oh march

Friday, March 09, 2018

Whoa.  March 10th.  I don't know where this past week went, let alone 10 days.
Hmmm.  Let me think:
I went to Boulder to visit Libby.  I stayed there for 4 glorious days.  It was mom's weekend, so I met some other Moms.  We hiked.  Drank coffee.  Talked for hours.  I knit.  She did homework.  We slept.  A lot.  We had delicious dinners. We held hands.  We walked dogs.  I cried when I left her.  I packaged orders.  I shipped orders.  I've excised for 30 minutes every day.  (I love this challenge.) I cleaned the pantry and the refrigerator.  I restocked the pantry and the refrigerator.  I cooked.  I cleaned.  I did laundry.  I knit. I overslept.  I under slept.  I booked airline tickets.  I booked bus tickets.  I fought our water bill.  I changed our auto insurance.  I knit.  I finished humulus.  I spoke to Andrew's teachers.  I talked on the phone.  A lot.  I hugged.  I kissed.  I loved.

Happy March and Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. Wow!! Fantastic, Love for your kids; love for knitting; love for organization and order; love a good fight (water bill); love for friends; love for travel. I would say you have accomplished a lot in just over a week!!!

  2. awe. i just love the way you organized that! :) happy knitting! xx

  3. I know what you are knitting - I have made about 6 pair of them, love them. I used Malabrigo Rios and Malabrigo Dos Teros - both work just great. Those I made for, love them. So nice and warm.
    You have been waaaayyy too busy. You need to take a break - lol
    Mary Lea

    1. i would love to know what pattern you are referring to, mary lea! i actually wrote this one up as i married "those mitts" and "toasty"! and ha! you are cute! :) xx

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