Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So hard to believe that this is the last day of January!  
Cabo San Lucas.   Seriously beautiful.  It was my first time to the Sea of Cortez.  These photos don't even show how spectacular the colors are.  I think this was the first time I have ever traveled without my DSLR camera.  I just decided to keep it simple.  So these are photos taken with my phone.  We stayed in a house in Palmilla.  I would highly recommend it.
Some of our highlights:
Fresh guacamole.  Sunrises.  New friends.  Dinner at Flora Farms.  (Truly a must experience.) Margaritas. (Although I don't drink them.  Corona's for me!)  Big beaches.  The Giggling Marlin.  Cabo Wabo.  Drivers who know where they are going.  Artwork in the sand.  Sea glass hunting.  The Office.  Glass hearts.  Dinner at Edith's.  Great music.  Whale watching.  Snorkeling.  Seeing the arch of Cabo San Lucas from boat.  Perfect weather.  Coffee and Yarn.
 I finished one pair of toast.  That was it.  But morning with my knitting was one of my favorite times of the day.  
Oh, and knitting is one of those things they tell you to place in checked baggage.  I giggled when I saw that photo.  Our sweet knitting amongst some very understandable items that would not be safe on board an aircraft.  I have had my metal needles confiscated before, but did manage to take my bamboo needles out of Mexico.
Happy travels!

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  1. This knitter is a greater threat when people try to take her knitting away from her.

  2. Tricia U.2/02/2018

    Hi Leslie! So just to clarify for future travel to Mexico, can you take wooden needles in your carry on, but just not metal needles? Or do you have to check them (whether they're wood or metal) and NOT knit on the plane (gasp)? (We've had other stuff taken from our checked baggage before on a trip to Mexico. That's why I'm wondering). Thanks much!

    1. hi tricia! so... you can take both wooden and metal needles INTO mexico. but when you leave mexico, you can NOT take metal needles on the plane. you can check them... but CAN carry on wooden needles on the plane. hope that helps! happy travels! xx

  3. It is beautiful there, isn't it?!? I didn't take any knitting - I couldn't come up with a project that I wanted to make with wooden needles. Can't wait to get back to my sweater knitting today!

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