february knitcrate

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I've mentioned it before, but the day the Knitcrate arrives in my mailbox is so exciting.  Opening my package is such a fun surprise!  
Petrichor.  This word is new to me.  I am bummed I didn't know it, as it's a word that describes one of life's greatest experience.  At least to me.  That scent that arrives after a rainfall.

"Petrichor is the smell after the rain, and this shipment calls to mind the soothing sounds of rainfall, glistening shine of wet pavement and enhanced green of trees.  The world comes alive in new ways after a storm, the lights shining and reflecting against newly slick surfaces."

February Knitcrate's contents:

The yarn:
2 Skeins of Knitologie Verdant or Raind Drops or Mist.  (This is Verdant.)  40% Merino, 30% silk, 30% alpaca.  ($24/ skein)  Truly yummy yarn.
The Pattern:
There are always two.  The knit pattern is the Raindrop Cowl By Noelle Davis.  The crochet pattern is Mariana Trench Scarf by Vincent W. Green.  ($10/$5 per pattern)

As always, there are bonus codes.  This months codes include discounts on Noelle Davis and Vincent Greens patterns.

A Retail Value of $63.00 all for $24.99.  Truly an amazing deal.   If interested in ordering, use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first knitcrate.  (Works on all crates.)

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