leap day fun

How was your Leap Day?!  It's always one of my favorite days.  A gift in the year.  
 It was a gorgeous day here.
I finally found some healthy Ranunculus at Trader Joes.
Sweet Trouble has been sporting her new accessory all day.  Somehow my Spiral Cowl ended up around her neck.  And we thought her personality changed immediately.  She held her head up higher.  Stood up straighter.  Had more spunk in her step.  More confident than ever!
Wearing hand knits have a way with that.  Time to make someone a new Spiral Cowl.

we are knitters giveaway

Hey there, friends!

I'm sure you have seen We Are Knitters spreading their beauty around the internet.  We are knitters (Besides being YOU.  And ME.) are an awesome group of creative folks that put together quality yarns + patterns.  Their kits are perfectly packaged and include everything needed from start to finish.

Well, they would love to give away anything on their site valued up to $100.00 to one of my readers.  Please leave a comment here from now until Tuesday, March 1, 5pm EST, and I'll have the random number generator choose a number.  Oh!  And if you just can't wait to see if you will win and are chomping at the bit to get going on a new project, you can receive 15% off your order by entering  AWAKFRIEND at checkout.

Have a beautiful weekend!


To all those peeps living in Nashville, I think you are so lucky!  That city has it all going on. 
Delicious, interesting food, wonderful live music, the coolest shops AND the yummiest yarn.  We took a quick trip there this past weekend.  Just a couple of nights... I'll totally take it.
 I hit Haus of Yarn one morning while Steve was in a meeting.  I felt right at home and drooled over these mugs.
 I ended up purchasing one of these fun mugs and one skein of hot pink yarn.  Pure fun.
 We had a treat here. (Amazing!)  A fun lunch here.  A delicious dinner here.  And this beauty that Steve enjoyed for Sunday morning, brunch.
A cocktail and lunch all in the same vessel.  Absolutely perfect.

folie vest

 Ooooooh Loop Stitch!
I had so much fun working the Loop Stitch for the very first time.
And Libby and I had so much fun shooting the photos of the Folie Vest.
Libby says it reminds her of a fur vest, only cooler.
That's what I'm talkin bout!
So simple.
So quick.
So fun.
Oh, and guess what?  Last weekend, Libby asked if she could knit a row on Maine Squeeze.  I calmly handed her my knitting.  I didn't want her to see the excitement inside me.  And then, after row 4, she asked if we could get her a project.  She wants to make a poncho.
Be still my heart.

I love this company.  Their projects come kitted including, pattern, yarn and needles.  Everything you need from start to finish.

Pattern:  Folie Vest Kit

Oh!  And come visit next week.  I'll be hosting a giveaway for anything on We Are Knitters site valued up to $100.00.  SO exciting.  And if you just can't wait to get a project going, you can order and enter promo code AWAKFRIEND to receive a 15% discount on any items.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

woodzee winner

The sun was shining on us all day around here.  It was ultra exciting.  Sunglass weather, coming up!

The random number generator chose number 154, RachelB as the winner of the Woodzee giveaway.
Sorry you couldn't all win!  Hopefully you found a new, fun company you might try!  RachelB, please shoot me an email and I'll make sure your new glasses make it onto your head.

I'll be back tomorrow with the funnest little knit.

woodzee giveaway

It's hard to believe these photos were taken on Sunday.  Five warm days ago.  It's below freezing now... with temperatures continuing to drop.  Winter is here.  (I'm excited about it!)  It's also hard to believe I'm showing my face.  It's just pretty hard for me to show sunglasses without showing a head! ;)
So, see those awesome sunglasses? (Not that well, I know. You'll get better pics when you scroll down. But, looking into the light they don't even hurt my eyes!)  They are from Woodzee.  (Don't you just love that name?! He's so woodzee! Did you ever say that?  You know, when a guy or girl was outdoorsy?!)  Sunglasses that are Sustainable, Biodegradable and Eco Friendly.  I just fell in love with what the company stands for as well as the styles of their glasses.
Their mission is to strive toward growing a business that is committed to providing quality products priced for everyone to enjoy.  They are equally committed to promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature, by constructing beautiful pieces created from natural renewable resources.
This is the Luna Buffalo Horn pair of sunglasses.  Made from recycled water buffalo horn trimmings, featuring polarized black lenses.  Did you know buffalo horn is hypoallergenic and ideal for those with contact allergies or sensitive skin?  (Hello!)  I wish you could feel how lightweight they are.  It basically feels like I am wearing nothing.  And the frames adjust to your face shape from your skin warmth. How cool is THAT!
Packaged in a triangle shaped box out of recyclable paper using soy ink.  Plant the box and wildflowers should appear!

Well, the awesome peeps over at Woodzee would like to giveaway a pair of Luna Buffalo Horn Sunglasses to one of my readers.  Please leave a comment here before Wednesday, February 17, 5pm EST and I'll have the random number generator choose a number.  And send your lovelies over to enter as well.  Maybe they can win for you.  Or you can win for them!

[By the way, that is my beloved Slouchy Cardigan.  Still giving me warmth after all these years.  My absolute favorite sweater of all time.]

Here's hoping for a bright weekend.

blogs to remember

{ The Spiral Hat.  I'm making modifications.  I'll keep you posted.}

Hey Friends!  Just wanted to share Feedspots list of Top 100 Knitting and Crochet Blogs.  (Sewing, too!)   I think its a great tool to bookmark to reference all year long.  It's the perfect list to remember in case you need a little creative inspiration or some new material to read.


We hung hearts.  
 And baked cookies.
 They needed to be a cookie that could be mailed without falling apart.
I hope these will do the trick.
 Libby sprinkled the dining room table with love and made some Valentines for her friends.
I could not love that more.

madge for libby

Okay friends.  When your daughter see's you making a new sweater and asks if it's for her, you immediately respond, YES!  (Even though you had yours eyes on it.)
I have not made a sweater for Libby for quite some time.  Not for lack of not wanting to.  But, because she had entered into that phase of not really wanting me to.  (GASP!)  I think the last sweater I made her was the Libby.  Yes, there have been socks.  And hats.  And cowls.  And mitts.  But, no sweaters.  
Until Madge.
And Libby LOVES Madge.
And I loved making Madge.
There is just the mix I love in a project.  A little stitch pattern.  Some stockinette.  A hem.  Rib sleeves.  Snap closures.  It had all the makings for a project that keeps me fully interested.  Not to mention my girl asking me if I was almost finished.  
It's just so gratifying when someone really appreciates your work.  Right?!
It was so worth the wait.

Pattern:  Madge
Yarn:  Manos Del Uruguay 10 Skeins
Needles:  Size 8
Size:  34

conscious cleanse review

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the cleanse I had started.  I've had some requests for a review, so thought I would mention it while it is fresh in my mind.  It's a two week cleanse that basically omits dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, caffeine and alcohol.  There are also a few fruits and vegetables that are not permitted.  However, it was just more than just omitting things from my diet.  The cleanse goes much deeper than dealing with food and holds true to it's name.  Being conscious about your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions.  It's not about starving yourself or only drinking juices or smoothies all day.  It's about 100% clean eating.  24/7.   For two weeks.  
These joy balls were/are such a treat! (Recipe in the book.)
The cleanse wasn't too dissimilar to how I eat in a normal day.  However, I have never eaten that way for two straight weeks detoxing my body.  Nor have I been that continuously conscious about what I put into my body.  
I missed baking, so baking these breakfast cookies was the first thing I did on Monday after I was finished.  They might not look like much, but they are fabulous.  And they are gluten, dairy and sugar free.

Steve did the cleanse with me.  As did my friend, Michelle.  It was really so much fun to do it with a friend.  Sharing stories, recipes and offering support.  We tried new recipes and added a few to our favorites.  There are many recipes that are perfect dinners for the entire family.

This cleanse did not go without side effects.  Day 2, I had the beginnings of headaches.  That didn't end until day 5 or so.  I also had times that I was extremely tired.  However, I slept better than I have in years.  I hope to keep some of these new habits and incorporate the things I have learned into my life.

Bottom line,  I highly recommend this cleanse if you are looking for one.  I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible...  And I feel great to boot!