these colors

Monday, June 26, 2017

I recently started a couple of new projects.  In a couple of colors I usually wouldn't choose.  
The Woodstock Tank in Tina Tape Timberwolf.
And the Byron Bay Cardigan in Pima Cotton,  Light Salmon.
I must have been inspired by our beautiful eggs.

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  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I find Ive chosen colours I wouldnt normally choose either.
    So fun!
    Blessings on your summer days sweet friend xo


    1. thank you deborah! happy summer to you, too. xx

  2. Maureen6/27/2017

    Hi, Leslie! I love your color selections and am not one bit surprised! Years ago I had a very successful color consulting business and you definitely have golden undertones to your do your sisters and Andrew. Andrew is a definite autumn...and unless I had a close up picture of you, I would guess you're a spring. I never do this without seeing someone in person, but you're pretty obvious. If you want some more detailed information about colors, make-up, etc., just send me a quick email and I'm happy to oblige - or hit delete now! Color is the only thing "free" with a purchase of clothing, fabric, yarn, etc., and it makes a huge difference! It can make you look energized or exhausted, healthy or ill. I can't wait to see you modeling the new sweaters...and be ready for tons of compliments! Oops...almost forgot - Libby is a winter! Please forgive if I've over-stepped on this one!

    1. Hi Maureen! YOU ARE THE BEST! that is SO awesome! i will definitely email you regarding this! how fun! xx