seven days of making, day 2

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 2 :: Homemade Lip/Hand Balm

         { Chalk Lots Minis kept our balm's organized. } 
Not sure if I have ever mentioned what a fan I am of Young Living Essential Oils before... but I am!  I love my diffuser and have that thing going most of the time.  I use the oils on my skin and in my water.  There truly are 101 uses and benefits of Essential Oils; health and beauty!   I did some research before I dove in and found Young Living to be one of the purest oils produced.  I purchased my started kit from Ashley and have been loving them ever since.  If you have any questions about oils or are interested in buying them, please contact Ashley.  EssentialAshley at gmail dot com.  She will be your friend and your complete educator and she will constantly inspire you.  (Kits are 15% off until the end of December!)
Libby and I invited a couple of friends over, and had a lip balm party using our beloved oils.  We used these larger tins and these smaller containers.  (You can make tubes if you prefer!)   I love the larger tins and use this balm as a hand moisturizer.  Especially helpful for us knitters!  It truly feels incredible.  And, breathe in the scent... instant calm.

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  1. I do wish this post came with a scratch and sniff option. Xo

  2. oh, Leslie you are the sweetest! I love chatting oils with you! thank you, I wish I was there!!!

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