Wow.  Your comments were so loved by the fun peeps over at the Lilly Brush that they are going to give away 10!  So, I had the random number generator get to work and this is what happened:
1.)  #35  staci
2.)  #54  missy knits  
3.)  #182  girl knits
4.)  #186 kt
5.)  #2  house on hill road
6.)   #114  knit and purl mama
7.)  #37 michelle
8.)  #156  junk loving girl
9.)  #168  estella
10.)  #56  pzi236

{ha.  this list brings back memories of the three years i tried out for cheerleading and approached the door not seeing my name on the list.  it's okay.  i'm over it.  no, really, i am!  no, seriously.  i really am. :) }

Please email me your address and I'll pass them along so that you will be de-pilling and de-linting and de-pet hairing in no time!

{march 13, 2014.  34˚, snow flurries.  loving: green smoothies, kale salads, teayoga, life.  craving: italian food  wishing:  i had more time to knit  listening:  to this  (cool life!  #10!) feeling:  grateful, inspired, full, loved. }  {{thank you}}

the lilly brush

Save our sweaters?  Yes, please!  I need something to do just that.  I get so bummed when my sweaters pill.  Who doesn't!  Especially our hand knit beauties.  All that hard work, time and love, and then they can look old and worn with just a few wears.  Ugh.  
I have tried several things to de-pill but when I tried the Lilly Brush, I fell in love.  It's so gentle.  No razor to cut the fibers.  Just a gentle stroke and off come the "balls".  
I tried to photograph one of my "balliest" hand knit sweaters.  I also have cashmere and for some reason, I feel like the newer cashmere sweaters pill easier than my old ones.  
Truly.  This thing is my new favorite toy!
The Lilly Brush works on lint and removing pet hair, too.   It can be used on all natural fibers including cotton, wool, cashmere, angora, hemp and alpaca.  It's hand washable, fits in your purse, and will last for years.  AND, it comes in two colors.

The sweet peeps over at the Lilly Brush would like to save your sweaters!  They would like to giveaway a lilly brush to one of my readers.  Please leave a comment before Monday, March 11, 5 pm EST, and I'll have the random generator choose a number/name.

And if you just can't wait to get those sweaters looking like new you can order one here.  You'll be having fun in no time!  (I pretty much think every knitter should have a lilly brush.  And non knitters, too!)

Enjoy your weekend!

a snow day, cinnamon scones and a couple of winners

The phone rang at 5am.  After making the rounds to turn off alarms, I fell back asleep in a quiet house until 8am.  It was lovely!  
Cinnamon scones were requested. Mostly by my stomach.   (I left off the cinnamon/sugar topping.)
Perfect for a slow morning.  
For the rest of the day, I pretty much did nothing.  Libby curled my hair.  I drove kids.  I knit 10 rows of a hat that I look forward to sharing.  Answered a few emails.  Leftovers for dinner.  
It was the best.  
Have I ever told you I LOVE snow days!

The random number generator chose two numbers/names.  
#6 Kelly and #68 Gina.  
Please email me (address in sidebar) with your address and I will make sure you receive this fun book!