this morning

Our extremely, exiting way to start the day.
And, a finished project that just needs to be sewn together.

Have a beautiful weekend!

ebook winners

The random number generator chose numbers:
127: Lori Ann. You won the ebook AND the lovely malabrigo (up there!) to make the capelet.
16: Knit and Purl Mama. You, too, won an ebook.
Please email Nichole (bg at bluegirlknits dot com) and she can get you your goods!

Oh! And, Nichole is going to run the discount on the ebook until the end of day tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25th. Enter "friend11" at checkout to receive $3 off.


You know Nichole, right?
Nichole is a fabulous designer who now has an ebook, consisting of five patterns that came out at the first of October. All patterns are made out of Malabrigo... gotta love that. Nichole's patterns are extremely well written and easy to follow. I love how she includes the skill level and yarn weight with each pattern. I feel, it is extremely important to choose a pattern within your skill level so you don't get frustrated. I wish all patterns had this detail. The end result is not only beautiful but looks absolutely fun to wear.
Pumpkin patch leg warmers. Made out of Malibrigo Sock. Skill level, easy. I love the ruched look here.
Autumnal vest. Made out of Malibrigo Rasta. Skill level intermediate. I really dig this vest. Plus, chunky yarn = instant gratification.
The foliage hat. Made out of Malabrigo Lace. Skill level, Intermediate. I love this cable and colorwork hat with the tree motif. Nichole really knows her hats. (And looks super cute in them!) Remember, Nichole is the one who designed piece of pi. You can make a few hats from the yarn you need for one, just like you can with the piece of pi.
Gathering Mitts. Made out of malabrigo worsted and rios. Skill level, intermediate. These mitts have an outer lace mitt and an inner felted mitt! They are worked together and once knit, thrown into the washing machine so the inner mitt will felt while the out mitt remains the same. Two pairs of mitts can be made from the yarn for one!
Harvest Capelet. Made out of Malabrigo Silky Merino. Skill level, intermediate. (Yes, intermediate.) The silky merino makes this have a perfect drape. Lace work and bead work adorn this capelet, and the silky merino makes this have a perfect drape.

Guess what? Nichole would like to give away an ebook, which includes all five wonderful patterns, to TWO of my readers... and not only that, but one person will not only get the ebook but will also get the yarn to make the harvest capelet!

So, if interested, leave a comment here before Tuesday October 25th at 12 pm EST and the random number generator will choose the two names.

Oh! And if you can't wait to see if you won, you can purchase the ebook here or on ravelry here at $3.00 off by entering the coupon code "friend11" at checkout. That code will expire at 12pm Tuesday.

i see them everywhere

I really do.
The way the tape measure fell next to my desk. (I swear to absolute goodness. It made me gasp.)
Under the coffee maker. (I know, right!?)
And then, there. In the sugar, on the snickerdoodle pie.
Could it be any cuter?!
This morning, a big glob of jelly landed on the counter. You guested it... shaped like a heart.
Not sure exactly what it all means. Maybe I should have been a heart doctor?
I don't love the ingredients in this one. However, Charlie asked for the original snickerdoodles. Not just "cinnamon" cookies. I must say, they are pretty darn good. I didn't feel like rolling them into balls, therefore, decided to press it into the pan.
Snicker doodle cookies:
1 cup crisco (not my favorite ingredient) :: 1 1/2 cup sugar :: 2 eggs :: 1/2 tsp vanilla :: 2 3/4 cup flour :: 2 tsp cream of tarter :: 1 tsp baking soda :: 1/2 tsp salt.
-Cream crisco, sugar and eggs, add vanilla and then dry ingredients. Spread in 8" round pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture. (1 tbls sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon)
Bake at 350˚ for 15-20 minutes.

My friend, Amy, shared a snickerdoodle brownie recipe. Those are up next. I'll let you know how those turn out.

my first guest blogger... and i love what she is doing.

Hi! My name is Marguax from the blog tentenknits. Leslie was kind enough to have me guest blog and for that I couldn't be more grateful.

We both have a passion for knitting. For most people they may do it once the weather gets cooler or maybe when a gift is needed. For me it is a year round obsession. Bamboo and cotton for summer, a wool blend for fall and alpaca for winter. I am a knitter obsessed. I knit so often these days that I can't imagine what it would be like to lose control of my hands and not be able to do the craft I love so much. Sadly it is something I can't say could never happen.

Let me tell you about Nick. Nick is the father on one of my closest friends, Torry. We met my freshman year at Boston College and I immediately gained an irreplaceable friend and new family. Nick and his wife Debbie quickly became foster parents to myself and my roommates. Her and Nick's generosity to us during those years was incalculable.

I guess it's no surprise years later it is their names that were on all of our wedding guest lists. No list was complete without Debbie and Nick.

Recently, Nick was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. If you've read the book Tuesdays with Morrie then I am sure you know exactly what that means. Already ALS has caused him to require hlp doing things we take for granted everyday - eating and breathing.
One of my most popular patterns is the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf. I had been thinking of making a chunkier cowl version and only until recently did I find my reason to get it done. Go here and make a donation to Team All About Nick. Once you do, email me at (margaux at tentenknits dot com) and I will send you the pattern. It doesn't matter to me what you donate, just do what you feel comfortable with.

I know I can never repay all that Nick and Debbie have done for me during those years but I hope you'll help me raise enough to make a difference in their life and the lives of all those who suffer with ALS.

knit on,

. . . . . . . . . .

I really love that cowl. And the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf, too. I'm in the process of finding some yarn to make the cowl in grey. You should join me!

saving sunday

Sarah has decided to save Sunday's.
Just a tiny bit of the day.
{This is the moment I noticed the white picnic table in our backyard. Under the trees. Half in the pachysandra, half in the grass. It is rotting with chipping paint and should be taken to the dump. I can't bare the thought. And today, it looked amazing decorated with the fallen leaves. I'm pretty sure I'll keep it around for another year. If it can weather another winter.}
Join along if you'd like.
Here's to another beautiful week!

kendama winners

So sorry to keep all you Kendama lovers waiting! I wish I could bake you a cake.
Libby used the above from Trader Joes's to make cupcakes. Pretty darn good. I would buy both again, in a minute. Probably because I love the packaging so much!
Okay... the five Kendama winners:
202: orinda7
14: susie
191: Robert Heister
315: Missy
Please e-mail me (address in side-bar) with your contact info so your Kendama's can get into action!
If interested in ordering off the KendamaUSA website, there are still about 15 orders left to receive the 15% off. (Enter the code "afriendtoknitwith" at checkout.)
Enjoy this day!

kendama craze... and a giveaway

Have you seen these things?
They are what my boys are currently obsessed with.
I mean obsessed. They are called Kendama's and they originated in the 1600's. I couldn't be happier that it has caught their attention. Keeping them off the video games and computer.
As written on the KendamaUSA website,
"The stylish kendama is an extremely addictive wooden skill toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand eye coordination, balance and reflex. It can be played by young and old alike. There are endless trick possibilities for the beginner and the seasoned master."
My boys stand for hours.
I mean HOURS, trying to master a new skill.
These guys from the KendamaUSA pro team make it look easy. Mental determination at its finest.
Girls love them, too. As Charlie's friend, Rachel is displaying. (Hi Rachel.)
I contacted the fine folks at KendamaUSA to tell them how happy I was with their product and to tell them I wanted to share this awesome wooden toy with my readers. Guess what they said? They would love to give away a Kendama to 5 (FIVE) of my readers! So, if interested, leave a comment by Tuesday, October 4, at 5pm, and I will have the random generator choose 5 names. I guarantee if you're not the one interested you surely know someone that would love one. They make awesome gifts, too.
If you enter and can't wait to see if you win, you can purchase one here. KendamaUSA will give a 15% discount to the first 50 people who buy. Enter the code "afriendtoknitwith" to receive a 15% discount at checkout!

Happy October!