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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'm getting here a little late to mention knitcrate's May shipment when it's almost June!
"Contemporary" was the theme for this months Knitcrate.

Contemporary, comfortable color.  The richness of a worn leather chair next to sleek modern desk.  Found in the juxtaposition of matte and gloss, saturated hues and whispering, dusty tones.  This month's color way and yarns speak to the movement from Winter to Spring, a sacrifice of darkness to light, and the serenity of an atmosphere ready to change for a new season.

Yarn :: 2 skeins La Brebis Marled sock.  40% Merino, 40% Peruvian Highland, 20% Nylon  440 yds.

Patterns :: There are always two patterns in this crate.  One if you want to knit, and one if you want to crochet! (Love a choice although I will always choose knit. :) )  
     The knitting pattern ::  Daxis
     The crochet pattern :: Cabled Clutch

As usual, this knitcrate is valued at $63.00 and is available for $24.99.

If interested in ordering, use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first knitcrate!  (Code works on all crates.)  It truly does make for a very fun mail day!  

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  1. After seeing a few posts about Knitcrate on your blog, I have signed up today and wanted to thank you for posting and for the code. I am hooked.

  2. The color of the yarn looks so beautiful!
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