libby's camping sweater

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The story of Libby's new horse blanket sweater:
My girlfriend's daughter made my girlfriend the cutest sweater.  (Yep.  Awesome young knitter.)  My girlfriend loves it.  So do I.    My girlfriend decided she wants to make herself another one.  I decide I want to make one, too.  It will be a gift to Libby for her Birthday.  
We decide to make a quick knit along.  We give ourselves dates, within a 4 week period, to achieve certain points in the pattern.    My girlfriend heads to JoAnns to buy her yarn.  I have yarn in my stash, gifted to me from my sweet boss.  (Who discarded her new hobby of knitting when she decided knitting an arm pillow really wasn't for her.)  I decide to use this gifted yarn.
I don't check the label on this yarn, but am certain it is the yarn that the pattern calls for.  I knit the sweater with this yarn.  The yarn drys the skin on my hands.  My fingers are sore after all of the pushing down the needle.  I finally read the label.  The yarn is thick and quick, not chunky.  The sweater ends up being the weight of a horse blanket.   I tell Libby it looks great and should be her camping sweater.  (I could never wear this sweater.)  She graciously tells me how awesome this sweater is.  I decide at some point I will buy the correct yarn and replace her sweater.  I hope it happens before she graduates from college.  The end.

Pattern:  Oatmeal Pullover
Needles:  US 10.5
Yarn:  4 balls Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky  (This is what I SHOULD have used.)
Size: 36
Mods:  No mods.  Just the wrong yarn. :)

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  1. What a beautiful sweater!! I love the tweedy yarn that you chose, it looks so good! I knit the oatmeal pullover a while back, such a comfy sweater.

  2. It looks lovely and I think the yarn choice looks good. Xx

  3. Dang, what a big difference a synonym makes. It's still a great sweater and Libby has the genes to make even a horse blanket look amazing, (to use your expression, not mine). That's the most elevated horse blanket I've ever seen.

  4. I also made this sweater and used a different yarn and it turned out HUGE but I made another using Ella Rae Chunky for my cousin and she adores it. At least it was a quick knit!

  5. Anonymous11/09/2016

    I've worked with that yarn before. It is really thick. It's scratchy for me. However, the final outcome for Libby is terrific. I like the colorway and how it fits her. Using it as a camping sweater is the smart way to use it as it gets so darn cold at night. Glad she loves it.

  6. it looks cute on her, but anything would - she's darling!