ooooooh may

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The first week of May has already been a doozy.

Thanks to Blair, I was inspired to make a May Day Cone and hang it on my neighbors door.  Daffodils from our yard and a cone made out of the cutest knit wrapping paper, ever.
Andrew had his Senior prom.  (I think I need a case of tissues.) My friend, Judy, leant us a super awesome bow tie.  And thanks to YouTube, I tied my first one.
Charlie graduated from OSU.  I honestly can't believe how quickly time goes.

Hold on mama's.  This ride is F A S T!!!

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  1. so much to be grateful for! and so many tear-filled moments. xo.

  2. Time sure does go fast. Last May my youngest graduated from OSU. (we took pictures in the same spot). Congratulations! You are blessed.

  3. Seems like when the kids are young, the train is more like chugging on the "I think I can, I think I can" train. Then when they reach high school you realize it's turned into a freight train! You're one awesome mom!!

  4. I love to celebrate the acts of kindness and milestones you share here. Xoxo

  5. Yes. Children grow very quickly.

  6. My son graduated from UMass in 2013. What???