Sunday, February 04, 2007

I love having a laundry chute. When you don't see the dirty laundry you must not have any. However, when I rounded the corner in the basement this morning this is what I saw!!!! Ahhhh, shoot!!! What in the ##@@#@#@#** have I been doing???? O.k. you don't have to answer that!!!!

No knitting today........well maybe a little during the Super Bowl!!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all.........

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  1. Anonymous2/04/2007

    Ahh! that's a bummer. Happy Laundry.

  2. Anonymous2/04/2007

    My kids would probably try to throw themselves down the chute!

    There's always time for knitting!

  3. Thankfully my husband does all the laundry! And I agree, there is always time to knit!! Happy SuperBowl!

    Oh, and the Endpaper Mitts look amazing!!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA that is too funny, I did laundry all night last night and this morning, I am sure you were doing what we have all been doing. In fact I got a chair from a neighbor(a big comfy one)& put it in the laundry room so I can sit & knit while I wait for the clothes to dry.

  5. That's how my laundry basket looks like on weekends!

  6. Anonymous2/05/2007

    Oy! That's a lot! Happy laundry indeed ;)

  7. Crap. This reminds me I have stuff to fold. *sigh*