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If you have been visiting this space for any amount of time you know that my mother was my everything.  The source of all of my knowledge in life and in knitting.  She was our "Google" and before that our "Ask Jeeves".  My mother knew more than my sisters and I could ever dream of knowing.  She had the most magical way about her where if you were around her you just felt good.  She had love in her heart for all things in life.  People and experiences.  She loved to travel (mostly with Shelly) and told us she was ready to go anywhere and that her bags were always packed.  She was gifted at just being lovely.  

My mom passed away in the early morning hours of January 7th.  The house was quiet and the four of us were together under the same roof, exactly how she would have wanted it.  

It was as if a conversation happened between my mom and God and she organized her entire death experience.  She finally figured out a way to get just her and her girls under the same roof without anyone else around. "Give Lisa Covid", she told God.  And he did. ☺️ That way we had to send home all of the caretakers.  Then it was just the four of us.  

The three of us gathered around my mom.  We played soft music.  We painted her nails with her favorite color (OPI, Cajun Shrimp) we lathered her skin with lotion and essential oils.  We made sure her lips were moist. We kissed her and hugged her.  We told her how much we appreciated all she has done for us and how much we loved her for the billionth time.  We told that it was alright to leave us, that we would be okay, even though we've never been good liars.  

We all went to sleep on the night of January 6th checking on her throughout the night.  It was the first night my mom hadn't had someone sleeping in her room for three years.   We think we finally gave her the space she needed to get those final things into her bags.  And she peacefully took flight from this beautiful space to another.  

 My friend, Carol told us that God puts YOU were you are supposed to be.  Sometimes they want to share and sometimes they want to spare.  

We love you forever, mom, and you will be missed more than we could ever imagine.  

happy 2022

Happy New Year, Friends!
Taking down the Christmas decorations today. It's one of my favorite days of the year. I love when they go up, but I love the clean slate of the new year. This is the day my mind races and I think about my goals in Life and Knitting. I'm so excited about the new year.  I understand it will have it's challenges, but I also understand that I am the one in charge of my attitude. 

Libby and I had a little photo shoot yesterday on the last day of 2021.  This photo was completely inspired by the shop where I work and a photo they took.  

Libby's Christmas Sweater
Pattern:  Hotline Sweater    by Wool and the Gang
Yarn:  6 balls of Take Care Mohair in Lipstick Red
Size:  Size 1
Needles:  US 11

Happy New Year Friends!  Here's to all the things that make you happy and make your heart sing!!!

xx, leslie