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Monday, February 26, 2007

These are my favorite sweaters.
I made this one in 2005.

I made this one in 2006.

They are both Hanne Falkenberg designs. Her ballerina, swinger jacket. They are knit completely in garter stitch, all in one piece, on size 3 needles. I must tell you her patterns are pretty confusing. The key is to always read ahead. My mother made one before me, so she sort of paved the way. (my mother is currently making her 5th Hanne, all of different designs) I am the kind of girl, that will buy 5 of the same article of clothing because I like it. I LOVE this jacket, therefore, I need more than two, right? I also tend to knit sweater coats for myself instead of sweaters. I feel that you can wear them so much more. And with all of the time and money invested, it makes it worth it.

The new one will be made out of these two colors. Ballerina 10 , kakhi, ivory, however, it is definitely green.
So, this is my new big project that I plan on having completed for the spring. I better go brew some more coffee and get started!

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  1. Hi! Another blogger (Felt Like Knitting Beth) sent me a link to your blog this weekend. I love your aprons, and wow! The two Hanne sweater coats are beautiful! I'm so glad I found your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. Those sweaters are wonderful! And the new colors are great - those are my colors....Looking forward to the progress!

  3. Anonymous2/26/2007

    wow! i can't wait to see this knit up. it looks like quite an undertaking! have fun.

  4. Anonymous2/26/2007

    Love the sweaters!!! I;m just happy you posted. I have been checking all weekend. I love your blog. You are so creative and cool. Thanks for posting, i needed a "fix". :)

  5. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it?
    1 being "can rmember the patten without looking at it"
    5 being "can knit for at least 20 minutes wihtout looking at the pattern"
    10 being "have to look at the pattern every 2 minutes"

  6. I love the Hanne Falkenberg designs too, and dream of making one. Your two swing jackets are just beautiful, and it's wonderful that you found a sweater that you love so much that you are making multiples! I tend to do that with clothes and shoes as well, but I have yet to do it with a sweater :)

  7. Anonymous2/26/2007

    That is a great pattern and the colors you choose will be really nice.
    You've got some great sweaters over there, I'm starting to get a bit jeolous

  8. Wow, that is lovely, what does the front look like?

  9. Those are amazing. Truly!

  10. Lovely jackets and I think the colours for your 3rd one is going to be another winner. I'm like that too, I often buy a few pairs of pants or shoes in different colours :)

  11. Anonymous2/27/2007

    Those are beautiful and looks fun to wear! Can't wait to see your next one.

  12. SO incredibly gorgeous! You know I have seen many of her designs on the blogs and the internet, but after seeing yours on Flickr the other day, I really want to try it!

  13. Anonymous2/28/2007

    Gosh! I'm absolutely impressed here, really - these sweater coats are more than awesome! What a great pattern, and the colours go so beautifully together!
    I'm getting more and more drawn to Hanne Falkenberg's patterns, I think the time is right now to get myself one of her pattern books and start working - thanks so much for that tip about reading farther ahead when knitting her patterns, this is really good to know and will come in very handy!
    Anyhow, you did a really, really awesome job with these two sweaters, you can be very proud of them - and of yourself!, that's for sure!

  14. I love those!!! You did a great job!

    Did you order the pattern online?? (if so how much was it)
    Or would there be a book of her designs available somewhere?