happy eclipse day

Monday, August 21, 2017

My search for eclipse glasses came a little too late, and there were no glasses to be found.  I ended up trying the homemade box thing.  Well, I can honestly say I was a bit disappointed at that little shape in my box.  The crescents formed from the leaves though were quite impressive.  (The leaves act like pinholes and cast the shadow on the earth.) I teared all up that this phenomena was even happening.  Being alive in this universe to witness the greatest show above earth?!  Wow.  I then headed inside to watch the rest on TV.  :)
Me.  Professional Eclipse Viewer.  

I just can't believe that two of my children have headed back to their schools.  Where did the summer go?!  I snapped some photos the night before they left at our back to school dinner.  I wish I had done that before every school year.  
Charlie, Senior at The Ohio State University
Libby, Sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Andrew, Senior in High School.

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  1. They grow up fast and time flies faster. I swear. Thanks for the fade explanation!

  2. What lovely pictures! I'm back to your blog after a long absence. Finding you still blogging made my day.

    1. awe! brig! thank you so much! that made my day. hope you have been well! xx

  3. Look at those faces! Such bright futures in store for them!

  4. Just had to comment. Your older son looks like Ed Sheeran. Does he get told that lot? Your younger son looks so much like my nephew who is also a Senior this year! Looking forward to seeing your fade.