seven days of making, day 7

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 7 :: Ankle Socks

{Poor Andrew.  😁}
Wow.  I can't believe how quickly Christmas Day went!

  Very grateful that my kids love hand knit socks so much.  They like to wear them as their "slippers". I am still in the process of making the kids each a pair of ankle socks, coordinating with their school affiliation.  Libby's with her Sorority.  They each only received one... I have promised to send each one of the college kids back to school with their mate!

Hope you all had a beautiful day filled with everything you love.

xx, leslie

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  1. Loving the hand made socks. Have a fantastic new year! Xxx

    1. It is really good that your kids love handmade knit socks. I like color combination of socks which you made for your kids. It is really beautiful. Meanwhile I am dissertation writer and providing the best dissertation help at Dissertation Help UK and I am happy to read your blog. Thanks! Wish you a happy new year in advance!

  2. Knit like the wind. I'm still finishing my husband's Christmas socks. Looks like he may get them for epiphany which was my way of not having them be considered late. January 6th is a more reasonable goal. :)

  3. plenty of time before they head back. you can do it!

  4. Love the color combinations on those socks! I knit a pair for one of my brothers, and he was delighted to add it to the collection I started several years ago. The tricky part initially was getting him to send me a "measured drawing" of his foot, side and overhead view. Now I know these socks that I make for him will always fit very well.

    Happy New Year! xo

  5. so fun to have their colours customized! And how 'real life' that they have to wait to get the other sock!