek, Colorado at the beginning of the month to meet my sister, Shelly and my friend, Kam.  It was a weekend devoted to, you guessed it... KNITTING!  Honestly, I think that everyone should have a weekend with friends/family and yarn at least once a year.  Stay in your jammies, drink coffee and knit.  Head to lunch, order wine and knit.  Jammie up early, chat and knit.  It was perfectly, perfect!
One afternoon we headed out in search of a yarn store.  We found the yarn store but it was closed.  The sign said "Closed for shearing"!  We were pretty bummed as google wasn't showing any other yarn stores in the area.  So we decided to head to wine, I mean lunch and as we parked the car, discovered there was a new yarn store right next to our lunch spot!
I immediately made myself right at home! :)  

Maker + Stitch is a beautiful yarn shop located in Edwards, Colorado.  An absolute full and lovely selection of yarn with two of the sweetest owners you'd ever want to meet.  It had me wishing that this shop was in my neighborhood.

sunset highway

Well, your friend to knit with actually has some finished knitting to show you!
This sweater was a true delight to make.  The perfect amount of pattern to keep you concentrating and knitting to keep you on cruise control.  
The yarn was dreamy.  Truly light and lofty.
The only thing about this sweater is... I never wear these colors.  I do wish that the purple was navy and then it might fit into my wardrobe better.  When I ordered it, I thought it was navy.  But, the colors made me happy while I knit.
I didn't make a single modification to the overall sizing.  Sleeve length and body length are knit the way the pattern was written.
However, I opted to make the bottom straight around and not longer in the back.
Oh, Hi!  Libby was so opposed to taking this shot.  She said that I looked so uncomfortable and that I would never stand like this.  I told her to take it anyhow.  I want to show the sleeves.
I'll giggle every time I look at this. 😊

Pattern:  Sunset Highway
Yarn: Lizzie-Anne Yarns  (Sold as a sunset highway kit.)
Needle: US 2 for sleeve hem and neck.  US 4 for body and sleeves.
Size: S

may knitcrate

I'm getting here a little late to mention knitcrate's May shipment when it's almost June!
"Contemporary" was the theme for this months Knitcrate.

Contemporary, comfortable color.  The richness of a worn leather chair next to sleek modern desk.  Found in the juxtaposition of matte and gloss, saturated hues and whispering, dusty tones.  This month's color way and yarns speak to the movement from Winter to Spring, a sacrifice of darkness to light, and the serenity of an atmosphere ready to change for a new season.

Yarn :: 2 skeins La Brebis Marled sock.  40% Merino, 40% Peruvian Highland, 20% Nylon  440 yds.

Patterns :: There are always two patterns in this crate.  One if you want to knit, and one if you want to crochet! (Love a choice although I will always choose knit. :) )  
     The knitting pattern ::  Daxis
     The crochet pattern :: Cabled Clutch

As usual, this knitcrate is valued at $63.00 and is available for $24.99.

If interested in ordering, use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first knitcrate!  (Code works on all crates.)  It truly does make for a very fun mail day!  

full heart

Summer has officially become my favorite time of year.  Especially, this summer.  I once again have a full house and that truly makes for a full heart.
Andrew is finishing up his senior year of High School and getting ready for final exams and graduation.  Libby is home from the University of Colorado, just finishing her sophomore year, and has caught the making bug and that makes my heart so happy.  Pressing flowers, making pallet tables and getting creative in the kitchen.  (Thank you!)  As Charlie gets used to the idea that he has graduated from college and waits on a "real" job.  He is spending a lot of time "working" on his golf game.  😊
 The back patio is open and if it's not raining THAT is where we will be eating our meals.  I've missed the outside so much this past winter.

Having three helpers once again makes my heart not only full but gives me more time to knit!