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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My lovely mother and her girls.  (We tried to duplicate the photo from when she turned 75.)
Again, I took many, many photos.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Favorite Memories:
-Waking up to this view.
-The simplicity of the kitchen in our Italian Villa.
-Being handed lemons through the fence from a local.
-Watching my mom gaze out at the sea.
-Our driver, Stefano.
-Dipping our feet into the sea.
-The Path of the God's hike I took with my sisters.
-Rubbing Italian olive oil mixed with our new favorite essential oil, Thieves, into our feet at night. (To boost our immune system.)
-Drinking Thieves and honey in the morning.
-When the owner of the restaurant drove us home when we asked him if he could call us a taxi.
-The perfectly small market.
-The amazing, breathtaking views.
-Watching my mother eat her coconut gelato and then we all had to get one.  I had a lemon cello.
-Drinking champagne, waiting for the pizza.
-The way the tea lights lit up my mom and sisters faces.
-Filming my bella cowl tutorial and laughing SO hard.  (My sisters voice: "Quiet on the set!  Take 27, Bella Cowl, A Friend to Knit With".)
Favorite Meals:
Dinner at Il Rifugio and dinner at Kasai.

Next up, Florence.
Have a great day!

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  1. sounds amazing! what a gift to be able to experience such a lovely place with people you love. xo.

  2. this was almost as good as being a fly on the wall. Can't wait to see the video.

  3. gorgeous photos--can't wait to see your views of Florence--one of my family's favorite vacation memories! Now, I feel we need to see the Amalfi Coast :)

  4. What happy days you all have had on the Amalfi Coast! Your group photograph is so filled with love, too.


  5. Susan M10/13/2015

    What is the orange sweater pattern???

    1. Anonymous10/13/2015

      I was wondering the same thing. Love it!

    2. oh my gosh! we don't know right now... but my mother is looking into it. i'll let you know as soon as i find out! xx

  6. Your mom is exquisite! And you 3 beautiful girls are so blessed to have her. Looking at all your pics and following links to other trips, I think you already know that. <3

  7. Amazing! Life is good!

  8. Amazing! Life is good!

  9. oh wow, what a beautiful way to celebrate, and what a memorable, perfect vacation!! Looks and sounds like it was a dream.

  10. Stunning photographs! I think like the one with your mom knitting while she is wearing that gorgeous orange sweater the best. It looks like you have a lovely family and you appreciate it. You are inspirational!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your travelogue and beautiful pictures with all of us. What a wonderful trip with your sisters and mom.