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Monday, October 26, 2015

 Hey friends!  Remember back when when the Chalkboard Placemats were first created?
  Well, since then a lot of fun has been had and a name is finally attached to the product. Chalk Lots!  You know, it's important to Love Lots, Laugh Lots and, of course, Chalk Lots.  
AND, a new color that has been added to the line.  Graham Cracker!  Graham Cracker will look great in all kitchens.  They are the color of  your favorite leather bag.   It's perfectly suited for county cozy as well as sleek and modern homes.  It's like a warm hug on your dining table.  
We still have our beloved classic black matte, Licorice.

Both colors are sold in sets of four.  Graham cracker comes with a box of white chalk.  Licorice comes with a box of color chalk.  I seriously still can't say enough about these.  They are fun for the entire family.  Honestly.  They keep the kids engaged longer creating more family time at meal time.  My teens play games.  My adult friends doodle and draw.  We practice. We leave love notes.  School notes.  Life notes.

The new Chalk Lots home is here.

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