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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am a closet blogger.

I made this "we call them pirates" hat for my friend Michelle, whom I love dearly. Today is her Birthday. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Until recently, Michelle was my only friend who knew about my blog. Of course my entire family knows about it, and some of their close friends, but for the most part, I have kept this private. By writing this blog it totally forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. It inspires me to try new things (I hate that darn tubular cast on) and reading many of your blogs are what is my source of inspiration. For some reason, I haven't told my friends. Believe me, I'm not flattering myself by thinking everyone who knows me would even want to read my knitting blog. Many of my friends don't even know what a blog is. I have this vision of telling my friends, and the look of confusion on their faces...."Blog, what? You mean you take pictures of your knitting, baking, sewing, kids body parts, doors, and put it on the Internet? What for???" Those are the people who don't know about my obsessive, compulsive need to create. They would totally accept it, I just don't think that they would "get it". So, I have avoided it all together. This blog is my little spot that says I was here, I did this, I loved these, I felt that. I also love that my kids can look back on a small memoir of our lives.

Please, let me know, are you a closet blogger, or have you come out? Maybe I am just more comfortable with other people, who feel the same need to create, knowing about me.:)

And if you haven't seen this hat before,I doubt it, here is the skinny:
Pattern: We Call Them Pirates
Yarn I used: Debbie Bliss, Baby Cashmerino, 1 ball black, 1 ball white
Size 3 needles

B.H. Thanks for "getting it", and I hope that you will visit often. :)

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  1. Anonymous2/14/2007

    Happy Valentine's Day! That's a great hat.

    I'm in the closet with you. Only my hubby knows and a snoopy sister of mine. I haven't told any of my friends, not even my best friend. I'm so embarassed and I totally agree with you - why would my friends want to read about my knitting? I'm glad for knitbloggers like you that get it. I feel that I must confess to my best friend soon.

  2. I've told everybody that I have a blog! Most of my friends don't really read me regularly, but if they don't knit, why should they?

  3. Anonymous2/14/2007

    I was in the closet for a little bit but finally decided to tell my friends. I figured if my goal is to be a published author I best get used to having people I know read what I write. They have all been very supportive and many have commented on how they are learning more about me. Even a few are inspired to knit!!

  4. Leslie! I just "found" your comments you have faithfully been giving on my blog, thank you (for more info, read my post)!
    I too was a closet blogger, when I came out, my boyfriend thought it was very wierd, his father thought it was even wierder..."so you have pictures of what you knit on a website, and you tell people about it?" But Josh has since come around after he too has discovered the world of eco-friendly blogs (his interest)... coming out was a relief, I felt a load lifted :)

  5. I definitely started as a closet blogger, but slowly (over 2 years later!) I'm slowing starting to tell people. However, no one in my immediate family knows!

  6. Anonymous2/14/2007

    Oh, I get it all right. Some of my closest friends (non-knitters) have stumbled onto my blog via my store site, and I am always surprised to hear from them, "Yeah, I saw on your blog....". Somehow it feels OK to connect with people all over that I haven't met face to face (like you!), but who share my obsession, but strange to let my closest friends and family know I'm posting stuff about myself on the internets. :)

  7. I am not a closet blogger, though I too can see the look of consusion on my husband's family(and my family)when I speak of my blog. I can tell they think it is strange & his annoying mother has even said "oh maybe I should go meet my blogger friends for coffee & cupcakes" It was almost snide. I don't care though. I love all my blogger friends & I look forward to the ideas that I get from all of you & I have met some really awesome people who I consider friends. It's kinda neat to know that If I have to travel to Philly, New York or some bizarre corner of the world there is probably somebody who lives their that can tell me where to buy yarn or meet me for a cup of coffee.

  8. Anonymous2/14/2007

    Happy Valentine's Day Knitting Bloggers!

    Can you believe I am so lucky to be receiving that awesome hat! It almost makes me hope for a bit more cold weather so I can wear it...a lot!

    I feel so lucky to have a glimpse of this knitting world of which I am not a part....I am amazed and inspired all the time. I think you will find the same reaction from those you love and who love you. So, please consider "coming out"! Finding the beauty and joy in everyday things and moments is a gift...especially since that is what most of our lives is comprised. Special occasions come and go, but to enjoy the thrill of strapping on a lovely apron as you go to make cookies or dinner is wonderful. Leslie, thank you for sharing you private world with me, I am honored....and so sorry that I told Betsy!!

    xo, Michelle

  9. Anonymous2/14/2007

    my closest friends know about my blog, but i don't announce it to the world. i am interested to see who i know that finds it, though. surely someone will read adorn and put two and two together...time will tell.

  10. What a great hat! I love that pattern ;)
    Once I told my family, the secret was out... big mouths :) My blog also came up in a lunch conversation - I work with my husband, and suddenly, I have several readers at my work too (which is a little weird for me!)

  11. I'm a closet case too :)
    And your pirate hat is really neat!

  12. I was in the closet blogging too - until recently - I ws like "why am I hiding?" LOL... plus this way, my family can see how my newborn son is doing! :)

    Happy V-day

  13. Anonymous2/17/2007

    First of all, I absolutely and totally adore your hat, it's really awesome! Fantastic work indeed!
    And as for blogging, well, I think I'm a closet blogger too! Most of my friends don't knit, so they wouldn't be interested in the knitting parts anyway, and as for the other stuff I write about, I have to say that I feel a lot more content knowing that not everyone around me reads it. I guess I won't have a "coming out" someday soon!

  14. Anonymous2/19/2007

    I'm not a closet blogger because my husband always outs me. He thinks it's *way* cool. Oy.

  15. I was appauled once that someone had viewed a flickr photo of mine and, imagine the insult, commented on it too. Then a friend reminded me it was part of the perks of a WEB SITE on the INTERNET. Still, I can't help but feel wierd opening myself up to the scrutiny of friends and total strangers. I now feel a burden to fact check my own feelings, as if feelings are always accurate. I am, it is hard to admit, not always right.

    Glad you have done it--I really enjoy your phographic style.

  16. I'm a closet blogger too - most people cock their head and give me that puzzled look when I mention knitting or blogging:) I figure they don't know what they're missing:)

  17. Look at all the closet bloggers which are being exposed by your post!! My close close family knows I have a blog but except in knitting circles, knitting blogs really don't come up in conversations! And if it does, how may non-knitters are gonna get it?

  18. I love reading your blog. You are def. a "kindred spirit". I haven't told all my friends about my blog, prob. for fear they will really think I've gone nuts. I love how we obsessed knitters can inspire and encourage each other with our similar passions - the blog is for them!