sunset highway

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Well, your friend to knit with actually has some finished knitting to show you!
This sweater was a true delight to make.  The perfect amount of pattern to keep you concentrating and knitting to keep you on cruise control.  
The yarn was dreamy.  Truly light and lofty.
The only thing about this sweater is... I never wear these colors.  I do wish that the purple was navy and then it might fit into my wardrobe better.  When I ordered it, I thought it was navy.  But, the colors made me happy while I knit.
I didn't make a single modification to the overall sizing.  Sleeve length and body length are knit the way the pattern was written.
However, I opted to make the bottom straight around and not longer in the back.
Oh, Hi!  Libby was so opposed to taking this shot.  She said that I looked so uncomfortable and that I would never stand like this.  I told her to take it anyhow.  I want to show the sleeves.
I'll giggle every time I look at this. 😊

Pattern:  Sunset Highway
Yarn: Lizzie-Anne Yarns  (Sold as a sunset highway kit.)
Needle: US 2 for sleeve hem and neck.  US 4 for body and sleeves.
Size: S

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  1. Libby is a great photographer - just like her mom!
    Love the sweater, Leslie

  2. Leslie , your Highway Sweater looks fabulous 😍

  3. Anonymous6/01/2018

    We know that its to show the pattern on the sleeves not a strange posey thing!!!

  4. Cute! Next on my to-knit the same kit!

  5. Anonymous6/01/2018

    How does one go about getting a kit? No joy looking on various Lizzie-Anne sites (FB, etc.).


  6. FABULOUS!! What a wonderful job, intigrate pattern. So impressed, I see this sweater or many like it all over the knitting podcast, blog world. I know I have the skills to do it, but wonder if I have the patience to make it. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing. Paula-Windmill Flower Farm-No. California.

    1. thank you paula! and i think you should go for it! i don't think you will be sorry! xx

  7. Vee, an avid follower6/03/2018

    So, maybe you don't feel like a Kardashian striking this pose, but you look beautiful and the sweater looks happy! We love Libby's photograph and your adventuristic spirit!

  8. what a gorgeous sweater, it looks so fantastic! Love your colour choices.

  9. I was reading your article and found some amazing things in it. Glad that you shared it with us.

  10. Anonymous7/01/2018

    Great sweater, great colors, great sleeve pose! Chloe

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