what is inside?

It is a day in a women's life that she never forgets. I think every woman probably remembers where they were and what they were doing when they got "it".
My friends daughter recently became a woman and I wanted to get her something for her "special" day. Her big dilemma is where to keep them when she goes to school. (My socks always worked well). I thought a makeup bag, but this girl doesn't wear a stitch of makeup. I then thought that perhaps I could knit her something to store them in. Hmmmm, no, a little hokey for a 13 year old. I needed to come up with something that could be thrown into her backpack that could be disguised for something else. So, this is what I settled on. If someone sees it they would think it is an eyeglass case. However, peek inside and you will see it is a little more:

I found the flower (yo-yo)tutorial on Heathers blog, and can be found here. I thought it added a little youthfulness.

And the chocolate, well I'm sure that she will have a craving soon!
Now, maybe I should come up with a pattern to knit one. :)


hot pink, special ordered carpet for daughters room, $---.00
chocolate brown uggs, for me, $---.00
the sight of your hand knit socks, laying on the floor, matching both, PRICELESS!
Some Things Money Can't Buy!

It is so true. We all know how much good yarn costs, and the amount of time that goes into knitting something. There are those that think we are crazy to make something when you can buy it for a lot less. (then there are those that think that we save money by making these things HA!) But, those are the people that don't know the rewarding feeling we get when we see or wear our special things. You can't buy that feeling!

I made these socks back in the fall. I first saw them on Alicia's blog, fell in love with them, and had to make them. As it turned out the colorway was discontinued! AHHH! My mother was on the phone for 2 days, calling every yarn store in the country that sold Skacel products looking for it. She did indeed find some. Thanks mom! I am still in love with this colorway and these socks!

dreaming of sunshine

I am dreaming of sunshine. It is not that I don't like these grey days, I do. I am actually the type of person that welcomes all types of weather. (The weather channel used to be my favorite) When it is raining, I say, "I love the rain". When it is snowing, "I love the snow". When it is foggy, "Wow, how awesome is this fog"! When there is hail, "Wow, hail, how cool"! And of course, when it is sunny, "Wow, I love sunny days"! However, when it is grey and cold I tend to forget a basic necessity, H2O! The other night when I went to sleep, I realized that I hadn't had even a sip of water all day! (I just heard you gasp, Lisa) No, not a sip, not even an ICE CUBE! Sure, I had my coffee and a tea, but not a drop of the good stuff!

So, in an attempt to drink more water and think warm thoughts, I started these Endpaper Mitts by Eunny, in a nice yellow. They are really fun and the color possibilities are endless.

The pattern is so well written and so easy to follow, and can be found here.
That Eunny, how great is she, she has a new pattern in the upcoming Spring Interweave Knits.
Now, go drink a big glass of water and think sunny thoughts!

cherries anyone?

Can you tell I just got a new camera?

I did a little sewing this past weekend. After seeing gobs of gals (this one in particular) on their blogs, wearing their aprons, it gave me the urge to make one!
Years ago I bought yards of this cherry fabric to make Libby a duvet cover and never got around to it. We both also lost interest in decorating her room with cherries. My sister got me The Apron Book and I decided to break it out.

It really was sew easy!

I just had to post this picture. It cracks me up! Me,in my Uggs, wearing a cherry apron! HA!
Now it is time for me to get acquainted with my new little friend.

swirl hat

Doesn't this remind you a little of soft serve ice cream?!

My hubby needed a baby gift for someone he works with. I completed this over the weekend with very little knitting. I wanted to show a few pictures of how it is knit. When you are knitting it, there seems like no possible way it could be a hat!
The pattern is from Knitting for Peace, and calls for two colors which I have done in the past, but I think it looks just as cute using only one color.

It is knit by increasing on one end and decreasing on the other.

You then pick up along one side for the ribbing. Gather at the top, make a pom-pom and voila! Finished!
Time to go get some ice cream!

charmed is charming!

and so is this pattern.

The caption in the book Greetings from Knit Cafe reads:
"this is the perfect sweater to wear with your pajamas, especially on the mornings when you have to take the kids to school but don't feel like getting dressed....its the sweater you wear on Sundays curled up with the newspaper or while cutting flowers in your garden on cool mornings."
Wow, I felt like they were talking directly to me! I had to make this, and am I ever glad. I think it is the sweater I will wear daily! I made it out of Classic Elite Charmed. Although a little pricey, (o.k. a lot pricey) it is worth it and is my new favorite! So, so, warm. So, so, cozy, and that is what I am all about. Coziness!

Sorry the light in this photo is way off, I was just so happy the sun was shining!

Here is the skinny:
Slouchy Cardigan Greetings from Knit Cafe
10 balls Classic Elite Charmed, color heathered oatmeal
size US 8 needles
If you decide to make this remember to check out the pattern corrections.

The children have a teacher in service day today, so we are off to the children's museum. I think I will wear my slouchy cardigan! :)
Have a great weekend!

what a trip

I have returned from my trip and am slowly recuperating! It seemed to go way to fast, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

skiing the back bowls of Vail

Honestly folks, for those of you who live in this amazing part of the country, I am so jealous. There are many wonders of this earth, but Vail is one of my favorites.

the birthday girl, wearing her Camellia, and I

After spending a day, yes just one little day, in Vail, we flew to Las Vegas, and spent the weekend at the Ritz. It is located off of the beaten path, which we liked. (Remember, this was a big 4 0 celebration)
We saw Earth Wind and Fire on Friday night. They are amazing....3 original members!
Saturday we went to the Venetian on a gondola ride. The birthday girl wore her new Camellia sweater, how sweet was that? It looked great, and she loved it....Remember, this is such a quick knit and a great gift idea. O.K., I will stop talking about it. We then changed for dinner at Tao Restaurant. So awesome! It was an amazing trip with 9 girls (we are still girls, right?) I am truly blessed to have her as a friend.

One of the sweetest things about going away, is what is waiting at home. I returned at 1:30 a.m. and had this on my pillow (drawn by Libby) with freshly cleaned jammies(laid out by my hubby) on my side of the bed. And, in the morning LOTS and LOTS of kisses from the boys. I think I should go away more often!

A last minute thought: from the mouths of Earth, Wind and Fire: Everyday you need to let your feelings show!

to commemorate the passage of time

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I am traveling to Colorado to help a dear friend celebrate her big "4-0".

Along with the Camellia, I thought I would make her a korknisse. After drinking her celebratory bottle (o.k., bottles) of wine I will pop one of the corks into the sweater and hat so that she can remember her special day. I originally saw these on Elliphantom when Elli made several for Christmas gifts. I added a little star with a "40", and hope this little guy sits on a shelf and collects 60 years of dust!

They were so fun to make, I decided to make 3 little guys to symbolize my 3 little guys. (2 guys and a gal) :) Sitting at my kitchen window, they really do make me smile. The pattern can be found here.

Libby and I charted out her flowers for her messenger bag, and this is what will be knit on on the plane. Can you imagine an airplane ride without the kiddos? Sounds like quality knitting time to me!
I finished the Slouchy Cardigan, Love it, and will post pictures when I return.

completed camellia

This truly was a quick knit!

The Camellia took about 3 days to knit, I figured 7-8 hours, plus blocking and sewing it together. I was so afraid that it was going to be too short and too tight, that I added some rows to the body. I didn't need to, it blocks unbelievably well! If I make another one I would modify one thing. Instead of making two pieces for the body, I would make one. That way, no seam and less sewing.
I am so happy with how this turned out, and can't wait to hand deliver it to the birthday girl in Vail.
Hopefully she will love it as much as I do.
Here's the Skinny:
Camellia Sweater
5 skeins Classic Elite, Duchess, for size 38
Size 11 needles.
Now I have to think of some creative way to package it!?


This was one of my favorite gifts for Christmas:

I ordered this for myself (from Scout), wrapped it, and put it under the tree. To: honey From: honey. I couldn't wait to unwrap it. Charlie, our 11 year old was excited too. He has always wanted one of these, and I always have told him those places are special to those people. We don't have anywhere that we go all of the time that is special to us. We like to travel around. So, when he saw this his eyes lit up! What does it stand for? SLIP, SLIP, KNIT!!!! His faced turned from excitement to confused and then a big smile. I think he approves. This is what is special to us. :)

The sweater I am wearing is a pre blogger sweater. I LOVE it, and can't tell you how much I wear it. A Classic Elite Pattern, Ruffled Coat, made out of Classic Elite Inca Marl.

quick knit

I am traveling to Vail to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was discussing what kind of a gift to get her with my sister, Lisa. This is the friend that has everything, very hard to buy for. Lisa suggested making her something. Make her something? I am going there on the 11th! Yes, the eleventh of this month! I then recalled seeing a cute sweater that Cristina made for her very lovely sister. It is the Camellia, and she had mentioned that it was a very quick Knit. So, with the help of Cristina (thank you, Cristina) I was able to get in touch with GlampyreKnits and get the pattern. I started last night, and this is what I completed.

Hmmm...I wasn't sure on the sizing chart. I had this yarn in my stash, love it, and really wanted to use it. However, I only had 375 yards. Do I really think that this will fit? This is the front and the sleeve. See how small next to that apple?
Unless I block the you know what out of it! I guess I will forge on and if it doesn't fit I can give it to Lisa (she is teeny tiny!) and shop for something on the 10th!

(what is this about?)?href="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgGAshwZHFF1u2SApC50x0CaJTeia-GcoO6RhZ8_RNlCtWPPYDRwOKvmmHCJEEYYkfHF8lhsZppl3n6eVokDgOxlwTLSca_Qcr9EZGtfV5d5uZjMRuSN3EEeLMACPwgD53Mqvwaew/s1600-h/libby+knitting.jpg">
This is what Libby and I did most of last week. Sat around in our jammies(hers where made by her BeBe) and Knit. Libby is making a sweater. I wonder how long this will take her?

happy new year!

We had every intention of going out last night. A party that included children, which is our favorite. But as we were getting ready, my husband started to feel terrible. You know, achy joints, head ache, stomach ache, the whole thing. So much to the children's chagrin, we had a change of plans. After a quick trip to the store for some treats and a couple of movies for the kids, all happiness was restored. We ended up watching Star Wars and Princess Diaries, and eating lots of popcorn and ice cream. Of course my husband did not want any libations so I had to drink my favorite wine alone. It was all good. We stayed up until midnight to toot our noise makers. Of course the children had to have their own little "sleep over" in the den, and you know what that means.......up WAY to early. So needless to say, I have been able to get in some good knitting.
After last night, and a couple of rows this morning, this is what I have completed. Sorry folks, I know the picture stinks. I am making this for Libby, and changing the guitar motif to a flower.

A slightly better shot of the project.
Here is wishing everyone a very beautiful new year. May it be filled with health, happiness, and many completed projects!