my travel notion bag

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I just realized that I needed to pack a travel notion bag that remains in my travel carry on bag.  If I travel by car, I usually have my knitting bag which stays equipped with all of the notions I need.  However, every time I travel on an airplane, I repack a bag with all of my notions.  And then, I unpack it when I arrive home.  What have I been thinking?  Why haven't I done this in the past? All of a sudden this became a ridiculous concept since I have duplicates of most (all!) of my notions.
So, I decided to pack my India Hicks pouch.  (I am an ambassador.) I just love these little bags.  (There are several colors.) And the best part?  It will double as my clutch for evening.
I'm headed to Boulder tomorrow to see Libby.  And it feels so good to know I will have all my knitting essentials with me.  When we head out at night, I will transfer all of the goods into the ziplock bag, load my pouch with my phone, glasses and a lipstick, and head out with my Flat Stanley.  Hello pop of color!

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  1. Leslie, I was just working on this last night! I ended up flying - a long flight - and didn't have all I needed. So frustrating. I love the idea of putting your knitting items in a ziploc, then using the clutch for evenings out. Perfection! Thanks!

  2. Hello Leslie,

    My wife and I are avid travelers. Margaret loves to take so much stuff and we have 2-3 bags all the same (no matter where we go). Perhaps, she could knit such a travel bag for all the cosmetics she takes along. Are there any tutorials for her?

    All the best,
    This author works - Travel and Feel; More of Inspiration.

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