those pallet tables

Monday, August 10, 2015

Remember my mention of the pallet tables a while back?  Well, I apologize for getting back to that so late. 
These are the small pallets that the men in the warehouse (where I assemble Chalk Lots) use for smaller shipments.  I love these because the boards are close together.  (Unlike these.)
I grabbed a couple of those, and Steve assembled legs purchased from Lowes.  
I then told Libby and Andrew to have a paint party.  I had no plan for painting and neither did they.  I told them to just slap it on.  (That was the fun part.)
They painted the blue first, and then the next day, slapped some white over that.  I told them it didn't matter if some of the original still showed through.  In fact, from reading this post, we wanted it to.  
I then stained it lightly with a grey stain.
And voila!  A new table for our side porch.  
 This is the one on the front porch.  A little bigger with a little skinnier slats, chunkier legs.
Only one coat of paint.  I still haven't decided if I am going to add the gray stain.  Sitting on that decision for a bit.

I'm off to pack for a road trip to New York.  We are leaving in a couple of hours.  Hello car knitting!

Happy day, friends!

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  1. I think that your pallet tables are a grand idea...very well executed by your team.

    Hoping that you will have a fine time in NYC!


  2. I love everything about these! Safe travels!

  3. Yay on successful upcycling.

  4. Oh, I love this!!
    I'll have to look for pallets so I can make one next summer :)

  5. oh wow, I love how it turned out! I wouldn't change a thing, that rustic white looks perfect.

  6. Still waiting for the baby sweater pattern with the lovely design at the neckline.
    Are you still planning to add it to your patterns?

    I love checking in with you....

  7. love those tables, Leslie!!

  8. Whew! Have not stopped by for a long while and just read up on some of your news. My gosh that must have been a terrible experience to be left wondering about your missing pup. Such good fortune to be reunited with her. She's a super cutie. Happy endings are the best!

  9. I love distressing paint and the look it achieves. These little tables are great! Good job!!