So hard to believe that this is the last day of January!  
Cabo San Lucas.   Seriously beautiful.  It was my first time to the Sea of Cortez.  These photos don't even show how spectacular the colors are.  I think this was the first time I have ever traveled without my DSLR camera.  I just decided to keep it simple.  So these are photos taken with my phone.  We stayed in a house in Palmilla.  I would highly recommend it.
Some of our highlights:
Fresh guacamole.  Sunrises.  New friends.  Dinner at Flora Farms.  (Truly a must experience.) Margaritas. (Although I don't drink them.  Corona's for me!)  Big beaches.  The Giggling Marlin.  Cabo Wabo.  Drivers who know where they are going.  Artwork in the sand.  Sea glass hunting.  The Office.  Glass hearts.  Dinner at Edith's.  Great music.  Whale watching.  Snorkeling.  Seeing the arch of Cabo San Lucas from boat.  Perfect weather.  Coffee and Yarn.
 I finished one pair of toast.  That was it.  But morning with my knitting was one of my favorite times of the day.  
Oh, and knitting is one of those things they tell you to place in checked baggage.  I giggled when I saw that photo.  Our sweet knitting amongst some very understandable items that would not be safe on board an aircraft.  I have had my metal needles confiscated before, but did manage to take my bamboo needles out of Mexico.
Happy travels!

journals and mugs

Hiya!  I am headed out of town, but wanted to mention that I have been working on a few "a friend to knit with" items.  Because, we all have a friend to knit with!  And if you are a knitter, than you ARE a friend to knit with!
The journals/project logs are in the shop.
A knitting journal to keep past, present and future projects organized.  This journal is 50 pages of the most perfect grid of graph paper.  It contains a ruler inside the front cover for those times you forget your tape measure.  A pocket in the back will hold those extra yarn labels, receipts or love notes.  And, there is even a calendar in the back to keep you on track with your knitting goals.  This lightweight journal can be tucked into your bag so that you always have it with you. 😊
If you place an order,  please know that they won't ship until Monday, January 29.
Mugs will be available after the 29th.  I can't wait to share what will be included with these sweet mugs.  Perfect for yourself or your friends you knit with.  You can use it for your morning coffee, your afternoon tea, or your evening soup.

Have a great week, friends!


I'm headed out of town (Los Angeles and Cabo) for a little winter vacation.  The first thing I always pack is my knitting.  What project to take?  My humulus will take up too much space.  Plus, I need to take wooden needles because the only time I have ever had my knitting needles confiscated was in Mexico.  They took my metal needles but said I could have wood needles.  So, I had to come up with a project where I had the right size needles.  Toast and Hearts.  Perfect.
Happy Sunday!

gluten free snow days

I'm not gluten intolerant.  But over the years, I have tried to eat less and less gluten.  Mostly for my eczema. I read somewhere that people with eczema could have an allergy to gluten.  So, I do try and when someone shares a great recipe, I must give it a try!
My friend, Jennifer shared this recipe with me and it is definitely one I will keep in our recipe stack.
I have to admit a couple of things that I believe can make most baked goods taste great.  (Especially gluten free baking.)
  A great vanilla.  I seriously can't bake without this one.
I also recently discovered these fun muffin cups.  Where were they when my kids were small?  I would have had them in every pattern and design.  SO fun!

Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins
2.5 cups oats
1 cup plain low fat greek yogurt
2 eggs
1/2 cup honey
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 TBSP ground flax seed
1 tsp vanilla
2 ripe bananas
Preheat oven to 400˚.  Spray tin with cooking spray or line 12 paper muffin liners in tin.  Place oats in food processor and pulse for about 10 seconds.  Add remain ingredients to the food processor.  Divide batter among liners and bake for 18-20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

We found that these were best eaten on the day of baking.  However, warmed on day two with a nice slather of butter was pretty great, too! :)

I uploaded a new YouTube Video with a couple of knitting tips and a must have lotion for my dry, eczema hands.  Plus the most lovely book of photographs of people knitting.  (More on that later.)

Happy Friday!

chunky knit beanie, 2018 edition

January 2009
If you would have told me that I would have been trying to recreate this photo in 2018, I would have thought that would be FOREVER in the future.  Yet, looking at this photo, I think it seems like only yesterday we went outside to take it.  Nine years ago and I remember the day perfectly.  My sweet girl was only eleven!
January 2018
We tried to recreate it this weekend.  We were cold.  And rushed. And I am sure I will remember this day just as clearly.  (I sure hope so!)
January 2009
January 2018

I used the yarn from my December Knitcrate.  1 skein makes 1 hat.  A sweet friend over on instagram pointed me in a great direction as to where to order faux pompoms.  This is the 11 mm size.

Pattern:  Chunky Knit Beanie
Yarn:  La Brebis 100% Peruvian Highland Wool by Knitcrate
Needles:  US size 15
Pompom:   Baby Violets Beanies Faux Raccoon 11 cm.

january knitcrate

A new year, new knitting goals.
It's funny, the January Knitcrates must have been reading my mind.
I don't knit many shawls.  Voila.  A new shawl pattern and yarn arrived at my door.
This months knitcrate theme did not disappoint.  Nature.  
"This box calls to mind that feeling of closeness to nature, the simplicity and celebration of misty breaths in cold air, sparkling sunshine on drifts of snow or windy plains, and the wild, untamable world we live within." LOVE that!
Knitcrate memberships are $24.99 and valued at $63.00.  All crates include FREE shipping anywhere. And, you can cancel your subscription at any time.   
The yarn:  Audine Wools fingering weight yarn in Breathless.  80% superwash wool, 20% nylon
The patterns
Knitting:  Sunset 
Crochet:  Chasmanthe Shawl
The sock crate
The yarn: Ryberry Yarns fingering weight yarn in red fox. 85% super wash merino and 15% nylon
The pattern: Hairpin Socks

It's just so much fun to receive these surprises packages in the mail.  SUCH a good mail day!

Remember to use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off of your first crate.  (That code works for any crate!)

my humulus sweater

So, color work mistakes are some of the worst.  I mean, I usually just want to throw my knitting across the room when I notice the mistake.  Especially when the mistake isn't visible for a while.
I noticed the mistake in the yolk of my Humulus sweater, (you make not even notice it, my sweet sister didn't) and actually did consider forging ahead.  However, took it off the needles, ripped it back and put it back on the needles.
I knit last night and am back where I began.  (See the diamond pattern repeat now?)
I wish I lived closer to my mom. (For many reasons.)  She loves detangling yarn and could help me with this beautiful mess.

Happy weekend, friends!

the hotline sweater

I was beyond thrilled when Libby text me from school and asked me to make her the Hotline Sweater from Wool And The Gang.
I tried to get it finished for Christmas... however, did not quite make it.  The knitting was finished but I still had to seam it together.  A day late was worth the wait for Libby.  She absolutely LOVES it.
If you have never worked with Mohair, it can be a little fussy.  Nothing where I would feel the need to discourage anyone from knitting with it.   It's just a little different than working with wool or cotton or any other yarn with a smooth finish.  Since it's a little fuzzy it just seems to stick a little.
The finished project is well worth it.  I think this would be the perfect project for a beginner sweater knitter.  And it certainly is a fun project for every knitter.

Pattern:  The Hotline Sweater
Yarn:  Take Care Mohair in misty mauve
Needle size:  size 11
Size: 1

If you are experiencing these amazing cold temperatures as we are, I hope you have your knitting and a cozy blanket to keep you warm.  I truly just want to knit all day!

happy 2018 friends

Dear 2017,
You have been quite an interesting year.  You have provided many pockets of growth and for that I am extremely grateful.  Your challenges have been gifts and my heart is full.
My wish for all my friends to knit with and for all people everywhere is a new year filled with health, love and so. much. happiness!
Happy 2018!
xx, leslie