Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We spent the Summer Solstice binging on Gilmore Girls.  
My sweet Libby had her wisdom teeth taken out.  It's a pretty easy surgery, but definitely requires some work afterwards.  Ice on for 20 minutes.  Ice off for 20 minutes.  On.  Off.  On.  Off.  I decided to help her out so she didn't have to hold the ice.  
I had her wrapped up tight in one of my scarves in order to hold the ice packs in place.  A friend of hers did this.  Genius.  And if she was working on a knitting project, she would be able to be hands free to do so!  (She didn't knit a stitch.)
Libby did use a Chalk Lots to tell me things and ask me questions so she wouldn't use her mouth too much.
It was the perfect, longest day.

Happy Summer!

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  1. Oh my....poor Libby! May she heal quickly. This brings back memories of when my son had them out.

  2. My twins get theirs out next Monday. Hope your Libby is feeling well soon.

    1. OH! Hope all is going well with your day, Pam! xx

    2. Thanks Leslie. My twins did very well with their wisdom teeth. No swelling, hardly any pain... How is Libby doing? Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  3. Poor Libby! I hope she heals quickly. What a good sport she is for taking part in your blog. My daughter would kill me in my sleep with a blunt instrument. Sadly, my kiddo did not inherit the "TMI? Let's share it!" gene. Instead, she seems to think she's in the witness protection program.

  4. I heart Libby's handwriting. Hope she feels like herself asap.

  5. Poor Libby, good thing she has such a clever mom to take of her! And a brilliant use of the Chalk Lots!

  6. Anonymous7/08/2017

    ppl r dying tho.

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