flower crowns

Friday, August 11, 2017

Well, I had every intention to take photos of me wearing the Byron Bay Cardigan.  However, I had surgery on my foot on Wednesday and can't put weight on it for at least a week.  Knitting is taking place.  Lots and lots of knitting.  Just no modeling.
Instead I'm going to share our summer of '17 favorite craft.  😊

I've always been the mom that loves to craft.  Summer vacations usually entailed something for the kids to make. Whether it was glueing shells on small votives, or painting rocks, or tying sticks or anything involving leather strands, or making bracelets or... you name it.  I wanted to make it.
This year, Libby had a friend in Tahoe. (My boys couldn't go... Charlie working an internship.  Andrew playing a lot of golf.)
Two nineteen year old girls?  Right up my alley.  Flower crowns it is!
I headed to the local florist.  Told her what I wanted to make and she helped me choose small, delicate flowers for the wreath.  A little florist tape to attach the flowers.
And, Voila!  We had ourselves our favorite snapchat filter!

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  1. oh! so cute and how fun! hope your foot heals quickly. xo.

  2. Lovely crowns. Wishing you fast healing for your foot.

  3. Pretty crowns! Sorry to hear about your foot - sending healing vibes!

  4. How beautiful!! Is there anything more wonderfully summery than a flower crown from fresh wildflowers. I hope your foot is feeling better soon!

  5. Adorable photos~ makes me want to make some flower crown for my kids also :)

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