Monday, November 14, 2016

Friends! Bottle those little people!

How did this happen?!
Seventeen balloons.
My BABY is seventeen!
Happy Birthday to my most favorite seventeen year old in the whole, wide, GLORIOUS world.

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  1. I hope he had a great birthday. Do you make the same cake for each child or do they get to request which ones they want?

    1. awe. thank you stefanie!
      they usually tell me what batter they want. sometimes. sometimes they just tell me to surprise them. occasionally they tell me what color frosting, but most times they want to be surprised by that, too! xx

  2. Such a big smile for the birthday festivities. Happy day, Andrew!

  3. Aw, amazing! Happy Birthday Andrew!! Man, I can't even imagine my kids at 17, but I know it'll happen one day!

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