Tuesday, November 15, 2016

 I made a pair of Dashing Mitts 100 years ago.  They were one of my absolute favorites.  Squishy, twisted cables wrapped around my wrist.  Oh, I just love that!
While we were in Alaska, last summer, I met a darling girl who was living and working at Glacier National Lodge.  Over the next three days we quickly became besties.  I wanted to give her something when we left, as my token of appreciation for her lovely soul.  I gave her my old, dirty, dashing mitts.  (So sweet, right?! She seemed to be thrilled.  Honest!)
We then traveled to the quaint town of Sitka, where I stumbled upon a yarn shop.  I picked up the yummiest skeins of Madelinetosh.  You know the kind of yarn when you pick it up and you have the urge to eat it?  (Oh.  That doesn't happen to you?  Me neither.)  I decided this yarn would become a pair of Dashing.  A really delicious pair of dashing.
Pattern:  Dashing
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vingage, Firewood

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  1. Leslie, that was a lovely thank you gesture. The yarn you found to knit another pair of the scrumptious cabled mitts is perfect. Madelinetosh colors are amazing, aren't they? xo

  2. Anonymous11/15/2016

    Beautiful colorway. Fantastic FO!

  3. I have done that very same thing. When a person genuinely admires a knit or has one of those knitworthy souls, how can we resist sharing?

  4. what beautiful dashing mitts, and thank you for reminding me how awesome this pattern is! I knit a pair for a friend a bajillion years ago, and at the time wished I had made myself a pair. Thanks for putting this back on my radar!