I sort of hesitate to show you what is on my needles. Back in June, I tried on a sweater, fell in love, and ordered yarn to make it. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally my VOGUEKnitting arrived and I could cast on for my new project. But wait. When I flipped to the pattern, I wondered if I still liked it. You see, I don't think that I would have ever made this sweater from this photo.
You can't really see the details that I loved. The 5" rib along the back waist. The half circle on the one side of the front. The deep ribbed on the cuffs. And why does she look so mean?
And the color. That is the other thing I sort of hesitate to show you. It is the exact same color as the one pictured. A little out of my color realm. But, I'm going with it. And trusting my initial thoughts. Plus, the yarn is lovely to work with, and on size 8 needles, I am hoping it won't take too long. Because, I already have other projects on the brain.

School starts in one week. (The thought of packing lunches again just makes me cringe.) Going to soak up every last bit of summer. Let the kids stay up late. Listen to the cicada's. Eat a lot of popsicles. Go barefoot in the grass. Swim until dark. And just be.

Enjoy yours.
Oh! And no word on a dog, yet. The jury is still out on that one.


The boys and I went to "Bach and breakfast" in the park on Sunday morning. As Charlie and I hung out listening, Andrew played with my camera.
Life through Andrew's eyes:

I love this one.
I giggled when I downloaded these. It's pretty clear this boy has one thought on his mind these days.

take lots

I take a lot of photos. Mostly for this life of mine. Therefore, I have a bunch of out-takes. I could fill an album with just out-takes and maybe one day I will.  A few out-takes from last week:
A jar of daisies left on the patio.  We came back from our trip to find them in this state.  I thought they were spectacular.  Yes, I did.
A new skirt for Libby, handmade (by someone else) from vintage fabrics.  Layered and embellished in just the right way.
A handmade cupcake to celebrate a little life.  I wanted to celebrate the maker.  She made thirty of these.  Just because.  

Enjoy your out-takes, they too are this life of yours.

empire waist cardigan

Hello, there. Happy August!
I would love to tell you all about our trip to tahoe. And how envious I am of all that get to experience that on a daily basis. And share some photos, considering I took 991 of them. 
However, I am more excited to share the empire waist cardigan which includes a little of this magical spot.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this sweater.  Do I say that a lot?  I think I might. But seriously, this one!  This one has moved up to my number one spot.  It was a piece of cake to knit, the construction was totally fun,  and talk about wearable.  Heck, you can throw this on at anytime with anything.  
I seriously am going to make this in another color.  I would love to make it out of a wool for the fall. 
Pattern:  empire waist cardigan
Yarn:   classic elite provence, 6 skeins, color 2662, crushed violet
Needles:  US 5 and 6
size:  small
And I must mention that photo credits go to my wonderful sister, Lisa.  Who I made hike her skirt up to climb over a fence and climb down some rocks, all for my blog.  Thanks Lisa, you're the best.  (Well, you are too, Shelly.)
Have a great one.