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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

School was canceled today. I truly think I am more excited than my kids ever are on a cancelled snow day.  Oh, the prospects.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop!   I told Andrew we should make Valentines!  I thought this was a fantastic idea.  He reminded me that he was a senior and they don't take Valentines to school.  I told him he should change that.  Start a trend.  He didn't buy it.  So, instead I made Valentine cookies and finished a few projects.  I also made a fire in the fireplace.  I filled the whole house with smoke and set off the smoke alarm.  We had to open all the doors and windows.  Finally, it cleared and I mustered up the confidence to try again.  We had a lovely fire for the rest of the day.

Toast on the left.
Those Mitts on the right.  Both were special orders.  Those Mitts were requested extra long on both ends.  And, boy are they extra long.  They measure 12 inches.  An inch longer than Toast.  That's the beauty of patterns.  You can play with them and tailor them to your needs or the needs of others.  I love that.
 I've mentioned these little ankle socks before.  I like to use a washable wool so that I can throw them in the machine and not worry about them.  The pattern is super easy and if you are new to socks, I think this is a great first project to get your feet wet, dip your toes in the water, so to say.  They are quick on a size 5 needle, so the time investment is quite short. AND you have a pair of socks to boot! (Oh, I am cracking myself up over here with all the foot references.😜)
Tailored to my needs.  They fit snug just like I like them.  Are mismatched.  And are perfect for around the house.

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  1. You are so cute, I plan on "diving" into these now that you "wet" my appetite for shorties.

  2. LOVE the socks!!! And seniors are funny that way!!! What worked in 1st grade doesnt always translate to 12th!!

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