Friday, February 02, 2018

 Hiya friends!  Just wanted to let you know the mugs have joined the journal/project log in the shop. (For those who have already purchased, thank you!  SO much!)
I'm including a tea bag that makes the most delicious cup of fun.  
A tea bag filled with 10 stitch markers.  
The tea bags are also sold separately if interested.  Perfect for your tea loving friend you knit with.

Happy Groundhog Day.  As a knitter, I always welcome a little more winter. :)

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  1. I am beaming at the sight of the mugs and the tea bag swag.

  2. Fabulous 😍 do you think they would travel well across the ocean ?

  3. Received my mug yesterday! I love it! Will be enjoying my morning tea in it. Thanks, Leslie

  4. Thank you for discussing this great post.

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