yoga shawl progress

Monday, August 31, 2015

I've been working on the yoga shawl, and have loved every minute.  The rhythm of endless stockinette has kept me very happy and given me busy hands in busy months.  So grateful.  But now, I am ready to finish.  I'll be starting on the second chevron pattern soon. (Hopefully tonight.) And I have given myself until the end of September to finish it.

So many knits have been catching my eye in the last few days.
I spotted this on Ravely.  (It's just a matter of days until I cast on.)
This beautiful cowl is calling my name.  And the pattern is 50% off until Friday.  (Buy now!)
And Knitterella is holding a 50% off her non-collection patterns through October!  (Use code KNITTERELLAPLUCK)

So many possibilities!

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  1. This is so lovely and looks so much like you! I can't wait to see it finished. And I really want to knit a shawl! I have two other projects in line, though. I am so looking forward to fall nights with knitting.

  2. I like what that yoga shawl project evokes - besides warmth, but also calm and reflection.

  3. Looking good - I hope you'll be happy with the result!