Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Oh my goodness! I don't know where the end of May went and can't believe we are already about a week into June!  CRAZY!
I've been doing a little traveling and just have to mention how I fell in love with AMSTERDAM!

Pure and utter L O V E.
My sister and I took Andrew to Amsterdam for his 16th Birthday present.  (Andrew is 17.5 😊... better late than never.)
From the beautiful and interesting architecture, to the art, to the amount of bikes, to the kind people.  Amsterdam just had this incredible vibe that made me want to stay.  Or at least make sure I travel back!
We searched for a yarn shop, of course.  We finally found it, bought some yarn and a tote.  When I posted the pic on Instagram, Lee Ann mentioned it was owned by Stephen West.  I had no idea.  Well, actually it was yarntripping Jennifer who mentioned it.  But, Lee Ann made a trip there as well!  Put it on your list for places to go when visiting Amsterdam!   
Toast travels well just about anywhere.  Never leave home without them.  (Either in the knitting form or the knitted form!)

Just finished making a batch of Snickerdoodle brownies.  Perfect for a cool, June day.  I'm off to seam together Crazy Feeling Sweater.  Can't wait to try it on!

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  1. Lee Ann6/09/2017

    Oh my goodness - I cannot believe I got a name check on a blog I've followed for years. Sadly I can't claim to have said the yarn shop in Amsterdam was owned by Stephen West - it was yarntripper. However I did visit it after you, bought yarn and also fell in love with Amsterdam - I can't wait to go back ��Xx

    1. HA! Hi Lee Ann! Oh... I just went by memory and thought it was you! :) SO glad you got there as well! SO cool, huh?! I was just so excited to see how many knitters were there when we were! xx

  2. So glad you had an amazing trip!! I'd love to go to Amsterdam one day, looks incredible!

  3. Anonymous7/10/2017

    agree on the yarn shop. Visited it both times to Amsterdam and each time bought a little souvenir yarn for a hat. Lovely helpful staff and beautiful yarn. Theres not many yarn shops in the UK.
    PS that is also where i bought my buttons last year for my KAL yoga shawl, which i originally spotted here after you knit it up a while back!