how we plan

Monday, October 12, 2015

So, this summer, we all met at my sister Lisa's house for a visit.

One afternoon, we sat around planning the location for my Mother's 80th Birthday trip with her daughters.  
Of course, we used Chalk Lots to list our choices.  
In the end, Florence and the Amalfi Coast are what made the cut.

We are home feeling grateful.  Not only for our new experiences but for the love and bond we share.  We honestly could have been happy celebrating anywhere. But my mother was thrilled to see the amalfi coast and have this opportunity to be together with her three daughters.  And so were we.  

I'll be back to share some of our trip.  

Happy day, friends!  

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  1. I sure like how you plan and how you guys just go for it on travel.

  2. My heart celebrates the love you share with your mom and sisters.

  3. How special! I think I'll send this to my daughters as a hint for my 80th. They have plenty of time to prepare.

  4. love everything about this!