mrs. donato's nut horns

Thursday, December 08, 2016

 Growing up, we had a neighbor who absolutely loved her job of being a homemaker.  Her home was extremely tidy.  Not a thing out of place.  Her kitchen small, efficient and wonderfully cozy.  Her living room was like a showroom to me.  The furniture was perfectly placed.  The pillows were always fluffed.  The vacuum marks in her carpet were always visible. There was art on the walls and ribbon candy in her candy dishes.  Always, ribbon candy.
Her name was Olga Donato.  Mrs. Donato, to me.  Mrs. Donato took care of everything inside the house.  While Mr. Donato took care of everything outside.  They liked chachkies and had them inside as well as outside.  I loved going to their home.  It was like a museum to me. Occationally they would have us for pasta dinner.  Her sauce was absolutely incredible.  We would sit in their tidy dining room with the shiny, antique dining table.  I wouldn't talk much.  Not because I was shy, (because I was!) but because the sights and smells where just too good.  
Mrs. Donato made Nuthorns every year at Christmas time.  She kept them in a tin with foil.  I loved visiting her.  She would hand me a paper napkin with two cookies wrapped inside.  I would sit with the napkin over my lap getting powdered sugar on my pants.  She would send me outside to brush the powdered sugar from my legs. 
My mother emailed me Olga Donato's Nut Horn Recipe in 2002.  I'm so happy I printed it and saved it.  I just love how my mother wished me luck!  

Mrs. Donato's Nut Horns:
8 oz cream cheese  ::  1/2 pound of butter  ::  2 egg yolks  ::  2 1/2 cups flour  ::  1/4 cup sugar
Combine all ingredients.  Separate dough into 4 balls.  Wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour.  Sprinkle powdered sugar and roll out dough into a circle.  Slice circle into 12 triangles.  Spoon Nut filling (below) onto long end.  Roll.  Place on cookie sheet, fold side down.  Bake 350° for 12 minutes.  Sprinkle or roll in powdered sugar before cool.  

1 pound chopped walnuts  ::  1 cup sugar  ::  2 egg whites
Beat egg whites until stiff.  Add sugar.  Fold in nuts.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Donato.  For all you did for me.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story and recipe. I've missed the cookies.... always make me smile.

  2. ooh, what a wonderful recipe, and a great story to go along with a tresasred treat. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this story. Aren't moments in time like this special and formative in ways we never could have comprehended as children?

    Thank you for sharing the recipe as well. I'm eager to try it.

  4. My Mrs.Donato was Mrs. Adams. She taught me to sew. Every Christmas my sisters and I were invited over to make an ornament, followed by a glass of Fresca while listening to The Little Drummer Boy on their hifi.
    Thanks for bringing that memory back to me today!

  5. What a lovely story! I want to be Mrs. Donato!

  6. These sound so yummy. How cool to have one of her recipes.

  7. Mrs. Donato sounds lovely. Did she know she had this impact on your life?

  8. I have a neighbor similar to Mrs.Donato,she is Mrs.Smith.She is a cleanliness freak and everything at her home is so perfect and neatly placed and maintained so well.Mrs.Smith makes yummy macaroons which is absolutely my favorite.I posted her recipe in my blog.You can read it here.

  9. Nice recipe. Great effort. I love very much Nut. You make an wonderful dish. Really i will try this in my kitchen.

  10. Mrs.Donato seems to be perfectionist; it is difficult to manage always to keep the home clean and tidy. You have wonderful memories with your neighbor. You won't always get neighbors like this, cherish the moments with them.

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